Friday, October 16, 2009


Its always fascinated me how using any sexual connotation can draw readership. So on the important articles i try to grab your attention. And Actually, the test for Bladder Cancer becomes a Penis Issue rather quickly. I remember a concerned friend asking me to tell him what he was in for with his up n coming bladder cancer test. Its quit simple I told him. Go home, grab the garden hose and try to force it into that Lil opening you pee out of. Needless to say, it was not the answer He was looking for, But sitting in those Stirrups,, yeah, the same ones missy used when Lil Jonathan came poppin out. gives you a Birdseye view of a very huge hose goin into a very small opening. And if there is one among you who needs to ask ,, "Does it hurt," I've missed my mark. And this folks, gets to be repeated every 6 months, till yu die.
That may have been one reason I looked for other methods in treatment
I believe I'm now entering my 7Th year since my cancer showed itself, And another all clear has just been sounded as my test results show everything in a normal range. And while This pleases me immensely I never forget that God is in control. I
I don't however have to dance with that garden hose, as there is a much less painful test that is much more accurate.
in 1996 a test called the AMAS Test was created that requires a simple blood test to determine Immunal Activity. It not only Monitors my cancer but also places a watch over all disease. Six monthes ago my test showed increased immune system activity indicating something in my system was getting out of control. I was given a supplement and rescheduled for another test in two months. Last week the results of the new test were in showing everything in a normal range. THIS IS WHY Cancer is not scary, This is also why we need to be living a life of maintaining health. If a doctor is so flippant that he /she can tell you your cancer free Your being lied too. For those of you who know my story you have followed at least in part my wife's 13 year fight against cancer. For the record she lost that battle 3 months ago after listening to every word the medical profession had to say for all that time. If numbers trip your trigger then look closely at those numbers. Conventional Cancer treatment only works for those on the dollar end. Take the time to think thru any treatment offered. Cancer is simply Your Body yelling for help because You abused it. Begin to address the issues before you. Stop dumping junk into your body and begin to treat it well,
The AMAS Test was developed in 1996, and all the documentation is there. But unless you seek the truth it will not find you. The Garden hose scenario is a funny twist to a very uncomfortable procedure, one i've found that is not even necessary. knowledge is power, sometimes even LIFE
Gods very best A.L.R.
I'm blessed to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and ultimately He will determine the length of my days. I am at peace with His decision, but not willing to give up one day to disease.