Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I remember once going to the factory where my wife worked to take her a lunch she'd forgotten. As I moved through the production area my mind, ears and nose worked overtime trying to process the bangs and clangs and rumbles. Everyone was producing, each job focused.
If you've ever wondered why sleep is deemed so important maybe we can make a correlation to the sights n sounds in that factory environment.
The absence of noise, dimmed light source, and the body lying prone, coupled with a warm blanket will cause the body to seek rest. As a result, those systems designed for motion, action and thought processing go to a rest mode. The eyes close and heart and breathing slow, and it would appear to those who observe that the body is now at rest. But in actuality the very opposite is true. While day functions cease the battle is just beginning. Behind the eyeballs a conference has just been called and all those who monitor are required to attend. SSnuffy heads the meeting, gathering info from each attending, creating a battle plan for the shift. Station one reports a low energy reserve as a result of lack of sleep while ssnuffy makes notes. Station two reports high toxin levels at the head, arms and legs from formaldehyde that's oozed thru the skin from shampoos and creams. station three reporting high Sugar overload from soda pop while station 4 is reporting a massive intake of saturated fats and salt. Reports come up from downstairs that the colon is in overload and is drastically in need of a cleanse to get rid of standing toxins and a crew is dispatched immediately to try and at least contain the poison. Water levels are dangerously low due to low intake hindering the ability of the team to function properly.
The results are quickly tallied and the night crew of immunal warriors is summoned . With so much to do the crew is devided and dispatched with orders to do what they can in each area of concern before morning, knowing there is just too much to do to get the body back to 100 percent. Soon the tax of another day is added and the condition of the body is dropped yet another notch. This goes on Behind your eyes every day of your life,,,until,,,,,,,, is there any wonder people get cancer? There's no longer an excuse for not knowing. There is tons of information out there, way more than enough to convince you that your body needs a hand.
The choice is yours and the tools are everywhere.


AngelBaby said...

Well, I take pretty good care of my body. I eat organic foods as raw as possible, veggies, fruit and lots of fish some chicken. I eat from all the groups and exercise, plus get at least 7 hours of sleep at night. According to my doctor I am not suppose to change anything - just keep doing whatever I am doing. He told me that I am the healthiest woman he has seen in a long time. So I guess I am doing pretty good for an old grandma.

The advice you gave here is really good for people looking to change what they are doing. I hope they pay attention.

Love and Blessings,

ssnuffy said...

Good job Angel, wish I was as prudent, im moving in that direction, but I have a ways to go, Thanx for your welcome uplift, gods very best