Sunday, March 1, 2009

Raw Milk, Coconut Oil and Raw honey

These are not only all Natural, but Superfoods provided for our benefit. As knowledge increases we are made more and more aware of the power builders that stand among us.
RAW MILK a wonderful source of Vitamins and Minerals also containing active enzymes and beneficial Bacteria that make digestion and nutrient assimilation a smooth process within the body. As an added bonus, raw Milk contains twenty, of the twenty two Amino acids our bodies requires daily. So, getting all or proteins is made an easy task through its usage.
There are those who would argue that using Raw milk is dangerous and unsafe. The facts say its been used effectively by many cultures for centuries. The Salmonella break outs we all heard about have givin milk a bad rap. But research would show you that ALL the "breakouts' were caused by PASTEURIZED Milks. Pasteurization requires heating the milk , in turn destroying all posative bacteria and redering the milks Amino acids, vitamins calcium and other beneficial absolutely worthless to the bodies needs.
Its interesting to me, that those in charge of what we can and cant eat will allow an extremely TOXIC ingredient like ASPARTAME found in diet sodas and sugar free gums, yet will not allow a Superfood like Raw milk. If you have to ask why, your not following the money.
Demand for Raw Milk has greatly increased, and more dairies are opening to accommodate the demand. the website, is spreading the news and points folks to new sources across America as we speak.
RAW HONEY like raw Milk offers active enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals such as silica, copper, magnesium and iron. Used by the Egyptians for centuries, proven by thousands of years of hands on usage, and multifunctional, yet undetected as a source of healing by The Elite of the Medical World. Almost makes you wonder who's side they are on. Honey is great for sinus issues, Rheumatic and arthritis problems. It has a calming effect making it great for sleep disturbances as well as colds, acne, infectious diseases and many other issues including circulation.
COCONUT OIL A great food source with many functions. A saturated fat high in Medium chain fatty acids that help with weight loss. Medium chain acids are not easily stored and convert to Triglycerides unlike long chain fatty acids. These acids serve to disrupt another Medium chain fatty acid. High in Lauric acid which is one of the medium chain lipids that possess the Anti Microbial effect, an important component in breast milk. Topically, it restores youth and luster to the skin and is a very stable cooking oil. Demonized by many through misconception, the Evidence is overwhelming that its benefits greatly outweigh the so called "Risks". Again used for centuries successfully in Eastern Cultures. Found in most health food stores, a great All natural Product.
Source articles, Natural News


skywind said...

Although pure drinking raw milk, but now are industrial production, most likely at the source of pollution. Or so workers had to drink plus, milk killed bacteria.

ssnuffy said...

Thank you Skywind. Raw Milk, taken from cattle grazed Naturally, on clean land is full of great nutritional value, dont throw the baby out with the bathwater. Those offering "Tests" are testing milks full of pesticides and residual Feed boosters and chemicals. Anymore, we absolutly need to know where our foods are comming from. Al

AngelBaby said...

We do need to eat as raw and natural as possible but most important is where was the food we eat produced and how was it produced. I prefer it as natural as possible. That way I get more nutrition from the food. Thanks for sharing this.

I have something for you at my site so come by.

Love and Blessings,

Sheldon said...

There are foods that truly contains salmonella. We can avoid this, if we try to test our foods by using ELISA test kit. This may help in food safety.