Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PSST !! HEY BUD !! Wanna buy a bridge ??

Sometimes Sharing the “Good News” can bring on Major frustration as folks offer answers or excuses so corny you’d have to search a while to find someone drunk enough to listen. My favorite goes something like this. Oh, no, no,no ! God is a God of love. He wouldn’t send anyone to hell. Inwordly I’m smiling as I listen, Right at that moment I’m thinking, I wish I had a big ole Bridge to sell, maybe toss in a caddy or two if Im slick enough. . In my heart I don’t really believe anyone believes that crap , Its just their way of skirting an issue that brings them to both truth and light.

I’m convinced that anyone who as givin the Bible even an honest second look knows better. We tend to gaze across uncomfortable issues. We do so because Truth and light put us in a place where we need to make choices. We like the story of Noah’s Ark , the building of the rooms, gathering the animals, preparing for the Journey. But no one wants to picture the lost souls, beating on the outside of the ark, begging for another chance. We turn our head as a mother clutches her child while the waters grow deeper oblivious to her ever increasing cries for those inside to “open, Please Let me in”!!! No consideration for Noah inside hearing the screams yet knowing what God has said, knowing that The God of this world has reached the end of forgiveness, grown weary of watching those he both loved and created ignore his words.

We read how disappointed God was with Sodom and Gomorrah and how sin filled the cities had become. How Abraham bargained with God to save the cities if he could find just a few good men. We see Gods Mercy in listening to Abraham and allowing him to remove those he cared for. But scripture clearly shows this Loving God completely destroy two cities the size of Minneapolis and St Paul, Mn. Can you hear the cries of those who Ignored Gods laws ??

Moses took his people through the red sea as God parted those waters. And he watched hundreds drown as Gods wrath and judgment consumed them. I’m convinced that a mere man would have had to turn his back to the horror that was going on behind him . And if he were still here the cries for help would still be heavy on his heart.

This is simply an overview, a short glance into Gods rules. Yet even a short glance confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt Gods intention and his justice.

This world belongs to God !! It is designed to function under a set of laws put in place by the Creator. Even He has to conform. But He provided a way through His Son for you and I to be forgivin. Because He knew we struggled on our own.

The game of life is the real deal. The endgame will play out just as God has instructed. If your hoping for a revelation,,,, its here. The homerun is in Jesus Christ. A. L. R.


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