Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the Sting of Death

I need to Apologize for my Lack of attention here the last few days. As I was called upon to play a very small part in the funeral of a family member. And in doing so, I was once again reminded of the devastating effect death still holds on us. The day before the death occurred at least 12 to 15 individual people, or at least those I was aware of . Had busy lives, plans that filled their week. Happily moving forward with hopes n dreams all laid out to form at least a short Itinerant into their lives. Then, in the space of a few hours their lives are irrevocably changed. Burdened by a heaviness of both shock and sadness as they try and grasp this new knowledge and absorb its meaning . And life, as it was known just a few hours before, Becomes different and more complicated. the tragedy, is that if we were honest folks, and talked to each other out of love and respect, giving God His place in our lives, most of this would be avoided.
As a younger man, and sporting a very healthy fear of death, I spent some time with the lord asking for a better understanding of death. If this thing was created by God then why did I fear it so much. I'm always amazed by His timely responses, and in a very short time the fear I had was replaced with knowledge that bridged that gap for me in an incredible way.
We "condition" ourselves by our lack of knowledge to believe "life' is the 70 yrs we spend here, and forget Gods plan. The word of Gods law sets the number of our days here because He says we are only to be here but a "season". That life as He has designed it goes much farther beyond this. And that Death is but a doorway to that which He has provided. So the big picture holds much more promise if we care to check it out.
Emotions run high today with this family who have lost both need and opportunity to say the I love you's and the goodbye's. But most of the regrets are because we are not honest or comfortable enough to see it for what life really is.
I try to share in the discussions on weather there really is a God. And the dispute will last until all hear the trumpet that signals Christs return. But the indisputable issue is death. For no matter which side of that discussion you stand on Death has stood the test of time. For me there is no dispute. The experience of getting to know the King of Kings leaves no room for a fear of anything He has designed. And It's my wish that all would give Him the chance to share the secrets of life with you. The answers are all there, followed by a peace unmatched with anything offered here.
Gods best ssnuffy

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Scott McQueen said...

Hi SSNUFFY, My prayers are with you and the family of the one who passed. I know you are strong, be strong for those who need you now and continue to show the light we both know. God Bless you brother.