Saturday, May 9, 2009

Swine Flu Scare,, Is it really over?

The news has been literally plastered with information and articles about the last Swine Flu Scare. And you need not go very far to find yet another comment or opinion on its progress. It seems folks are reaching for the promise that they can go ahead with life in general with no threat of sickness. One of the advantages of living a Christian life is it keeps a perspective on Our time here on Earth. So my reaching might be a bit shorter than some. But at least realistic.
I watched the Cancer clinic doors swing in and out for many years as my wife endured pain and sickness in her struggle to be free of cancer. And in all that time I saw very few who won the battle. That, in a nutshell is the reason for this Blog. Fighting cancer, or any other disease should not be left to a drastic and many time futile attempt to arrest a disease that has a choke hold on your life. Lets nail this down once and for all. The numbers are in!! There is a much greater chance that you will deal with cancer sometime in your life now , than there is a chance you will be able to avoid it. OWN IT, Its TRUE. BUT!!~!
The upside is very encouraging. IT has now been established that the cause of our diminishing health is due to our Diet and lifestyle. That may not be what you want to hear, but this lays the tools of battle right in your lap.
So, the issue of health now becomes an issue of choice. TODAY, you have a much better chance to avoid disease, if you'll make some good decisions. And it can begin as simply as beginning to adjust your diet. I've provided much information on this Blog to get you started on a road to better health, but you need to begin taking those steps, I've convinced myself that my bladder cancer, from 6 years ago, is kept in check by addressing my health issues through exercise and diet. By letting my immune system do my fighting while I feed it well. You can do the same.
Buy building your immune system your guarding against swine flu, cancer and every other disease known to man and those we don't know about as well. But setting there , waiting for someone to create a vaccine, hoping someone else will help you dispel the fear makes no sense.
YOU have the responsibility for your health. And You have options. Today is the day to start addressing your needs.
The number of your days here on earth have already been establish By the King Of Kings. And How comforting to me that Even Cancer has to bow its knee to HE who created life. Disease, in many cases shortens that time needlessly. The day to begin your fight is today A. L. R.


Kiefers Corner said...

You are absolutely correct; your future health is in your own hands for the most part.

It’s the choices you make each and every day that will have a profound effect on your current and future health.

Unfortunately most people pay little attention to their choices until something bad has happened to them forcing them to make lifestyle changes or suffer the consequences.

katy said...

very nice article,,i love it and i learned a lot of things about swine flu,,keep it up!