Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Dang Those things!! I turn the corner in the candy isle and already the smell of milk chocolate is wafting its way towards me. That area there, way down on the right. I know exactly where they are, and the second I get within Eyeshot, They wink!! I know, I know , it sounds crazy , but its true. I begin steering my cart clear to the other side, I know whats coming. I'm reasoning with myself Lickity cut, I remember last time. Theres no just having a handfull every now n then, Them suckers are relentless. Last time I hide them in my lower desk Drawer, but the winks come right thru the wood, ,,, really!!~! So this time I'm not going to put myself thru that, Ill just grab a butterfinger, or a snicker, the little ones,,,,,,well, maybe the big ones,,,,, maybe just a couple to get me thru the week. Hwere they come,,, Geez,, those eyes,, how do they make em wink like that??. and that smell,,, God Its like,, Its like its just melting into my body,,,,,,,,.
I'll just buy the small can, that's not a lot, and ill work harder this week at just havin a few each day that wont be so bad. Besides , I gotta have something there,.
We were just sharing in church just the other day how God honors prayer and loves giving us the desires of our hearts. WOW!!~! why didn't I think of this before??
Just a few Minutes in my prayer closet and THE Lord will remove those nasty Calories.. I think we'll put that small can back, WEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee!!~!

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AngelBaby said...

God loves calories that is why he made so many of them!

What do you mean you are going to put back the small can of chocolate covered cashews, What??? How could you? Oh, I know you are going to get the big can, OK that is better. I love chocolate and cashews now together - heaven! LOL!

Love and Blessings,