Monday, May 9, 2011


You know,  It's funny how age can educate.  I remember how as a younger guy, I used to make fun of those older folks needing that afternoon nap.   Today, many  of my days focus  on just making it to that same afternoon luxury.
While Age may have its downside it offers an incredible window into  the hows and whys of ones  life,  as well as a great measure into how far we have come.  I remember being pretty much a know it all in my early 20’s, not sure where I picked up all this new stuff but life sure looks different in my mirror.  How the Lord Got through all that is a mystery to me. 
It would be easy to whine a little,  I came up hard I guess, but not much different than most.  Times were much different. So life was simpler.  You came home from school, changed your clothes n did your chores.  You learned quick that if you dragged your feet doin chores playtime would disappear.
Playin was simple too,  buried a campbells soup can in the dirt for shootin Marbles,  or “playin Roads” with short pieces of 2x4 as cars and larger ones for trucks. Folks down the block got the first TV in town and we’d go over to their window to watch it.  Many times it was just a picture of a test pattern for a long time because there were only a few programs available at first.  Cowboy Bob n Clarabelle,  Howdy Doody  n the Lone Ranger  were our every day shows on the radio, then on TV when we got one.  Seems strange to be able to see that way back then ,  And then see where that Technology has come.
I remember gas at 16.9,    that’s a gallon folks.   I was a gas jockey/Mechanic for 11 years and pumped a lot of it.  Every car that came in for gas got all outside glass washed plus mirrors and headlights.  Got any Idea how many windows you kin wash in 11 years ?? For an oil change you got all that plus a full interior vacuum.  For my Pay I got .25 cents an hour for 9 yrs and a dime raise when I got married.
Folks Were different then, we helped each other out.  If A man offered you his hand, it was his word.  You took it, returned a firm grip and you were almost assured of a solid contract.   If you saw someone with trouble it was a no brainer, if you could help, you offered to lend a hand. .
Things are changing so fast its hard to keep up, And when we do, well we have to unlearn those things we learned comin up.   I’m living in a “throw away Society”.   Much of what I see in the dumpster is usable.   We would have seen value and put it in the back shed,,,, just in case.  We would have a “nail pullin” day come summer n sorted out  all that stuff.  I know my kids laugh at me,  but it almost hurts to see the good stuff that’s tossed. 
But there are Great changes as well as bad ones Too.  Some I’d just as soon avoid.  But if I’m to be honest with the Lord I need to get ride of stuff He shows me.   Wasn’t to long ago I was reading the part where He says we are as filthy rags, and I thought.  Well, I’m sure not perfect, but filthy rags Lord?  Come on now.    It wasn’t too long after that  little statement that He began to show me stuff I didn’t want to look at.    His teachings are gentle.  A little nudge here and there.  But there’s no question as to who its directed at.    Its almost as if he picks up that sin, dumps it back at your feet and says now,  What  will you do with this.
I get a kick out of folks who say,,,,,,God never talks to me..
Not true, not true at all.   He’s talking,,, be quiet and listen.    A.L.R.