Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jenny..The Struggle is Over And She has Taken the Lords Hand!

By Butch's/Ssnuffy's Sister, Linda Brown:

For those who have stopped by to read Butch's posts, I apologize that he has not been on for awhile. As most of you know, his wife, Jenny, has been battling cancer for many many years. On Wednesday, June 17th, Jenny finally left this world and is now walking hand in hand with the Lord. Praise God, her struggle is over!

This past month or so has been difficult for Butch, to say the least, since the cancer had consumed Jenny and her days have been barely tolerable. Butch was by her side day and night, just trying to meet all of her needs and comfort her. She was at peace in her last hours and minutes and Butch was there to let go of her and let her take hold of the Father's mighty hand.

Thank you all for the many thoughts and prayers for them. I know that he appreciate each and every one of you. He doesn't know that I'm posting this. I just wanted to ask that you all continue to keep him in your prayers. It has been a very long rough road and the coming days and months will be difficult as well. Please continue to lift he and his family up to the Lord for strength and peace as they grieve the loss of Jenny. She was my sister in law, but also a very dear friend. Thank you and God Bless.


Chez said...

RIP Jenny
At peace in God's garden.
The gift of Eternal Life is yours.
May your family always be blessed by your loving presence.

Anonymous said...

Y ..????

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Scott McQueen said...

I just found out, I have not chatted with Ssnuffy for quite a while. My prayers for Butch and his peace. I know Jenny is in a better place now and I pray the Lord and Butch's family comfort him until they meet again.

AngelBaby said...

Oh how sad. I know how Butch feels my husband died a few years ago and it is a real struggle to let them go. I know now that my husband is an Angel that I know by name. I am sending Angels to surround Butch with Love and comfort to help him through this. I will keep him in my prayers.

Love and Blessings,