Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Dang Those things!! I turn the corner in the candy isle and already the smell of milk chocolate is wafting its way towards me. That area there, way down on the right. I know exactly where they are, and the second I get within Eyeshot, They wink!! I know, I know , it sounds crazy , but its true. I begin steering my cart clear to the other side, I know whats coming. I'm reasoning with myself Lickity cut, I remember last time. Theres no just having a handfull every now n then, Them suckers are relentless. Last time I hide them in my lower desk Drawer, but the winks come right thru the wood, ,,, really!!~! So this time I'm not going to put myself thru that, Ill just grab a butterfinger, or a snicker, the little ones,,,,,,well, maybe the big ones,,,,, maybe just a couple to get me thru the week. Hwere they come,,, Geez,, those eyes,, how do they make em wink like that??. and that smell,,, God Its like,, Its like its just melting into my body,,,,,,,,.
I'll just buy the small can, that's not a lot, and ill work harder this week at just havin a few each day that wont be so bad. Besides , I gotta have something there,.
We were just sharing in church just the other day how God honors prayer and loves giving us the desires of our hearts. WOW!!~! why didn't I think of this before??
Just a few Minutes in my prayer closet and THE Lord will remove those nasty Calories.. I think we'll put that small can back, WEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee!!~!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DA BUGS IN YOUR CARPET,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

One of the jobs I held in My travels was General Manager of ServiceMaster here in Minnesota. A great part of that job was carpet cleaning. And i was many times out bidding jobs. one particular lady comes to Mind Who had beautiful house full of White carpet. The other Significant feature of this story is She ran a Day Care on those white carpets. Her house was Emasculate which blew me away to start with , no evidence of rugrats anywhere. and every three to four weeks our crews were there to rinse those carpets. Nancy was paranoid about Germs, to the point that you could see visibly if the cleaning went over 3 weeks. One Summer day the crew was just finishing up so I had a chance to share some time with her. It bothered me that she sincerely thought she was controlling bacteria while it was running rampant just below he tenny's. So I said to her, Nancy how long from today before a child spills milk or drops food on your carpet. She laughed and said, by tomorrow night I guarantee it will have already been "christened", But I always clean up right away. I said, Nancy, that carpet is an inch and 3/4 from the nap to the pad, how much of that spill do you think you got out of the carpet. with a frown she answered , well i get as much as i can? So we talked about carpets and the properties surrounding the backing, and the pad. and I shared with her how any moisture left in the pad would "wick" back up to the surface. And how That one particular spill would grow bacteria for weeks until the next rinse. Nancy was shocked , and agreed that it made perfect sense. BUT Nancy continued day care, and the rinses for many seasons after that.

I use this story to raise awareness for your home, and your health. Bacteria breeds disease, Disease makes you sick. I wonder how many babies left that house with a "little cold" or "congested" because of that Perdy white carpet.??You have been Deceived!! Its burned into us that white means clean and if it smells good its clean. There is no Carpet in my home except those that can be tossed in the washer. If you have carpet its diseased, I don't care how many times you've cleaned it.
One of my favorite deceptions is Lysol. Ever see those commercials ?? just spray it on and,,,,,,,,, MY FOOT!!! Those sprays need to soak there for at least a minute to have any effective at all. and the residual left on the surface, well I'd think twice before I licked it.

Room air fresheners , don't they smell wonderful?? Breath deep and draw that formaldehyde deeeeep in your lungs . If your lucky, and your immune System is ramped you'll be able to expel most of the toxicity, IF your lucky.
White Rice n White flour and white salt, sugar, shortening, etc, Everything is bleached to satisfy your perception of clean. They don't have to say bleach is an Ingredient But its Bleached, What doest thou common sense tell you?
Foods n juices are plugged full of Sugars , because you have trained your body to want sweet. Sugar shuts down your Immune System,,, Hello? Anyone home?? If your trusting your food vendor to supply you with good foods you've misplaced your trust and your headed for trouble.
Someone slipped me a cassette a few years ago, it was titled, "dead Doctors don't lie" lots a great info in it. but the concept was, Why trust your medical needs to the Doctors when the average doc doesn't live above 56. Now I'm hoping that figure has come up a bit but the proofs still in the puddin. If these guys had half a clue, and a good hold on their profession Manhattan would be Doctorville , USA.
Corruption and greed not only ooze from Capitol hill, its permeated the Food Industry. And the days of trusting ,, is gone. Its no longer a surprise to hear the word cancer, its very very commonplace and a Multi-Billion dollar Industry that's growing faster than they can build Clinics.
And All they need to do is wait on you. YOU need to bring this home. Its no longer the neighbor, This is in your home, your babies , your food, your cloths, carpets, cosmetics Etc. your drinking it, eating it, breathing it. ,,,,,,Scary?? you bet.
Common sense has been tucked in a drawer. Its time to re-think and revive,,,, AL

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Raw Milk, Coconut Oil and Raw honey

These are not only all Natural, but Superfoods provided for our benefit. As knowledge increases we are made more and more aware of the power builders that stand among us.
RAW MILK a wonderful source of Vitamins and Minerals also containing active enzymes and beneficial Bacteria that make digestion and nutrient assimilation a smooth process within the body. As an added bonus, raw Milk contains twenty, of the twenty two Amino acids our bodies requires daily. So, getting all or proteins is made an easy task through its usage.
There are those who would argue that using Raw milk is dangerous and unsafe. The facts say its been used effectively by many cultures for centuries. The Salmonella break outs we all heard about have givin milk a bad rap. But research would show you that ALL the "breakouts' were caused by PASTEURIZED Milks. Pasteurization requires heating the milk , in turn destroying all posative bacteria and redering the milks Amino acids, vitamins calcium and other beneficial absolutely worthless to the bodies needs.
Its interesting to me, that those in charge of what we can and cant eat will allow an extremely TOXIC ingredient like ASPARTAME found in diet sodas and sugar free gums, yet will not allow a Superfood like Raw milk. If you have to ask why, your not following the money.
Demand for Raw Milk has greatly increased, and more dairies are opening to accommodate the demand. the website, is spreading the news and points folks to new sources across America as we speak.
RAW HONEY like raw Milk offers active enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals such as silica, copper, magnesium and iron. Used by the Egyptians for centuries, proven by thousands of years of hands on usage, and multifunctional, yet undetected as a source of healing by The Elite of the Medical World. Almost makes you wonder who's side they are on. Honey is great for sinus issues, Rheumatic and arthritis problems. It has a calming effect making it great for sleep disturbances as well as colds, acne, infectious diseases and many other issues including circulation.
COCONUT OIL A great food source with many functions. A saturated fat high in Medium chain fatty acids that help with weight loss. Medium chain acids are not easily stored and convert to Triglycerides unlike long chain fatty acids. These acids serve to disrupt another Medium chain fatty acid. High in Lauric acid which is one of the medium chain lipids that possess the Anti Microbial effect, an important component in breast milk. Topically, it restores youth and luster to the skin and is a very stable cooking oil. Demonized by many through misconception, the Evidence is overwhelming that its benefits greatly outweigh the so called "Risks". Again used for centuries successfully in Eastern Cultures. Found in most health food stores, a great All natural Product.
Source articles, Natural News