Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I thought a long time on how to address this issue using a more delicate Language or word that didn't offend anyone. But I'm a fella, and worse yet, I've heard all the locker room "stuff'" many times over. And the guys are gonna be guys any way I print this. But its a very important post if I can convince you to check it out, As I think there is help out there if I'm able to get you to think a little.
So, lets get it out. breasts, I for one reelee like um!!, fact izz, I have for a long long time. I think God knew that when He formed women , and made her desirous to men.
The breast cancer fear in women is global, and strikes fear in the hearts and minds of many many gals. And I don't believe it has to be. My wife struggled each time she would have to go for a mammogram because it caused much pain, and I remember going along and seeing the tears in a women who never cried. And after the tests, cancer took her in 1996.
Many cancers seem to park the tumors in the limpf nodes under the arm and develop lumps in the breast itself. My wife went through both physical pain as well as psychological issues at the removal of her breasts followed by the pain and disappointment of re-construction.
Ladies Listen. There is a test called the AMAS Test that monitors your Immune System and it's activity. The tests was created in the early 90's and is 95 percent effective in Preventing cancer. It is documented in the American Medical Associations journal of that year and is supported by facts. You don't hear of it from Conventional Medical folks for obvious reasons. but it measures immunal activity that can detect cancer YEARS before it can get to the lump stage.
It will require that you get involved in monitoring your own health issues through a Natural Medicine Professional but you would then be in control. I have taken this test when I had Bladder Cancer now 5 years ago. its a simple pee test that's painless. how much easier can it get?
be good to yourselves and check it out. you can be free of the fear. if I can help just e-mail and I'll get you more info. in fact, I addressed it in an earlier blog under AMAS test. Jenny and I have struggled long in this cancer fight, and you can reap the benefits , if you'll just begin to think on your own.. Gods Very best SSNUFFY

Saturday, December 27, 2008

"" NOW WHAT""???

Together we meet yet another morning. Presents have turned into a pile of paper, the meal now, just 'pickings", and the turkey gone. For those who forgot your mates gift, your goose is cooked.
Plans are now in place to ring in the New Year and midnight on 12/31 will be a night of happy people, celebrations and parties.
Sometimes we need a reminder that we are only able to have these freedoms because someone gave their life for it. Sobering huh? If its not, you're in denial. You were allowed to grow up free, run where you wanted to run, and do almost anything within the law because someone saw the value in being free and volunteered to fight and die for your rights.
Nothing 'ticks "me off more than a group of people standing on a street corner whining about the war. They are free to demonstrate ONLY because men fought and died for the freedom they are using. If 9/11 didn't convince you that there are folks out there that want you Dead Stand easy, because none of my words will penetrate the gourd setting on your shoulders. Men are dieing today so your sisters and brothers won't risk being raped in your living room. Make no mistake. Given the chance, that will be the case and more if these terrorists aren't stopped. We all want peace. But since time began it has come at a cost, and our Soldiers are paying it, FOR YOU !!!

Over two years ago now I remember hearing about how bad the returning soldiers were being treated. Don Imus raised quit a stink about it and got a bunch of folks together to build a new facility to help them get good help. The Intrepid Hero's Center was built to help down in Texas. Just recently it was revealed that there are over 800 THOUSAND Soldiers trying to get help for various serious conditions but were literally turned away because our government couldn't keep up on PAPERWORK!!!! Stories of men traumatized to the point of SUICIDE and turned away. IF you're not embarrassed by this you should be !! These guys n gals were covering your butt so you could go do your thing.

Sometimes life gets busy, It happens to us all. but lets lay it on the line here. In an earlier post I asked for help to get something started. And the response was pathetic at best. I'm asking you again. Help me help them. I will put in the first hundred dollars. and I'll provide documented information on every donated dollar. A committee is being formed to decide who we can help. an account is being established. You can use my E-mail alroth@hbci.com. My paypal is the same. My address is 25167 Hwy 248, Minnesota City, Mn 55959. Your going to blow some dollars on New Years Eve. I'm asking you to save a buck for those giving you the freedom to go to your party. If all you can do is copy this to your e-mail list at least your doing something. But I doubt very much that there is anyone that cant afford a buck. I'm disabled and caregiver to a wife with cancer. I don't have much, but I can a little extra,,,,,,,, and so can you if your honest . Help Me Help Them, Please !!!

Just A Thought...: Thirsty For Your Love

Just A Thought...: Thirsty For Your Love

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Help Me Help them, Please

It's Christmas outside, Minnesota style. From my desk in three different directions I can see the snow, comin down in buckets full. About 12-14 inches on the ground and the promise of 6 to 12 inches more before a break, At least I hope so. The hills around my little farm picturesque. Any view could be a beautiful Christmas card. Folks are out n about, slipping and sliding, trying to finish the list of presents that will be one big pile of pretty paper in just short of 6 days. Families will gather to enjoy a huge meal, and spend the rest of the day playing with new toys n games or just relaxing.
I should be excited with the Season of Christs birth but my heart Is heavy. Yesterday I heard again of Soldiers, War Hero's , sick and hurting. Thousands lost in the paperwork of Government Bureaucracy . Men and Gals close to suicide because they, we cant process the papers to help them git rid of the "stuff" war tosses at them. Lives literally destroyed because they chose to protect You and I from harm. This is more than embarrassing, It's criminal!!
Together we can start a fund to help. We may not raise enough to get them all but we'd be doing something. Someone tell me how to set this up. I'm disabled, and caregiver to a sick wife. But I will find the time to get this going, I don't have much, but I can come up with a hundred bucks to start the kitty. I'll do it all for free. Everyone can afford a buck can't they? Everyone knows someone who's been hurt by the war. We can form a committee to decide who we can help. Use all Volunteers so that all the money goes to the guys n gals that need it. We could channel the funds into a paypal account so everyone would have easier access for giving their dollars, that will work to start. The very least we owe these kids is to not forget them when their tour is over. It doesn't matter if you were for or against the war. they were covering your back. , and you owe them. If you can't find a buck, which I very seriously doubt. you can at least copy this to your address list and send it around. Help me help them. All I have is you to help. Anyone doubting that I'm doing this in Ernest can e-mail me for a copy of the funds and where they are going. Come on! get involved ! If you have ideas write me. I'm determined to do what I can. don't turn your head to these kids . its the season of giving. Save a buck for those who went to bat for you. If you all just give a buck and pass this on. We will be able to make a difference. Thnx SSNUFFY

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Problems with Anti-bacterials

Through extensive advertising, manufacturers attempt to convince consumers that the're in battle with tiny invaders and must use specific antimicrobial products to protect their health. Studies suggest that the widespread use of antimicrobial chemicals may be causing these products to lose their effectiveness.
Triclosan is a common active ingredient found in modern antibacterial products. Most other engineered antibacterial agents are designed to attack organic functions of bacteria. Triclosan specifically inhibits the production of a fatty acid vital to life within bacterial cells. The problem is, bacteria that survive the introduction of Triclosan can mutate into a new strain that resists the antimicrobial chemical's effects.
How can bacteria resist the antimicrobial onslaught? Dr. Stuart B. Levy, of the Tufts School of Medicine in Boston, believes the answer lies in residual amounts of the agent that stick around after application. For those bacteria that survive, this residual soup is like one big sink-or-swim training camp. The bacteria mutate and adapt to ward off future attacks by their enemy. Microbiologists call this process selection -- those microbes that live are selected to go on to mutate and reproduce.
What's worse, some antibacterial agents go after the same physiology of bacteria that prescription antibiotics do. This means that if a particular strain of bacteria develops a resistance to an antibacterial agent in a household cleaner, it will also be resistant to similar attacks from prescription antibiotics. Microbiologists call this cross-resistance.
Other scientific studies show that some bacteria get tougher as they adapt. As Levy's report shows, although some antibacterial soaps contain an average of 2,500 micrograms of Triclosan, they still may not be enough to kill even the hardiest mutated bacteria.
In one study, researchers applied soap containing 150 micrograms of triclosan to a strain of wild (unmutated) E. coli -- bacteria commonly found in raw food. The results showed that it took a full two hours for the agent to kill 90 percent of the bacteria. It took two to four times as much triclosan under the same conditions to kill 90 percent of a mutated strain.
And adding antimicrobial chemicals to soap may be particularly ineffective. When researchers in the same study exposed the same strain of E. coli to just six micrograms of triclosan by itself, it killed as much of the bacteria in the same amount of time [source: Levy].
Overuse of antibiotics and antimicrobial cleaners may also be responsible for an increase of allergies.
Antibacterial Allergies
A 2005 study found that more than half of the American population has an allergic reaction to at least one of 10 common allergens [source: AAAAI]. Some microbiologists suspect that the emergence of the antibacterial lifestyle may be responsible.
From birth, people are bombarded by unseen microbial life, which biologists call environmental flora. These little organisms are everywhere: in dirt, on countertops, in the air and even in your own body. While some cause infection, the majority are benign. Some are even helpful, like lactobacillus, which aids in our digestion of food and kills other, harmful bacteria.
Since there are a lot more flora than there are people, the human body has developed a way of warding off infection and allergies caused by microbial life. The human body's T-helper cells generate an immunoresponse to invasions by microbes. There are two types of T-helper cells: T-H1 cells help other cells form their own defenses against microbial invaders. T-H2 cells oversee the production of antibodies, which attack and kill foreign microbes that have entered the body.
Put together, these two types of helper cells are the reason you don't die whenever someone sneezes on you or you cut your finger. They are also the reason why you don't suffer constant allergic reactions whenever you breathe.
To work correctly, these helper cells must encounter microbes and allergens. The inoculations you get as a child are actually dead or weakened strains of microbes introduced into your system that your body uses to build its defenses against other, similar strains. In a household that relies heavily on antibacterial agents, a child's immune system may not get a chance to encounter enough allergens to produce the proper antibodies and defenses against them. The antimicrobial agents used in the home will have killed most of the allergens first.
While a parent can control his or her household, he or she can't sanitize the whole world. Once a child leaves an overly santized home, his or her underdeveloped immune system will be exposed to a host of microbes and allergens.
Even resisting personal overuse of antimicrobial chemicals may not prevent you from coming in contact with them. Antibiotics may be present in the food you eat and in the water you drink.
Modern agribusinesses use antibiotics to keep their livestock healthy. These antibiotics remain in the meat from those animals that makes it to the dinner table. And runoff from livestock yards and processing plants can make its way into groundwater and other sources from which people draw water.
Should antimicrobial agents be banned? That may be a bit premature. Read the next page to find out why the jury's still out.
Testing Antibacterial Soap
In July 2000, the Emerging Infectious Diseases Conference in Atlanta, featured several presentations concerning the relationship between the antibacterial lifestyle and the emergence of resistant bacteria. One of the presenters was Stuart B. Levy, who presented a paper entitled "Antibacterial Household Products: A Cause for Concern."
In his paper, Levy details studies which suggest that people may be at the threshold of a world where bacteria -- due to the use of antibacterial products and misused antibiotics -- may overtake people's ability to kill them.
Five years later, Levy was part of another study with five colleagues in his field where the findings were very different. The scientists divided 224 households into two categories: those that were given antibacterial products and those that were not. The study took place over the course of one year, and looked at families with similar backgrounds.
A 2005 study found no significant difference in the presence of resistant bacteria between households using antibacterial products and those using non-antibacterial products.
What the researchers found is that there was no significant difference in the amount of bacteria killed by the use of antibacterial soap over regular soap. They also found that there was no significant increase in the presence of resistant bacteria in the homes that used antibacterial products.
These findings were surprising. First, the study says that antibacterial soap is no better at killing germs than regular soap. It also says that the bacteria didn't mutate into super bacteria in the homes that used antibacterial soap. The study, entitled "Antibacterial Cleaning Products and Drug Resistance," contained one caveat: One year may not have been enough for the study to be conclusive [source: Aiello].
Sure enough, two years later, some of the same researchers from the 2005 study tried another study. Again, the researchers found that antibacterial soap showed no advantage over plain soap in its ability to kill bacteria. But they also collected data that suggested bacteria are indeed becoming increasingly cross-resistant as a result of antibacterial use.
Is it time to panic? The results are inconclusive. Although microbiologists can chart the mutation of some bacteria as a result of their exposure to antibacterial agents, this has only been done in a laboratory setting, and not in the real world. Still, scientists believe that bacterial mutation may be inevitable and continue their studies.
So what's the best way to fight germs? Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways. Read the next page to learn about the wonders of -- soap.
Antibacterial Soap vs Regular Soap
Sometimes plain old soap and other tried-and-true cleaning agents can work just as well as today's antibacterial products. Good, old-fashioned soap may not say "antibacterial" on its label, but it still kills germs. Sometimes it does a better job than antibacterial soap.
In addition, soap isn't the only thing that kills bacteria -- there are many naturally occurring antibacterial agents. Lemon juice, for example, changes the pH level in bacterial cells, creating an acidic environment in which microbes can't survive. Other naturally antibacterial substances dry cells out, killing the bacteria (bacteria most commonly thrive in moist environments). Still others, like bleach and alcohol completely obliterate the cells of the bacteria. Unlike the targeted attack of antimicrobial agents, bleach and alcohol simply cause the cells to lyse, or rupture.
Courtesy Dr. Bronner'sDr. Bronner's Magic Soap, an organic soap.
Why haven't bacteria adapted to the agents found in bleach, alcohol and lemon juice? The reason why bacteria aren't resistant to these agents is because they do not leave a residue. There is no chance for surviving bacteria to adapt within the residual environment, so bacteria are just as susceptible to bleach and alcohol as they were 100 years ago. Skip the antimicrobial smart bomb and go for the big bleach blockbuster.
So what do we do to ward off superbacteria? Fortunately, the same rules to cleanliness still apply. The 2005 study showed that illness decreased among household members who washed their hands more, with or without antibacterial soap [source: Aiello]. Practicing good hygiene habits, like using alcohol-based hand sanitizer and staying away from people who have a cold, are still as valid as ever. And Stuart Levy assures us that if we take our antibiotics properly, the state of environmental flora will return to "what it was before the antibiotic/antibacterial onslaught" [source: Levy].
So stay well, stay warm and dry, and start rehearsing your ABCs while you wash your hands.

Monday, December 15, 2008

""Passin gas"" izz,,,, well its such a relief

Seems like I barely opened my eyes this morning before the days agenda began to press me. My morning prayer closet doubles as the bathroom stool. Just always figured if I was takin in new stuff I had to make room. So it was the appropriate way to Begin . I'm good at multi-tasking. And a few words to the man up yonder can only help. couple times I know I got off point, but God knows he took on a big job here. so I just apologized to him and moved on. I buzzed over a lotta old business, lotta stuff He's heard before, but made sure I covered the forgiveness part then cut it short.
I'm old n I'm a guy so gettin ready ain't no big deal. flipped on the coffee, dropped my teeth in a glass of mouth wash n grabbed some fresh clothes . dogs were waitin so I let em out on my way to the shower, slipped in one side n out the other. forgot a towel but there's always some in the hamper. so i dried off, running a hand thru my pits to make sure . yeah, good enuff for Doctor day.
Therapist first then,,,, no not that kind. I got a sore hand dummy!! Then off to the real Doc to get some stitches out. Dogs were scratchin so I grabbed the glass of mouthwash n headed to the door. Holdin my teeth in one hand I downed the mouthwash and slide the patio open . I swished a couple time then blew it out the door tryin to miss the dogs . Jake made it , but Scruffy may smell a bit sweet for a while. Fresh sweats n a clean t-shirt on , Then pulled the socks from yesterday out of my shoes,, ah hell they're OK,,,,Gettin behind here, I gotta move.
Halfway to town I remembered the coffee,, dang!! and I don't do well without it. So I grabbed an exit by the Gas n go. Only took a couple minutes and I'm back motorin, a fresh cup and one a them Morning sandwiches, gut Bomb type. Only took a short while and a bellyache appeared by the time I got to the Doc, I'm squirmin. But it ain't bad till they put me in that little room,,,,,,,,,, Now its getting serious. But I got it handled I will be free in a few minutes and then,,,well, you know.
but the Docs behind and I'm startin to worry. I kin feel the pressure buildin. This is a small room,,, really small. But its really getting serious here n no body's coming,,,I'm wondering if I kin kinda sneak er out in little fluffers to relieve some pressure, and I almost let it go. But I hear someone at the door so I sorta squeezed it back in place. Now don't sit there so innocent!!~! you all know exactly where im at here. Out with the guys why I'd just let er go, even give her a little push. But I'm in a pickle here. Somethings gotta happen ,, and very soon.
just then Nurse Cindy came through the door with 30 minutes of very careful instructions. and I squirmed carefully all the way through them.
Finally, she released me,,,,to the appointment desk, Another cubicle,, only smaller. and this gal had to be slower than last weeks molasses. I was soo frustrated with her, that by the time I was let go I felt like really lettin go, right there in that lil 4x4. but I didn't, truth is I was afraid the sound of all that pressure would scare somebody.
now, im not saying where the end came but it was wonderful, even a little pain full but very soothing.
for those of you who think God doesn't have a sense of humor I beg to differ. I believe he loved every minute of my suffering. He's the friend Who'll never fail you, but be care full.
for my friends who may take offense, Ill just say be care full , coz yu have the same "abilities"
learn to laugh a little, Its good medicine. Gods very best Al

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the real story about rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Rudolph sat cross legged , sucking on a smoothie while he whined about the coming road trip. Some of the Elves were already busy. Sloppy, Drippy N Snoop were packin box's while Sneezy, Dumpy N Stinky stay'd busy loading the old Sleigh. More Elves were just punchin in and grabbing their tools. Two were chatting as they headed for the break room already, it was your typical factory environment. "Its gonna be just like last year" Rudolph complained, "we'll be down to the last day N the old geezer's gonna be on us like stink on crap ta get it all done, n I'm tired of it"" You'd think He'd get us some help in here," Rudy said as He pulled out a smoke, "" He knows its always a rush the last few days" Don't be lighten that "" Drippy said pointing at the cigar, you know He hates it , and it stinks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rudolph pulled out a big farmers match, drawing it across the the table top. It lite with a snap, and as the flame fluttered to life and he touched it to the end of the cigar drawing deeply the other end. Smoke billowed from his lips as the end began to glow and a soft gray cloud formed above his head. "" AWWW just let him say something, "Rudolph Barked ignoring the comment. This year I'm gonna tell him where to go."" Outside Dasher and Dancer stood, backs to the swirling wind, a drift of snow higher than the Corral all but covering the little red n white candy cane post. Above the wind the little Toy factory Hummed with busy activity, motors and chains whirred and clattered, hammers tapped and Music played. ""look at that '' Dasher said, "Rudolph's playin top dog agin", Through the window Rudy could be seen flappin his jaws , givin orders, the stogie hangin from his lips. "except for that stupid red knob that deer is as useless as two pair of of antlers". One of these days Nick is gonna catch on to his antics and fire his haunches " Dancer nodded in agreement as she pawed the snow covered hay. "We'd be better off if we would have taken that union guys advice" Dasher said. "maybe we'd have some say around here" " SHHH"!!~Dasher ", Dancer said , " Here comes the old man,,
""Morning fellas, hows things goin? have enough hay there? Santa said as He passed by?. Dasher moves closer , and whispers to Dancer , "ask the bald headed old twit how he'd like eatin dry old grass outta the snow", in the middle of a blizzard. he'd last about a day." Then he'd be whinin to the boss lady to git him something decent" Nick moved on apparently not in range, trudging thru the snow towards the little Toy Factory. He opened the door quietly, just in time to hear Rudolph's next comment. ""It's time we made some changes around here he yelled" “I got a mind to tell that old Geezer off good". Santa stepped inside just as Rudolph was tipping the smoothie up. "Tell me what Rudy " Santa said? At the sound of Santa's voice Rudolph lost his grip on both the chair and the smoothie . the chair slide back, Rudy went down and the remaining smoothie landed square on his head cup n all. 'Good morning Sir". , Rudy said as he wiped the cold sticky stuff from his fur. Didn't see you over there". "Yes Rudy, that’s most apparent "the old man said as he walked to the center of the room, " Now what's all the fuss about"? Rudolph looked busier than ever, trying to avoid the question. But Santa knew the game and addressed it head on.
"Rudolph! with yur nose so bright,
I think you came in here to fight .
then all the Elves came running,
I even heard them shout with glee
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
was goin down in historeeee

Santa grabbed a big tall stick
and wrapped it over Rudolph's nose
Rudy you are such a dip
git in there n change them clothes

when your done get back out here
you n I have much to do
leave your clothes by the wash machine
and you can lose the attitude too.

But Rudy came up swingin
and caught the little man off guard
A right cross to the whiskers
put poor Santa out in the yard

Dasher and dancer had to duck
as the door flew off its bracket
and the little man came flying by
in the midst of a terrible racket

a little dazed he shook it off
and clamored to his feet
steamin now he went back in
a challenge to defeat

Rudy stood in the corner now
eyes wide and full of fear
He could see the fire in Santa's eyes
and he didn't want him near

a determined look and a grip like steel
held Rudy by his rack
Santa grabbed his nose n twisted hard
and set the reindeer back.

for near an hour he held him there
by the nose n both his ears
He never let poor Rudolph
wipe away his bloody tears

when Santa finally let him go
]Rudy just lay still
He wanted to get up n run
But he didn’t have the will

The little man in a suit of red
Had taken Rudy’s pride
And that famous nose now black n blue
Laid limply to the side

But by Christmas Eve all things have healed
a team of reindeer hitched to Run
and the little man in the bright red suit
with toys for every one

in the dark of night out across the sky
sleigh bells jingling as they go
a little man and a sleigh of toys
and an all familiar glow

but look real close as they prance on by
I think that you can see it too
The glows that comes from Rudy’s nose
Holds a hint of black n blue A. L. R.

Monday, December 8, 2008

"" R U WhYnin about Smokers too???

Well, lets get at it, I'm ready. I'm soooo tired of this smokin crap that I could just,,, well I could just Crap!!~!
My kids cover their face when I light up. And they keep my grand kids shielded from that awful smell and the threat of second hand smoke. And we are cast away as if a plague has descended and made us unfit to be around. Used to be a road well traveled was a safe bet. And I grew up and survived that awful smoke. And I raised three kids through all that smoke, and none of us got sick any more than thousands in a real life test. Second hand smoke my Butt!!~!
But campfires are wonderful and fireplaces are so awesome, its just the magic in that lil tube full of terbaccy that sneaks up to grab us, jumps in our lungs n kills us. Geeez!!~! COME ON!!
But Mom n Dad will feed babies prepared baby foods full of alcohol and formaldehyde. and its OK because the TV didn't tell us its bad. We will wash babies in "toxic" soap and put "toxic"shampoo on their heads , place a toxic" diaper on them and pop leeching plastic bottle in their mouths full of chemically treated milk or formula and wheel them happily down the detergent isle in a nice clean grocery store isle, you know, that isle that smells so strong and fresh. well that "fresh" is coming from SEALED bottles and it is mostly formaldehyde, a good cheap preservative, Widely used , and a suspected carcinogen. but that's ok becuz ????
I'll tell you why. Its because THE TV DIDN'T TELL YA!!~!
We've become so busy and so trained that if it don't tell us on CNN, well it ain't true.
There are somewhere between 14 and 30 additives to smoking tobacco depending on your choice of smoke, some to preserve, some to moisten, some for preserving, etc. I smoke additive free. I'd rather not smoke but don't have the guts needed to walk away,,,yet. But we live and die by our choices , and that puts you in the mix as well. Common sense tells you it takes 3 ingredients to make potato chips. chips n oil and salt. If your buying processed chips your eating much more poison than I am. And if your feeding chips to your baby I gotta ask ya, Now who's the dummy. Yet big trucks cant keep the stuff on the shelves.
Your chewin 11 teaspoons of sugar every time you drink a can of soda or pop and sugar shuts the immune system down for 3 to 4 hrs, and these new Power drinks... Have you any idea at all whats being dumped into your body?? But stay clear of Grandpa cuz,, he smokes!!~!
Brush them teeth good in the morning, pay no mind to the fluoride we grew up with , its just poison, ahh but that lil bit wont hurt ya. but you be careful round them "smokers"
Plastics are used on everything nowadays and we know that they leech toxins as they age. But everything from play toys to baby bottles are made for our kids, are you buying them? If you are, dont worry on that old second hand smoke. your doin a great job all by yourself.
Floor composites and carpet glues reek of formaldehyde for months. Did you check your last purchase to see how its made? Ill bet most don't,, unless you happen to catch CNN, even then I question that it registers. But Gramps, n that ciggy, better stay clear.
At this point you should be able to tell that this sticks in my craw. But only as a point of reference. I 'two finger', type this blog to peak awareness', to get you to think on your own. We are suppose to learn from each other. That puts the road ahead less bumpy. Jenny and I are finishing 12 years in a cancer battle, none of which has been fun. But its been very very educational. Much of what was learned was not on CNN. And we needed to get outside the box to get a clear picture.
Cancer is not so scary when you understand why its getting the upper hand.
If your constantly blasting your immune system with toxins its just common sense to know there is a point where your body says "That's Enough!!" That is Cancer!! your body is saying that's enough.
God has provided that young one a great immune system, IF you feed him/her properly. I"d be more concerned that you take care of you . You're the one that's going to want to hang around to see that baby grow up. And unless I miss my guess your immune systems workin overtime all ready. A.L. R.

Friday, December 5, 2008

""SANTA In BlueJeanz ""

The hills of Minnesota rank high on the list of most Beautiful winter scenery. December, and especially Christmas Eve grabbin top spot as the heavy snows , north wind drivin, swirl about to blanket the pines in a thick fluffy powder.
1980 found me out of a job and a fat lil fella in need of cash for presents. Being resourceful, it just made good sense to put the lil fat fella in a Santa Suit. So I ran an ad, charging 10 bucks for a visit from Santa and rented my suit.
Christmas Eve appointments began around 7 PM as lots of folks wanted kids to spend time with Santa before going to bed. So for the first part of the evening we ran a smooth ship ticklin the kiddies and stuffin the bucks in my wallet. Runnin from place to place was an adventure but it became more difficult as the night wore on and street lights did not show the house numbers. The suit was warm, the house's warmer and soon sweat was running down my back into my undee's. Being a greedee lil bugger I didn't allow much time between visits so taking a break was out. So the vigil continued as santa stuffed more and more,,,,I mean santa blessed more little kiddee's with his presence. Soon my armpits joined in dumping more sweat,,, yes you guessed it,, into my undee's. I hadn't counted on SOOO many parents wanting Santa to have a lil drinkee while he was there and pretty soon the house numbers were taking on a kinda fuzzy appearance,,, and I'm thinkin geeez you know, for a fella who don't drink, I'm doin ok,,,, maybe. But sweat was everywhere now and its hard to wipe your face , forehead or whatever in this outfit, but we still had several appointments to go. But I'm wet now, everything inside that suit was dripping. Inside the house I'm cooking, then outside felt pretty good for a few steps then I was shiverin cold. The booze kept my face warm n fuzzy but now I had to practically go up to the houses to see the dang numbers. Sweat was washing off the glued eyebrows and running in my eyes , and the beard tickled as it stuck to my own whiskers. But I had one stop left and I wanted that 10 bucks, Rudolph sat on the roof of the house next door snickering, yes he did, and Christmas lights danced around the tree on the deck so I knew I had to refuse that next drink. I rapped on the window, then stood back and gave it my best Ho, Ho, Ho, then waited to be let in the door. The little gals eyes sparkled as Dad ushered us into another warm living room, why do they keep these rooms so hot I whispered to the little guy sitting on my shoulder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Dad sat lil Suzy on Santa's lap and everyone took pictures while I cooked, but you cant hurry these things. So I tried chatting with the little girl trying not to drip on her new dress. Then the two older ladies needed a picture sitting on Santa's lap,, Groan,, The room is swirlin, the booze is ,,, well its doin what booze does and my gut is feelin like it wants to be rid of all the candy, cookies n treats . Finally mom comes out with a plate of WARM MILK n more cookies wanting Santa to partake. To which Santa politely refused knowing full well that one whiff of that warm milk and I would be making a deposit right on that expensive lookin rug.
I remember vowing on my way home to never do this again. I remember also at least a couple days of trying to get my stomach squared away convinced more than ever that drinking that stuff was not for me. I don't remember how much I made after I paid for the suit, but it wasn't enuff!!~!
Winter is still beautiful here, even more so as I sit close to a crackling fire watching the outside,from the inside. I saw Santa just the other day, I think it was at Walmart. He was smiling from ear to ear, and the kids were screamin and hollering and havin a good old time. But I looked deep into his eyes, and I read the sign, he had sweat in hiz undee's for sure. A.L. R.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"" MISSING PERSON,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Subject: Obituary printed in the London Times Interesting , and sadly rather true...

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.
But He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
Why the early bird gets the worm;
Life isn't always fair; and maybe it was my fault.
Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
(adults, not children, are in charge).
His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place.
Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate;
Teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch;
And a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.
Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. He declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an Aspirin to a student;
but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home , and the burglar could sue you for assault. Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. then spilled a little in her lap and was promptly awarded a huge settlement. Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his Son, Reason. He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers; I Know My Rights, I Want It Now, Someone Else Is To Blame, and I'm A Victim .
Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.
If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Road Back

In my Blog I talk a lot about Cancer and the need to get healthy. And many have asked what to do to get there. Hearing the words "YOU HAVE CANCER" shocks the system. As a result, fear and confusion attach themselves hindering your ability to even think rationally.
The road back is very simple offering lots of tools so that you can take an active roll in your recovery. While the 12 years we have spent in battling jenny's cancer has been a long and pain filled journey, it has also provided much education .
If I can get you to think a bit outside the box this blog will have achieved its purpose. If I can convince you to look closely, and examine the facts BEFORE you move ahead with your health issues I feel you will do much better and have more success than we have.
while I'm not a Doctor I have lived this journey and know what I'm talking about. Some of this will be strange to you, and will require that you think on your own. Listen to your Doctor, but examine everything that's said and make your decisions after you've considered everything. I'm convinced that the hospitals , doctors And the drug companies are all in bed together. If you'll check, you'll find that the medical colleges are fully funded by the drug companies. if you recover, these fella's lose lotsa bucks, Jenny has been in treatment for 12 yrs to the tune if hundreds of thousands in medical costs. The American Cancer Society has been collecting millions for years now yet when my family members tried to get simple help from them for their Mom they couldn't offer ANY help. Yet they were advertising for an area Manager for 80 grand a year,,plus perks. If they found a cure The bucks would stop. So there's absolutely no incentive to get you cured. 40 years ago the incident of Cancer was one in every 40 people, Today its closer to One in TWO. ITS NOT Working,,,,,,
In 1996 a test was established called the AMAS Test. Posted in the American Medical Magazine which is the Medical bible. This test detects disease activity within the body Years before it can get to the "Lump Stage" its 95 percent effective, and I've taken it. You gals need to know this. yet In a world plagued with cancer we hear nothing about it. This is documented. Check it out.
We are attacking our own bodies everyday without being aware of it. Your Skin is an Organ and we begin our day with a shower, most with a mild salt brine in our water softener, 95 percent of the shampoo's, mouses, hair creams contain formaldehyde a suspected carcinogen. formaldehyde is widely used as it is a very cheap preservative, bleaches and alcohol are also widely used. And all these chemicals are being absorbed into your skin. Miniciple Water Systems are held at a "tolerable" amount of bacteria. our foods are now processed with many many chemicals some poison. MSG is found in everything, and it originally was created in a lab to fatten up lab rats. All this is documented Soaps n shampoos contain Formaldehyde as well and whats not entering through our skin is being breathed in as vapors. Ever walk down the soap Isle in a grocery store?? Is the smell not overpowering?? Those are sealed bottles!!~!
Is it any wonder after all this that your Immune system struggles to keep you well?? I used to wonder how we got Cancer, Now I wonder how it can be avoided.
The steps to , or The Road back from sickness is not difficult. And you can begin now. each step you take. each change you make is a step forward and away from Disease.
Begin today to Manage the great system that God has provided. and if we can help please ask.