Monday, December 28, 2009

is it really Peanut butter?

Theres a major frustration involved in trying to share with folks the deception in selling us processed foods . While it becomes complicated because of the many procedures that can come into Processing. . I’ve simplified a couple very easy ones that paint a very clear picture.

PEANUT BUTTER is a plain and simple Staple food that can provide quick and easy protein s , and has been widely used by moms across the planet to feed hungry kids on the bounce between school n supper time.. We trust our instincts and freely offer this to those we love. My Peanut butter , organic of course, shows ingredients of peanuts and a bit of salt. Take a moment now and go read the label on the jar in your cupboard. Find a few extra things in there??

Peanuts are a demand commodity, Harvested for their versatility. Very little care goes into providing nutrition for your kids. First priority is to crush and extract the peanut oils as it is widely used in many industries. Then we need to find a cheap Hydrogenated oil to put back into the peanut mush. And because it tends to separate now we can add a chemical to suspend it in the peanut mush. Now, we need to add a preservative so it wont spoil, and another to prevent caking, and another to make it appear like real peanut butter, and finally a nice label to make you think your buying,,,,,,,,,,,Peanut butter..

MILK is another food easy to see through. But milk is probably one of the more truthful labelers I’ve seen. When that cap color and label indicates 1 % you can bet there’s about one percent milk and 99 percent water.

Just Yesterday I picked up a gallon of whole Organic milk. But quickly put it back knowing full well if the kids saw the thickened cream on the top they would not drink it of . Conditioning in the food industry has cause a great  issue of complacency, and we have distanced ourselves from the need to know .   The real properties of real milk require it to be moving or it separate. When its taken from the cow its dumped into a stainless steel vat with a moving paddle that constantly keeps it moving. So, in order to sell you that nice even textured product found on grocers shelves, weather one percent, two percent or whole, they need to heat it first and destroy the chain enzymes then add suspending chemicals, and preserving chemicals and who knows what else. Until the real part of your milk is not very real anymore and much less nutritious.

Did you ever make potato chips at home?? Simply a matter of thin slicing a potato dropping it in boiling oil and tossing on a little Salt. If you’ll check the label on chips purchased in a store you’ll find a PARAGRAPH of ingredients. Is it any wonder our bodies cry out with Disease?? Cancers not some sneaky lil bug that Crawls up your sock n takes residence. You let him walk right in the front door. Moving away from cancer and disease can be as simple as making better choices. My potato chips cost me a buck more a bag, my milk about the same, overall, on average my food cost is 20 percent higher. The extra I pay for good whole foods for a year would be consumed by one visit to the Cancer Center.

Making better choices can simply mean examine what your eating and invest in yourself. You really are worth it. A.L.R.


looney2n said...

Hey butchie, lately I've been reading the labels of the food more. I'm here to tell you all, it doesnt help to just read the labels! Darn! I wish it did! (some of those words are reeeeally long! came to my memory about all the good food we had as kids and made me wonder if our food has been so badly messed with just recently, like the last 20 years or so? or has it been like this for ever? I'm sure it's been just gradually getting worse and worse. One thing is for sure..if nobody says anything or makes the industry accountable, they certainly arent going to stop doing it.

Anonymous said...

What a great read!! complacent is what America is now. . . wheather towards food, God or standing up for what is right in general.
Thanks for the great information!

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