Sunday, November 30, 2008


I thought that would get your attention, welcome. While this is not "that" glove, it is bloody, it is my own and it hurts like hell .
I'm in recovery now. 6 days have past since the incident, and I'm just now able to use the hand gently to touch these keys.
I'm caregiver to a lady struggling with Cancer. And at best, my time away is limited. Knowing my plight a good friend showed up last Sunday to help split wood for my new stove. Excited for the help I eagerly strapped on my walkie talkie and followed him to the woodpile. Bob and I kept at the pile, buffing the cold and moving steadily towards the end of the stack of logs. By mid afternoon The shifting winds had done their job . A band of sweat filled my stocking cap but Winters chill had numbed my hands making it difficult to grip and hold the huge pieces. One man operated the controls while the other placed the logs for splitting. Two or three times I had pinched a glove between the wood and steel, each time able to be quick enough to get it free before full pressure. but chance is not a winning game and I was about to pay the price. The pain was instant leaving no time to react. And as soon as Bobby heard my yell He pulled the pressure release. I pulled the hand free and lifted the glove to stare at a bloody stump. The shock sets you back as your mind tries to wrap around what your seeing. The end was gone, blood spurting out of several areas .The finger bone exposed , the skin, muscle and fingernail gone. The pain was great, overpowering my attempt to think. I know I've only got 5 or 6 pints of this stuff so I gotta stop the bleeding. So I head for the house being careful to shield it from my wife's eyes and got it in a pan of cold water. As the blooding slowed I called to my wife that i needed to go in for some stitches . but she needed to see why and I couldn't talk her out of it. So yeah , She kinda freaked when she saw it. but I made it a quick pass by telling her I needed to get going. The Emergency Room folks were not much help because it needed to go to a specialist for amputation. the bone needed to be cut off so skin could be sewed around the stump to close the wound. They did however provide me with some wonderful pain killers . So the next morning the surgery was performed.
Crystal, my youngest was called over to watch her Mom while i was off Gallivanting from hospital to hospital. it was Her job to clean up the bloody mess I made in the house. by the kitchen sink she found my bloody glove. And was discussing the issue with her Mom when they noticed the end of my finger sticking through the torn hole in the glove.
It's been a,,,,,,,,,,,,,well it's been both an interesting and a pain filled week. The pain meds take the edge down but the pain finds it's way through. Every few minutes a shooting, stabbing pain shoots clear to the shoulder as misplaced and shredded nerves try desperately to reach parts that are no longer there. but each day also, there is a gain as my body begins the miraculous job of healing.
The kids have stepped in, helping me meet my responsibilities. But we live alone, and I'm still a caregiver. So, I wash dishes with a bread bag taped over the bad hand. and chopping wood, doing laundry. cooking and cleaning are coming in line as well. and one handed Enema's well, we're workin on it.
I'm learning the lesson, I'm appreciating more n more Gods gifts. . We are never to old to learn, . This week we work on how to put on my socks with one hand. last week was a challenge, last week we had to learn to wipe our butt,, so we're gainin,,,,,,,,,,,,Gods Best Al

Friday, November 28, 2008

Serious azza Heart Attack

I've never been big on forgiveness. to be honest, it's always been a pretty petty issue. If you got a problem , deal with it. Just keep it in your own yard n leave me out of it. But often, bitter people are a pain in the butt and i didn't want to come off as a crab so i played it middle of the road. I tucked the bitter parts way down deep. deep enough so as not to show, but still in reach so i could chew on em from time to time. Stuck a big ole grin up front n nobody was the wiser,,,or were they.
life, is a rating game. weather your willing to admit it or not is a separate issue. we compare ourselves with everyone. look at what she does, or at least I don't act like him. or , I could never do that. Forever searching to raise myself a little higher than "those folks".
We are really a peculiar people if you take a little time to think on it. Stress is literally killing us off by the numbers now. New studies are coming forth every few days pointing to stress as the underlying key linking itself to Heart trouble, Cancer and the list keeps building. Come to think of it even God mentioned it in that dusty old book settin over there on the unused end of the bookshelf. But we all know no one reelee believes any of that stuff anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
Forgiveness plays a huge role in our stress level. and it's free. Forgiveness causes much more harm to those who wont forgive than it ever could to the offender, God said it, not me. Go blame him if your not happy.
It's all very simple if you care to check it out. You are Gods Child, created in His image. designed by your Creator to function in a world he created. pee n Moan, kick n holler, scream if you like, it all comes out in the wash. Man,,,(and woman), have lived and died according to the laws that govern this world since Time began, and it will remain so until He calls the game ended. If this was your game, we'd be playin by your rules, Hence,,,,,,,,,
Your days are numbered, governed by the way you decide to run your life. I'm excited , now that I've gotten to know the Lord. But I still don't wanna be on the next load goin north. So I'm learning to follow directions.
It tickles me when "fellow Believers" point at one of my Sins and thumb their noses , cuz God already told me that we all have a basketful of our own, enough to keep us busy right here at home. and I have little trouble "reminding " folks when the question comes up. My Sins go a long ways in reminding me that we all screw up. And it takes the fire away from any notion to not forgive a brother or sister for, being human.
Don't tell me your particular incident is different. They are all covered in scripture. Its Either Gods way, or your way, and quit frankly any other game is not played here.
Gods not coming back to judge the world. Hes coming to judge YOU. And unless you have an Ace your not showin, this is on You!!~!
Judgement will be Final. And the answer,,, just a prayer away. A. L. R.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Atheist Group Challenges National Day of Prayer

The fabric of America is being challenged. If You believe in God your right to worship as you chose is being threatened.
As noted by David Barton, founder of WallBuilders (, a prayer service is even held at the U.S. Capitol on this date, with elected leaders attending.

But this annual event is upsetting to an organization that believes it “constitutes an unabashed endorsement of religion.” Apparently this organization, The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), is offended that their fellow Americans follow in the tradition of Washington and Jefferson and Lincoln and Reagan as we beseech the Almighty to bless this great nation.

The FFRF last month sued President Bush, his press secretary Dana Perino, Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, one of 50 governors who issues state prayer proclamations, and Shirley Dobson, who heads the National Day of Prayer Task Force.

In its lawsuit, filed in federal district court, FFRF argues that the Presidential proclamation violates the murky “separation of church and state.” The organization states that the day of prayer implies to nonreligious Americans that “they are expected to believe in God,” and sends a message that “religion is preferred over non-religion.”

The problem with this lawsuit, as I see it, is that America has a rich history of honoring God. From our nation’s very first inaugural by George Washington—in which he requested that the Bible be opened to Deuteronomy chapter 28—we see the tradition of publicly paying tribute to God.

In his speech that day, April 30, 1789, President Washington stated, “No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand which conducts the affairs of men more than the people of the United States. Every step by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation seems to have been distinguished by some token of Providential agency.”

George Washington understood that this nation is a gift from the Sovereign God and he recognized the need for the nation to honor Him. “It is the duty of all nations,” Mr. Washington said, “to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God and to obey His will.”

Another of our great founders, Thomas Jefferson, stated, “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?”

This is the same Jefferson who permitted the use of public buildings—including the U.S. Capitol—for church services and urged the government funding of a Catholic missionary to the Kaskaskia Indians. It is very apparent by Mr. Jefferson’s words, deeds and policies that he did not want to create a religion-free society. The modern civil libertarians are completely wrong to suggest that he did.

In more modern times, our Presidents continued in the traditions of Washington and Jefferson. Consider the D-Day radio address of Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II, in which he called the nation to join him in prayer: “O Lord, give us faith ... Let not the impacts of temporary events, of temporal matters of but a fleeting moment, let not these deter us in our unconquerable purpose ... Thy will be done, Almighty God.” (Listen to this touching prayer here:

Newt Gingrich, writing in “Rediscovering God in America,” wrote, “Franklin Roosevelt was a man of deep religious belief who understood, just as powerfully as Washington before him, that religion and morality were indispensible supports to the preservation of our liberties and our country.”

This is our history, our legacy, as a nation.

If we were to actually eliminate the National Day of Prayer, what will be next? Will we erase “In God We Trust” from our currency (as Barry Lynn of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State has said we should do)? Will we strip the crosses and stars of David from the hallowed graves at Arlington National Cemetery? Will we chisel the frieze images of Moses and Solomon from the U.S. Supreme Court building? Will we cover the image of the Ten Commandments at the National Archives?

Where will it stop?

It won’t.

We must fight to preserve our history, my friends, because there are those who want to ignore and destroy it. We must ever keep the words of Supreme Court Justice David Joseph Brewer (1837-1910) in our hearts: “The American nation from its first settlement at Jamestown to this hour is based upon and permeated by the principles of the Bible.”

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I forgive you Pop

The Winter of 1961 was a cold one. Frigid winds howled outside rattling the windows in the old rental. It was warm under the old feather tick and i pulled it close hiding all but my face. I could see my breath in the dim reflection of the street light and was making a game out of watching the steam leave my mouth. 8 O'clock was bedtime on school days but i was not tired. Our bedroom was above the kitchen. And I could hear Ma n Dad arguing. it was pretty normal. Whenever he decided to come home from the bar there was always some kind of trouble. Ma would do her best to get us up to bed before he got back. And listening to his loud voice happened all the time.
but Tonight it was louder, and Ma was callin names. i covered my head tryin not to listen. hoping that soon it would be over and the house would get quiet. Suddenly a loud bang and the sound of something falling. then more noises and Mom's voice Yelling now "Buck Stop it'', and go to bed"
Then more arguing and more yelling. Then I heard another loud sound and mom crying . I got out of bed and went to the bottom of the stairs just in time to see him hit her with the back of his hand throwing her up against the wall. She got up and he moved towards her swearing and yelling. Without thinking I ran in and jumped on his back begging him to stop. With little effort he grabbed me and threw me off like a rag doll. At 14 I had little more than the will to make this stop. But no power against a grown man. whatever had transpired here it stopped his assault on my mother. But it changed things completely for me that day.
My life up to that point had been very miserable. Dad was a man of discipline. But the booze caused many unfair episodes. I cant tell you the number of nights I sat at the kitchen table until dark because I wouldn't eat my carrots or the beatings I took for sassin back or comin home late.
I remember driving him back from the bar at 14 yrs old. I was with him and he got so drunk I just opened the back seat of the 49 dodge and he crawled in. So I got in and took us home , and home was 20 miles away. There were many, many incidents of abuse throughout that period in my life causing me to carry much resentment and hate for him. But the night he hit my mother my life changed. as I lay there on the floor wiping the blood from my busted lip I made a conscious decision to kill him. He had taught me how to shot the 12 gauge, and I knew where it was. and I knew where the shells were. And a plan began to take place right there on the floor to take his life. I remember no thoughts of concern for my mother or my brothers n sisters, no thoughts of jail , nothing. But it was crystal clear that I'd wait my chance and kill him.
Several weeks passed as I searched for the right way to do it but the determination was solid. and as his drinking and abuse continued it only reaffirmed my decision.
I had a partime job in a gas station, and was filling a car when the ambulance went by as it had done many times before. But this time I got a very uneasy feeling in my stomach. A few minutes later a friend drove in to tell me that Dad and my brother were just in an accident and i needed to hurry to the hospital. When i got there Dad was dead and my brother was receiving treatment for cuts n bruises but would recover.
Three days later , at the funeral. I was told that now I was the man of the family and I should greet people and help them down to the casket. I remember standing back at the door and saying ""You SOB, you had me doing your bid when you were alive and now I'm expected to take your place here."" So much hate was in me that I wanted nothing to do with him.
I'm 61 now, And I love my Dad. But it took receiving Jesus Christ to get me to let go of the bitterness that consumed me. I need to tell my kids I love them because its something I always wished for and never got. I could never share with my Brothers and Sisters. They were younger and never saw his wrath. So it was my burden, my secret.
My Dad and I missed many good times, and we cant get them back. But He fought in a tough war to keep us safe and the resulting trauma made him drink to hide the pain. I know that now. But the booze took away those chances. And changed Him . He grew up in a bad environment, and walked life with what he was givin. He made some bad choices, but now I see that I've made some too. If I watch a movie were a dad hugs a son, I gotta turn away because the hurt is right there and all consuming . All these years and it still hurts bad. The tears flow again as I write this, so many years later. And I have to wonder what I would have done If He would have not gotten killed.
I'm a better Dad because of him. My values were shaped because of him. And I lift Him up in prayer now, hoping God will give him another chance.
Society views things differently. we like to point at pedophiles, killers, rapists. it makes us feel better I think. But God says sin is sin. And that pen I stole from the bank, or the time I turned my eye to a person in need, Makes me equal with them all.
I love you Pop,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Week, Minnesota 1980

I heard the "Whoosh!!~!" as the glass flew past my ear . Splinters sprayed in every direction as it hit the shelf above the stove tossing spices and little bottles everywhere. Out of habit I ducked again , expecting she'd adjusted her aim and centered on the back of my head. Thirty years of marriage had fine tuned her skills and I cowered in submission to her angry charge. Her words hateful, the volume loud. Delivered with the force of one who was intent to kill.

I know my place, I've learned it well. when the Indian part manifests itself I'm all done. So I raised the white flag and began to mutter the honey baby snookums stuff that has sustained me throughout the years. I watched her face, not attempting to move until some of the color returned. When she put the fryin pan back down I got up and moved carefully towards her, keeping the back door free to my right. Chancing fate I placed my hand to her shoulder hoping to calm her fury. Then gently, carefully led her to the one chair that had survived the battle.
And then, as if by script here came the tears. How does she do this? How can she be Raging Bull's mother in law one minute and in a twinkle sit hear blubbering like some lil sick puppy??
In all these years together you'd think I could get a grip on this but here i sit ready to do her bidding and this just after experiencing her terror.
And all this because our son is snowbound on a farm 20 miles away. This is

Minnesota and winters get rough. Common sense tells you to wait out the storm. The radio n TV are both saying NO travel, danger, stay home. But Mama wants her son here on Christmas Eve .
Now just for clarity I re read the above account and its possible I may have embellished or even added a facet or two to the events leading up to this point. I have been known to get carried away from time to time. But lets move on.

To begin with Minnesotans live in snow 4 -5 months a year. As a result survival was something dad taught you somewheres between kindergarten and first grade. We know you can die outside very quickly if you cant stay warm. And we've seen and heard the stories of those who tested Ma nature unprepared. We are also a people who play and work outside throughout the winter months. I said all that so you 'd give me a little credit when I decided to go after my son that night in a near blizzard snowstorm.

Twas the night before Christmas an I and my friend, set out to the ridges and over the glen. The snow wazza blowin, the roads a big mess, my mind was a jumble of doubt I confess. We took my old Chevy all loaded with stuff n set out to get him our fuel just enough. The north wind was howlin the snow just a mess to stay on the roadway was any ones guess. My friend gripped the dashboard and stared thru the snow while I wrestled the Chevy to the place we would go. When we got to the hilltop we started to spin for the snow was much deeper and we bucked a strong wind. I tried to move closer but the drifts were to high, sat back in my seat and gave a huge sigh. Outside the fogged windows a huge winter storm that shook the old Chevy as we tried to stay warm. As we peered thru the darkness and started to talk the decision came quickly that I'd have to walk. I knew we were close but the drive way was long , in a snow storm like this one things can go wrong. So I zipped tight my snowsuit and pulled on my gloves, grabbed hold of the handle and gave it a shove. The door latch was open the snow blasted in, I tossed some at junior then left with a grin. The darkness was creepy, the snow deep and white, my eyes still adjusting to the cold winter night. I looked toward the farmhouse thru eyes blind from snow and off in the darkness a small yellow glow. I made my way closer keeping watch on the light that would give me direction thru the cold winter night. As I walked even closer I was moving up hill and it puzzled me fiercely but I kept going still. Then all of a sudden the snow gave away and I found my self falling till below there I lay. When I gathered my senses and wiped my self clean, I was standing be side a road grading machine. The strong winds had drifted the snow to its top and buried the whole thing till the blizzard would stop. Heading on to the farmhouse I gathered my son then back to the Chevy this time on a run.
When we walked in our doorway, my brood gave a cheer for we'd all be together at Christmas this year. The moral I guess could be construed many ways , but a fun thing it's not on a cold winter day. But I'm in her good graces and I'm off of her list, my plates on the table, and my forehead she kissed. While its still kinda early I'll bid you good cheer and hope that your Christmas is merry this year. A. L. R.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Be Blessed this day

Life has taken a couple extra turns on me. And that yellow legal pad that used to remind me of where i was headed is somewhere in a drawer, pages by now both wrinkled and faded. My purpose now is caregiver to a very tough Lady. Some days long and tedious, others none Eventful and mundane. At any rate I have a lotta "thinkin" hours.
My prayer closet doubles as a bathroom, my seat a throne in its own rite. And In the early hours me n God talk. He does a lot of Listening, While I try to give Him good advice on how this stuff should go. Sometimes, if I can remember to stay quiet , He'll try to give me His View. And I've learned over the years that He's pretty wise. A while back, on one of those "pity Party days. our conversation got pretty heated. And I remember shaking my fist at the ceiling, telling Him I didn't see Blessings goin on here n if He thought I was then He should show me. He answered with Silence as usual, but very soon revealed to me how wrong I was.
He's an awesome friend. and I'm always amazed at His timing. I've been feeling down the past few days, wondering on this thing n that with concern that I'm doing His will. And today I'm blessed, flooded once again by the many many blessings that are mine. Blessing that I know I don't deserve.
At this very moment there are those in turmoil, The Homeless, the sick, folks struggling for just one more day. A lady next door, who struggles just to take a full breath. Or an old Gent up the road who fights for enough strength to lift himself from his chair.
Every week for years I watched hundreds of folks move through the cancer clinic, each burdened with a cancer. Each returning for yet another treatment, knowing full well it would mean more sickness, vomiting and weakness just for the chance at a few more days here.
We don't have to look far to see that life could be worse than the place we stand. But often we forget and get wrapped up in our little space, our little issues.
We need to remind ourselves that things could change in a heartbeat and its only Gods grace that has put you were you are. And that our status can change at anytime.
Today, my Son and Daughters are healthy and Productive, my Grand Babies well, obviously they are the cutest, the best and smarter than all the rest. The house warm, the cupboards full. And my father owns the cattle on a thousand hills.
Much of the world stands in fear of, the Economy, World peace, and the Job that pays the bills. But God remain in control, with a plan that Biblically has been correct since time began. And until he begins to worry I'm gonna leave it be. I have his promise that He will carry us through.
Be blessed this day. Reflect on what you have and where you are, and consider where you could be. Gods very best SSNUFFY

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just A typikal, normal weekday, Nuthin spechul,,,,,,

One of my most speshul fantisies is to sneak a loaded 357 into my bedroom and hide it carefully under my pillow. Then crawl in ,get comfy n drift off to sleep. in the Morning, when that agggrivating alarm keeps ringin n ringin I drag that baby out n blow that sucker right through the bedroom wall. Mmmmmmmmmmmm,,, just once. I think it would feel just awesome.
Now thats probably a bit extreme but it was honestly one of my dreams as a young fella, and even today I still feel it would feel perdy darn good.
Lets go back to that Pillow and that contented, warm cuddly feeling just before the alarm. Your bodies rested, rejuvenating as you sleep , and your Immune system has done it's best . It could have done better if your pillow had not been cleaned with detergents laced with formaldehyde. but as you breathed in slumber It struggled , filtering toxins from your lungs. A quick shower in the nice soft water leaves your skin covered in a light film of salt, the soap and shampoo more bleaches and formaldehyde. A little deodorant, some hair gel and off to the kitchen for a quick breakfast while all those mouses n creams n jels ooze in thru your open pores.
no time for a real meal so it'll hafta be bleached white bread, or a Bagel loaded with MSG. or maybe a bowl of processed cereal with Bleached white sugar. Msg is a concoction created by scientists to give lab rats huge appetites. And its found in many many foods under several different names and is not regulated. and on top of that its all DOCUMENTED!!!
So as you trot off to work, or the gym your body is on full alert as your Immune system kicks into overdrive to stop the toxins oozing in from your head arms, underarms, face n hair. sending more little fighters to lungs to continue that battle while yet some more little guys try to head off the junk you've just introduced to your stomach.
This fight goes on, trying desperately to gain on things before lunchtime because It knows from experience that there's more to come.
And sure enough a hurried lunch of a couple hot dogs n a diet pop. hotdogs are made of whats left in butchering. scrap , fat, grizzle n trim n a lotta "stuff" that yu don't wanna know about. Itz all ground together with couple nasty binders an placed quaintly in a cute lil weenee skin. The bun is white bread. lab rats will die in a week under a total diet of white bread. And diet soda's contain Aspartame which is a great ant poison. If yu got ant problems get yu a bottle of aspartame. And Aspartame, yeah, it too comes by many different names.
We are not gonna go into Dinner , as by now you should be getting my drift. By now your Immune system is overwhelmed and begins to lose ground. and this?? , just one day in most of your lives. And these days, one stacked on another, break down the system God provided you with to sustain you and fight disease.
IS it really any wonder that one in two now are getting cancer??
We need to become aware of the things we are using. And we need good effective supplements to help boost out Immune systems. I have no purpose in this except to share what we've learned in this 12 yr struggle. you can reverse this by yourself before you have to do it to survive. If I can help please ask. Thnx SSNUFFY

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have soft spot for patients with heart issues because they are Dealt a doublewacker. Most are told to alter their life style And stop using salt for the rest of their lives. As Far as I'm concerned eating foods that taste like the good part got left in the pan sucks hose water. So, before we throw that baby out with the saltwa, er,, welll,, bathwater lets look at the issue of salt thru sombody elsez Eyeballz.
Processed salt is washed, then heated, then washed again with BLEACH so it looks perdy. Then Iodine is added just in case yu fergot yours. Then its tempered, and an anti-caking agent is added, then a drying agent. heat destroys minerals, bleach is a poison, and the drying/caking agents are also chemicals. I have to wonder if the salt is really the culprit. by the time that salt gets to you, its tired at best.
CELTIC SEA salt is my choice.
This traditional style of sea salt is harvested in true Celtic fashion. Taking the salt from clay ponds ensures the high mineral content. Naturally moist, these crystals dance on the palette leaving earthy notes. Paired with fresh ground pepper, this salt is perfect for seasoning meat and fish. Certified organic in France by Nature and Progress, this salt is perfect for everyday use.
It's harvested by hand and dried in the sun, and its not cheap. but toss some on your tongue and actually taste the minerals that come along free. Free of chemicals a low in sodium content but packed with the natural powers to embrace the immune system and promote healing.
SO many times I've heard the comment "well yeah but, it's expensive""and my standard answer is,,,, YEAH it is ,, and So is Treatment'' INVEST in your health,, because your worth it,

OH !!!,,,,,,,,,,,""MY GOD!!~!~""

Goin Organic was a an awful experience. And very early on I was totally convinced that this would be one of the toughest transitions I've ever attempted. We have a "local Co-op" and that was the place to go for Organic foods. But my first trip inside was like a scene from StarWars in Mayberry. A blast of strange smellin air nearly took me off my feet as I swung the ancient 3 paneled door open. The floors were unpainted wood and hundred years old, the Counters Were hand made saw horses with sheets of trimmed plywood set on top. wood crates held the special items and most items were serve yourself with little brown bags to carry your purchases. A tank of bulk honey sat in the corner, the spigot oozing honey drippings into a plastic pail cover on the floor. A bulk peanut butter tank sat next to it, a two foot spoon sticking from the cover and empty Mayonnaise jars in a cardboard box beside, provided for your convenience. Two check out stands were available. A young fella with green hair , s&m black diamond studded leather wrist cuffs n full body Tattoo's stood at one and a young gal stood at the next, her nose held 3 diamond piercings, her ears many more . A bandanna and wrist cuff set off her red flannel shirt partly covering her scuffed n worn blue jeans with checkered patches and 8 inch lower cuffs.
It was a "colorful" place both in sight and smell. the mix of foods coupled with the sharp scents of a couple dozen Herbs bombarded me as my eyes began to water and burn . I was here to learn so I stuffed it all and began to "shop." There were many strange and new products so I bought a few I figured I could use. Then towards the back was a couple kettles of steaming soup and crackers. i wasn't real turned on by the smell so I took a little on a cracker,,,,,,, and that's when the reality of the whole thing hit me, right in the taste buds ,, OH MY GOD!!~! where do I Spit!!?? Well truthfully , what do I do?? I have a mouthful of the most awful "Stuff" i have EVER tasted in my mouth, in the store. ,,, and its not getting any better. What do I do??
Finally , I swallowed the "juice"then found a napkin, or two and put the whole mess in my pocket. I quickly checked the sign thinking maybe it was left over pig swill but no, it was called black bean Medley. It was then and there that I said I'm going to die of cancer and feel I've picked the lesser of two Evils. As I hit the parking lot I carefully pulled the nasty napkins from my pocket and tossed it in the trash before it ate through my jeans.
Well, I moved beyond that experience learning after that those folks just liked different Stuff than I did and they surely could have it. and I began to use formula's, or recipes from my own stock to transition the foods I like into their Organic counterparts. Organics will cost you a bit more but you take home a pretty solid promise that its good clean foods lacking the poisons that are causing most of your doctor visits.
today we enjoy many of our favorite recipes only in a more pristine form. And I'll share one here today. My life's work has been as a professional Baker /Chef. While baking has been second nature to me in a commercial setting , I have a very hard time cooking at home. I'm used to 180 quart bowls as big as a washing machine. So a one quart or two quart just seems so small.
So Ill finish this with both a formula, and a recipe just for giggles.. Enjoy A. L. R.

White bread 120 loaves

2 pounds of Salt
4 pounds of Sugar
6 pounds of Shortening
4 Pounds of yeast
8 gallons of water
6 pounds of milk powder
1 pound of Malt
124 pounds of white flour Bake at 420 degrees for 35 minutes

Organic chili Sunday batch,, 4 quarts

brown 1 pound grass fed chemical free lean hamburger
add to it one lg onion, 2lg or 3 sm sections of garlic, minced
add also one heaping tablespoon of Organic chili Powder.
one heaping teaspoon of Celtic salt
and one level teaspoon of coarse black pepper
Simmer all to brown.

In a 4 qt pan
put two 28 oz cans of ground n peeled Organic tomato's
two cans Organic Aduki beans
and one jar , 24 oz. Strained Tomato's and heat to just below boil 200 degree's
When Berger is browned do not drain, but add to the 4 qt mix.
mix well and simmer 30 minutes.

Batch is large enough so I freeze half Enjoy

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HMMMMM !!~!~

Spread the Stupidity

Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.

Only in people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke.

Only in banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters.

Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight.

Only in they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering.

EVER WONDER ... Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?

Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed?

Why don't you ever see the headline 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?

Why is 'abbreviated' such a long word?

Why is it that doctors call what they do 'practice'?

Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?

Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?

Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?

Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?

You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?!

Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?

If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?

If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A while back I got word that an old friend was in financial trouble. He owned a farm not to far away so we took a day to go visit. We had a great time, we shared a meal and the girls talked. And Fritz and I took a wonder around the barnyard. Times were tough He said and the money just wasn't streachin , and soon it would be time once again for winter feed and the cookie jar was almost Empty. It was one of those rare Moments When I didn't have an extra sack of cash or I would have slipped ole fritz a few thow. So we just sorta let the conversation drift off in another Direction. After a hug n a blessing we left Fritz n Gloria and headed home. And Of coarse on the way home I had all the answers. And more than likely given the chance i could have turned that lil farm around in no time flat. I'm a good finger pointer. For some uncanny reason I kin see lots of peoples problems. I don't know why that izz I'm just good.
On the day that jesus Went up to be with the father He said somethin like, " Be cool ya all "
I'm not gonna leave you by yur lonesome, I'm gonna send a comforter, The Holy Spirit. He will help you while I'm gone. And Sure enough, When I gave my life to Christ very soon after, I learned that I had company! If my squirrly little mind gets off in areas I shouldn't be a little fella sits right on my left shoulder, n whispers in my good ear. Now I gotta tell ya I don't always listen to him, cuz he whispers. And I feel like maybe I kin git away with stuff by sayin things like I didn't hear im. But I'm finding that doesn't work to well.
So back to my story. I'm tellin my wife as we drove along that ole Fritz was messin up bad. and I could see clear how he was wastin his money. He Had three Tractors, one for this and another for that n one just for a spare. Just look at the money he's wastin right there. And as I'm talkin, this little guy on my shoulder just wont shut up. He's jabberin so much I kin hardly keep my story straight. somthin about a speck n a board or something along them lines. Well I cut my story short , mostly because of the confusion and we were getting close to home.
Once home, and in the quiet of my room I realized what had been going on so I prayed and asked forgiveness cuz that's how yu get back on the good side of the little guy. and in his quiet gentle way he revealed to me that I needed to not worry about the speck in my friend Fritz's eye and take care of the board in mine. God has a way of puttin things right on the table so there's no point to question. Yeah, my brother Fritz had some issues, but God wanted me to know that there was plenty right here on my plate to deal with before I found fault in my friend. And Fritz's three Tractors were indeed unnecessary stuff that needed gas n maintenence and were taxing his cash flow . But then my three cars, three TV's two VCR's and Other fancy toys made me no better off and maybe worse.
Its all fine if we can "afford" them. But we go to great Extremes in making excuses in that department.
Recently My Daughter decided that having a daycare was not her thing and decided to get out of it. When she told the young Moms that this was her last month I'm told the tears flowed like water. The Mom's, already stressed by having to leave two yr old Babies with someone else , now would have to find another sitter and get the kids re-adjusted ,,, again.
And As I thought about that I had to wonder how many of those Mom's really needed to be out working. Who had demeaned the job of Motherhood and reduced the responsibility of teaching and raising our young to a part-time position. And how many are out there just so we can have more toys.
Mothers have been stretched so thin. They are now asked to bare the children , watch them in the off hours and put in an 8 or 10 hour day besides.
That wasn't Gods plan. Women hold an honored place. And mothering a most important roll. TO place a baby in the care of others during his formative years makes little sense unless its absolutely necessary. And I'm afraid new homes n new cars or new toys do not qualify.
We've become a people grabbing for more "Stuff" that's costing us much more than we realize.
I have sincerely tried throughout my life to reach for my million. but it never happened. We've seen both good and bad times. A while back our kids were asked to tell what the most fun time in their life was. When they shared it I almost choked. In the 80's the Economy dumped. And I was forced to close our Bakery. With very little money and winter approaching I found an old Abandoned farmhouse for 50 bucks a month rent. So bad I had to work for days to get it cleaned up, water running and holes patched up. I dragged an old potbelly stove up to the house from the pig barn, and hooked it up for heat. For Christmas we threaded popcorn and trimmed a tree I cut up on the hill. we made ornaments and made each other gifts. And After living in Nice places , eating very well and owning our own Bakery The kids picked this dilapidated old farm house as the best time in their lives!!~!
When asked how that could be , the answer was becaause both Mom n Dad were home. At another time and place some years back I was whining to my pastor that God was not providing and my poor kids were having to eat Macaroni 5 days a week and it was sooooooooo aweful. And A wise young preacher set me in my place by saying "come on now, admit it. Your the one missin the steak. The kids are just fine with the Macaroni as long as you are here with them. He was right on, it took me a few days to get by that, but the little guy up there on my shoulder just kept whisperin,,, come on now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Getting back to basics is not that tough, and it solves a whole lotta problems. It allows time to remember how much in love you once were, even free's up time to smell the flowers, make some popcorn, or share a movie.
I was the fool, My value system never came together until my kids were gone. Hopefully you have time and the wisdom to take another look at where your heading.
What are you reaching for? And what is the real cost to those you love? There is ahead of you a time when your options will be gone.
Stress and Worry are huge factors in getting sick. Our Diets another factor. The figures say one in two will get cancer. That puts this in your backyard. The New Cancer Clinics are popin up all over. Complete with revolving doors. You don't have to be in that number. If you'll address the issues now. Fear Grips us today as we watch the Economy and wonder which way it will go. Will I have a job? keep my house? There is much peace in knowing that He Who hung the stars has his hand on everything. And nothing will happen without His knowledge.
The most Valuble item we can own is free, and it works. Bow your head and ask a Holy God to help you sort it all out. He Promises to answer...........

Monday, November 10, 2008

IF, Your Gonna GIT SHOT?? yu may wanna "DUCK"

Everybodies doin it, doin it, doin it, pickin their nose n chewin it, chewin it,, NO NO!!~! You need to excuse me,, I git goin on a lil "diddy" and cant stop my self. Some say its the kid in me. Others, well they say things that have never really bothered me much.
But to get back to my original Mindset we need to address the Flu Shot. Tis the season, and everybody is "doin it" You hear it all over the place , Did yu get your shot yet? I hear plenty and am preached at constantly as I've never taken one. Until we began to really learn about Medicine and synthetic drugs Our cancer battle was all one sided with cancer and disease winning. . And as we began to understand, and look at issues from outside the little box we were in our life issues began to change. The Flu Shot contains Thymerisol, a mercury based drug . If you remember your chemistry its poison. A while back, it got a lot of Press as more and more information was exposed. And I'm told that in some areas you are offered a Thymerisol free shot. But I personally don't trust these fella's. They were trying to dump poison in me before, n my bet izz whatever preservative they decided to use now ain't much better. Formaldehyde is widely used as a preservative because its cheap. And its found in everything from jel's and handcreams to baby shampoo. folks who would intentionally do that, and not tell us don't give a rats butt about my life or my health.
It's now been 7 or 8 years since I started taking real supplements. Before that time, I could count on at least a couple nasty colds and for sure one good week of "da Flu". Now get this line for sure. SINCE that time, I get NOTHING!!~! Yes you heard me correctly , Nothing. Oh I may get to feeling a little draggy or achy, and if I do I literally run for my supplements. I hate being sick. Its not fun. So why not avoid it if its possible. And I'm here to tell you it's possible.
A Vitamin is NOT the answer. most Vitamins enter the stomach and stop there only to idle until you pee out most of the goodness, yeah, I couldda said pass it or Urinate but I'm inta fun and shock, Hey!~! Maybe I'm an old Shock jock!!~Well, at Any rate I like to have fun. It's Gods Medicine. But a vitamin, or supplement needs to have an Enzyme attached to move the goodies through our cell Walls and structure it so it can be absorbed by the Immune System. ( I've been doin my homework ) In fact Many of the States Carry a Provision that requires Septic System pumpers to screen their "dumpings" to catch all the lil plastic capsules that have not absorbed. I personally Have decided that Melaleuca provides my best choice in supplements, and order them monthly because I like their system. I'm sure there are other good ones but these I can understand and I witness great results.
So to finish this up I'm urging You to to think through your decisions concerning the drugs your introducing into your body. There may be a better solution that will do the same as well as compliment an already awesome system that God has provided
Thiomersal (C 9 H 9 HgNaO 2 S), commonly known in the United States as thimerosal, is an organomercury compound (approximately 49% mercury by weight) used as an antiseptic and antifungal agent. It was developed and registered under the trade name Merthiolate in 1928 by the pharmaceutical corporation Eli Lilly and Company and has been used as a preservative in vaccines, immunoglobulin preparations, skin test antigens, antivenins, ophthalmic and nasal products, and tattoo inks

Gods very best your way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SSNUFFY

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Age Sucks, I don't like it a bit!. I can be happily motoring down into town and the very next minute I gotta pull over and try to remember where the heck I'm going. I feel pretty safe tellin that little diddy here because I'll probably not be meetin any of you. I used to feel pretty cocky rattlin off my Drivers license number, or helping the wife with her Social Security Number but today, remembering where I live is right around the corner. And I'm more apt to work harder at beating the system now that my dear old unkle (SAM) has limited my allowance. stretch as I might there's always Month left at the end of the Money. So bein a crafty old fella I'm always lookin fer ways to trim the fat.
After a tasty Breakfast of pancakes n pure Maple syrup I finished it all up with a fresh cuppa coffee, Organic of coarse, in my special place out on the deck. Spring was springing and the snow was all gone but a few little piles hiding from the sun. As I searched for my first Robin something caught my eye. And as I turned to the north I could see something dripping from the huge maple in the front yard. I walked up close to find sap running in several different areas, dripping onto the leaves on the ground. The return to the deck was a slow trot as the wheels in my noggin began to creak n moan. You see although I'm sold out to buying Organic that $9.98 for a pint of pure Maple syrup has always bugged me fiercely. Those guys were makin a killing on something that God provided free , and I was about to get in on it. Coffee in hand I made it for the computer and Googled "how ta tap a tree" I next went to the shed and fabricated 4 spigots then went with my newly acquired knowledge , and carefully drilled 4 holes. On the pegs I hung 4 ice cream pails and I proudly watched the drip, drip, drip of my syrup. On the way back to the house I chuckled quietly, tickled with myself and my new found wisdom. Like a little kid I could hardly sleep and was up early . From the deck I could see that my buckets were overflowing and I wallowed in the praise I'd get from everyone for all that syrup. But when I reached the tree I saw WATER??,,,, yes water!! Chapter two said I needed to cook it down but Water? I stuck my finger in and tasted and,,, yup, its water.. Thinkin this was the wrong kind of maple tree i went back to the book n read some more, but nothing was mentioned of a tree giving water. Not wanting to call failure I dragged my "water" inside and set it to boil. and for hours i boiled n boiled until all that was left was less than i half inch of,,,,,,,,,,, water. But as i tasted the water it had sweetened . So I got more sap, and more sap and boiled n boiled. All total I boiled down over 40 gallons of water. In the end I had close to 3/4 gallon of pure maple syrup, very tasty but a huge amount of work. I have no Idea what the electric costs for at least 4 days of continuous use but I bet it wasn't cheap.
It was a fun adventure , enlightening and an educational. But I buy my maple syrup now, my wife wont let me use the stove anymore. Well I admit it, it was a little sticky when i was done. And you know, now that I've thought it through,,,, That Reeel maple syrup!! It's perdy cheap!!~!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jenny's story.

Many have asked about Jenny's Cancer battle and her struggle to maintain. So I thought it timely to share that as the purpose and reason behind this blog.
Jenny and I are in our 41st year of marriage. both retired, both disabled. Living on a small hobby farm In southeastern Minnesota.
In Late 1996 Jen developed breast cancer. As you might expect that changed things for us quit drastically. Any hopes or dreams were dashed, as life took on a full schedule of tests appointments and treatments in a full out effort to kill the poison that was threatening our lives. After nearly two full years of surgeries, treatments, and reconstruction we were given the all clear and began the task of rebuilding our lives. In early 2000 The cancer had returned and had changed or Metastasized to the bone requiring more Chemo, more Radiation, to once again arrest the progression of the disease. For us, that period, from 2000 to 2005 was a regular weekly regimen of chemo, and radiation with very little progress.
In July of 2006 jenny suffered heart failure in the infusion center while undergoing chemo infusion and was rushed to emergency. Vein blockage required Heart surgery and valve replacement.
6 months later she was placed back on Chemo, with radiation following.
In early 2008 it was determined that the attempts were not working and she was sent home to die.
Jenny is a remarkable gal, with more guts and determination than anyone I've met. Tumors have destroyed her hip sockets requiring that I lift her each day to her chair, then back again to her bed at night. As an avid seamstress her determination is still to be productive . So I fabricated a portable table that sits on her recliner and hold her Various machines . and every day she quilts from her chair. I'm trying to figure out how to put pictures of her quilts up but so far no luck.
12 years of struggle here taught us that all these poisons do very little towards gaining on health. So we started searching for alternative meds and procedures. Its really amazing Whats out there if you care to check on your own. if you get past the drug companies, and the hype dumped on you by the Conventional Med Docs. your gonna find that All cancer is 95 percent DETECTABLE long before the lump stage by a test Known since 1996 called an AMAS test. That was the primary reason why I started my Website
We are being sold a bill of goods in my opinion. I watched thousands go through those revolving doors at the Cancer Center in the 12 yrs we were there. And I cannot think of one happy story to tell you.
I can tell you that as a disabled person myself I struggled greatly lifting jen in and out of the van every week for treatments. I can also tell you that several people contacted the American Cancer Society for help for me and they were unable to do nothing. But at the same time they were advertising for an area Manager at a salary of 80 grand, with perks.
And its interesting to note that All major Medical Colleges are fully funded by the Major Drug Companies.
I do this Blog to help others avoid what we went through. And it gives purpose to our struggle. And if it gets you to think on your own a bit it will be well worth the money or the effort to maintain the site
Jenny sews everyday despite some very pain filled times. She's somtimes frustrated by a mistake or two but forgets that her memory might be hampered by the Morphinr pump thats runs a steady drip for pain control. Yet she is steeled in purpose giving nothing to the disease that grips her body. I'm not sure I could handle her burden , as I struggle greatly with the small part I play in being her caregiver. We know God will provide if we remain Strong and rest in the knowledge that He is in control.
You will be a joy for us if you'll check out your options before succumbing to Conventional Treatment Methods . You'll find that much of the disease we struggle with is rooted and grounded in the bad diets and processed foods weve excepted into or homes. And if you have a moment please leave an encouraging comment to a Corageous Lady, Thnx A.L.R.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MR. President

Good morning!, To all of you who have Awakened this day, you have been Blessed. I'm reminded of an old Hymn and the words,,, "the air that you breath is just given to you, and He can take it away." As much as we take life for Granted God has an option on this day. if He decides that life is over for you, then it is over, just like that. Scripture tells us there is a number to our days. And no matter where you stand within that number, today is but one of your number. And I think it wise to consider the purpose of your time. God says, life is but a season. And at its end you will be judged.
Yesterday was Election Day, N my guy didn't win. But again today I am still an American and my responsibilities have not changed. I am bound by Christian Principles that require that I get behind our leader. Lift him in Prayer and join the non-partisan effort to move us forward.
History was made as Our First African American person made the leap to the highest office in our Nation. I watched the faces of my black Brothers and Sisters, as the joy of achievement Broke through. And I saw in their tears the Joy of the moment as well as the anguish of many years of suffering. Suffering caused by many who thought themselves better.
The American Dream, as well as Her Success's were achieved through the Prayers and commitment of a people rooted and grounded in Faith in God. That's Indisputable for any who'd care to check it out. America today struggles on many fronts. Burdened by Greed and corruption. And We the people need to get back to basic principles.
President Elect Obama was not my choice. But we the people have spoken. HE needs our Prayers, and support, And We need to be an active part in this Transition.
Never before in our history have so many joined together in a cause. Records set in donations,
participation and poll counts. This is history, and You are a part of it. A.L.R.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I spent or wasted a lot of time this morning trying to think of something with substance to write about. Finally , I gave it up figuring the day for a loss. As I sat on my deck, drinking in some of the last of our Autumn Sun the phone rang. And I was introduced to a man with a heavy heart. He’s seen my website and was reaching for hope for his Mom who had cancer. We chatted a while and I shared what we have learned, and hopefully he went away a little more encouraged than discouraged. We spoke of Mom’s Immune system. And how he needed to get her started on fresh, live foods n water. And how he needed to get her some good Supplements to begin to build her health. Using good organic tea’s to begin to de- toxify her ailing body. And as he hung up I flashed back to Our first days and those awful gut wrenching knots that were instantly there when we first heard the words,,, “YOU HAVE CANCER”
WE play with life, were always going here or there. This needs doing, and that’s coming up, and We need to go here and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It all stops at those three little words. I had this man’s full attention because all that “stuff” just took a back seat to,,,LIFE!!!
IT’s appointed unto man once to die,,, and then,, “The judgment” A Scripture most everyone knows but we’d rather not bring it up for discussion.. And we certainly don’t wanna be on the next load headed for Heavan,,,,,or the “Other Load.” Goin due South!!
The fear of God is a healthy respect for his system. And I found out a long time ago that facing your fears brings them forward and allows us to examine and understand. Once a fear is fully understood, most of what was feared is gone.
Bladder cancer grabbed me 7 years ago, and life changed for me. Up to that point , Death was a long ways off. And i'd have plenty of time to deal with it when it came forward. But try as I might I couldn’t leave my thoughts there, and life as I had known it, now took on a new dimension. But I think it’s a good change. I’ve been reminded of my mortality. I’m not going to be here forever. And each new day carries a new value, which I try to weigh with a different scale. We tend to get caught up in things n stuff that really have no tangible purpose except to coddle the mind and create anther bill.
God gave Adam n Eve a place to live, some food and each other. There’s a key there.
I was givin the chance to drive a local “drunk Bus. ” Seems the city saw a need to get these college kids acclimated to night life in the city. Of coarse the generated revenue’s easily covers the bus to get the lil buggers back home to sleep off their ‘good times. So I drove them in and back at Bar close. The “fun” would start about 10:30 every night and I carried a scanner. Kids passed out in cars, at intersections, attempted rapes, Paramedics to alcohol poisoning, kids fighting, kids peeing on the streets, broken storefronts, accidents, knifings, and this,,,, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night ,,for months on end. There were nights that I had girls fighting in the back of the bus and guys fighting in front and blood from the drivers seat all the way back. There were nights when I’d have to call the police to grab a kid so drunk that he was wandering blindly in the snow, naked to the waist in 20 below zero weather. This is Minnesota, we pick up people froze solid outside in winter if they disobey natures rules. Yet the greed for gain causes us to “educate the young in areas they need little help with. And It’s justified by providing a class on alcohol at school. Who’s kidding who here?
Life begins fairly simple. But we seem to see a need to pile on more "Stuff". And suddenly we are blinded to the simple things that offer peace.
The man I spoke with today is busy. All those important things that filled his day planner yesterday seen pretty trivial compared to saying goodbye to his Mom. And He reaches today for answers. I sincerely hope he finds them.
All things are relative, and everything has a bottom line. The bottom line here is , This is Gods world, scream n wiggle,, shake your fist if you want. I can tell you first hand it wont help. He made the rules that govern this planet. I ran across them my first 40 years. But I’m finding the ship floats much easier if I listen to the Builder.
And I find peace in knowing that even Cancer has to bow to Him unless He allows it’s presence.
The more I research the more clear its becoming that stress is yet another cause allowing our systems to take on disease .
There are revolving Doors at the Cancer Centers, and for good reason. The treatments are not working. Our 12 years going to treatment saw many many new faces, but very few folks leaving healed. Everybody knows a cancer victim or two, that should scare the hell out of you. Do something today to promote healing for your body. If you can't do it alone , just ask here for help. we'll help you put together a plan that you can start at home,, for free . Gods Very best Al Rothering 507-689-2401 or,, or A.L. R.