Sunday, November 29, 2009


I stood alone in the Gray Dawn of this November morning, staring out across a quiet sky. A cold breeze my only companion, Off in the distance a huge American flag waving gently carrying the weight of an honored system. Old Memories carried me back to my school years and the many stories surrounding Her birth and design. The honor she once held. Even as school children we were taught that Old Glory was the bind that held us together and that to even let one corner of the stars n strips touch the ground was unacceptable, That to be An American was something very special. That huge cluster of stars represented a people rooted and grounded in the traditions of men who literally shed their own blood that I might live a free man. Those red strips represent the blood that was spilled by many men unselfishly so my kids might enjoy freedom today. NO, !! that was no typo MEN DIED for Old Glory, Family men, like your dad your brother gave up their very lives for the very same freedoms that We are letting a crooked Government take from us piece by piece.

I stood and watched Her, high above, watched Her Wave those strips. But I sense a weariness as She still stands Majestic in every way.

Think back with me to a picture still etched in your memory. A tattered n torn flag held up by the bloody hands of men fighting for your freedom, bodies on the ground, still clutching the pole, not willing to let go because of what she ment.

I am sickened by those who cannot, or will not see what’s happening today. If your so busy that you have no time to get involved, you deserve whats coming.

At this very moment, you are free to chose . but only because someone else gave their LIFE for you.


Glory still waves, but Shes tired and needs our help GET ENVOLVED

\ A.L.R.

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AngelBaby said...

Right on, it is just awful all that is happening in the Government today. I hope enough of us stand up for our country and get her back to what she was. This is so sad to watch happen.

Love and Blessings,