Thursday, April 21, 2011

A three day Journey

At 64 I've heard a ton of sermons, some real dud's,others just tolerable and yet others like the good read in a nice novel that kept you right there on the edge, eating each word and grabbing at more..    theres one sermon that needs preaching but so far no one has the guts to tackle it.
In order to give this story the depth it needs i gotta switch gears a bit.  So bare with me and I promise to make this work.
My family spent years on a farm. What we ate we raised or grew. Butchering became an every few months duty and no one was left out.   Its pretty comfortable now that we can just select choice cuts of meat in nice clean packaging. but everyone needs to at least see the other side.  A nice fatted porker was selected and cut out from the rest.  a few minutes time was allowed for the animal to calm down.   A human way to slaughter was to walk up along side the animal, place a gun to its head and fire.   A good kill caused the animal to drop immediately, legs buckling beneath.  Of course not all shots were clean and then another shell , or bullet needed to be used.   For good meat its critical  that the blood be drained from the kill immediately.  So  someone needed to  cut the throat.  in our family it was Mom because the blood needed to be stirred so it could be used in blood sausage.
When the jugular is severed the blood gushes from the wound usually soaking your hand. the blood has a strange feel to it and the temperature is incredibly warm .   Wwithin minutes the animal is bled out and the butchering process can continue.  When you grow up with something, it is what it is.   And I never realized the shock or trauma behind the procedure until my Son came butchering one Saturday.  He'd been shielded from all this as he grew up, but the shock of seeing it first hand was written all over his face and i was so sorry I'd taken him along. 
God said to Abraham, Go sacrifice your son to prove that you love me.  Imagine, if you can laying your firstborn on an alter, table. and butchering him/her.  imagine a three day walk thinking constantly of what you must do at the journeys end. hour on hour then day upon day, walking towards the death of the one who walks with you.  imagine the knife at his throat and the lifeblood of your son/daughter gushing out over your hand.  think of Abraham's struggles to try and reason this all out.  And then if you can try and understand how a man could grasp that much faith to be able to accomplish what he must do.
We shy away from discomfort, taking the less traveled  course, choosing to avoid many things because it feels good and is easier.   But a clear view of things makes for much better decisions

Monday, April 4, 2011


Been a while since i've been in.  truth is i'm burned out, ticked off n dont  even care.  I'm fairly convinced that fighting cancer, or getting healthy is just to much  work for most of you,  to much change for most people.  I can tell you what we've found.  I can show you in black and white, even document the known carcenogens found in your food.  but nothing short of shareing the stench of rotting flesh as cancer eats away live body tissue even moves most of you,  and even then in the very next sentence  its
'lets head to micky dee's for a berger. "
you've been sold a bill of goods and its literally killing you. what will it take to get your attention before the doc gives you 3 months ?  If you have some stupid idea that giving to the local cancer drive gives you a leg up  better think again. Have you any idea how many billions of dollars have been givin to cancer research to date?  I dont either because I cant count that high. but ill tell you this.  in the 14 plus years of my wifes cancer battle, and the many attempt to get help from the American Cancer folks those poor folks were always broke. Where do you suppose those BILLIONS went?? Do I really need to call a crook a crook ?
Look at the way the new cancer wings are growing, its big business!!  they know its just a matter of time before you get it.  Oh Yes!!  50 years ago your chances were 1 in 50,,, today its one in two, and realistically its just a matter of time.   scary???  yup !!  but very true.  you can go hide your head in a big berger, or whopper  but when its your turn it will not matter.
Wanna make this real??go to any cancer clinic and grab a free cup of "tainted coffee and just sit and watch what goes by.  sickness and death are very easy to recognize, even in stages. everyone there just reaching for more life, hoping that they will be the one to beat it.
I got pissed one day and said to Jenny's Oncologist.  We know the body 's fuel is food, yet its not even addressed as a part of treatment.  Now this man has been a Cancer Specilist for many years, His answer, "Well, I think they are going to address this in the new wing.  Do you know why/ because you are the walking dead, why bother with Nutrition?  To follow up, jenny and I spent Several years in that new wing.
The new cancer center at gunderson of Lacross, wi. offers sugar cookies, wafers and hot chocolate as well as a non organic coffee. Sugar stalls the immune system.  do yu think they have forgotten that ??
hearing that doc say jesus is coming is not the correct way to do this. I urge you to begin being healthy today.  I stand ready and willing anytime you call. 507-689-2401  , or
    Gods very best   Al