Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jesus!!!! this is so frustrating.!!!!

The NAME of this blog, nor the address is, www.  I purposed to call it that to draw attention to it.  I wanted you to react, swear at me, call me crazy, screwball, whatever !!! I am now Years into this and i'm convinced  your all beyond help.  Your so conditioned, that what ever the Doc sez, its Gospel.  Doesn't matter what the history says. or the number of folks recovering from cancer. if the Doc says take the poison  you just close your eyes and swallow.  Heres a headsup,,,,,,,,Chemo-Thereapy KILLS more people than cancer EVER Will !!! Dont take my word for it. the research is out there.  And having a PC puts it right at your finger tips.
You have the CURE, right there in your house. STOP Killing yourself !!!~!  YOU gave yourself the Cancer, and you can kill it all by yourself.
Cancer KILLED  my wife, And I got to watch it take her down day by day until what lay there didnt even look like her anymore.   It took 14 years to kill her. and most of those years were not even close to "quality of life"!  Jenny took every different kind of Chemo they tossed at her. So dont even try to tell me your different.
Theres an article in here called,,,,"She didn't have to die'  thats jenny's story, I've pulled no punches.  please read it.   Then, Theres another article called "Getting started" a step by step plan to help you walk back to health,.   Your not helpless. There are tools here to help you fight.
Cancer free now about 7 years,,, come join me        Gods Best   Al

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