Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was toolin down the frozen isle at the local Grocer just Yesterday lookin at all the purdy packages. You litterally can toss out your stove now , and "wingit" at Walmart. Everything from Pancakes to full meals ready to go . A Microwavers heaven.
We've come so far. But we've lost so much on the Journey. As the masses struggle to stay afloat in this crumbling Economy many are tossing good money away on "conveniences" That are just as easily done at home .
There's absolutely nothing easier to fix at home than pancakes. flip on a burner while you toss an egg into a bowl with a cup of mix, oil and water and you got fresh pancakes . Slickern snot on a , well you get the picture. And the mix is plain ole flour and baking powder. Yet we think nothing of droppin a four dollar bill on a little bag of frozen flapjacks. yeah i know there aint no four dollar bills yet,, just don't get cute, this is my story.

How bout Mac n cheese. Them lil elbow noodles iz dirt cheap if you buy em by their lonesome. But you'd rather spend a half hours wage just so you kin have em in a cute lil box with a hunka cheese stuck on top. Come on now. Better still , you kin toss half dozen eggs in the mixer, and dump in some flour n salt and yu got better tastin noodles then even Grandma usta brag about.
For me, The Corker is cake mixes. Cake mix my,,,,,,,,,,,"Foot" itza box of flour!!~! your gonna still go home in add your eggs n your oil n your water, or milk, and pay some fool Two fifty for the privaledge. COME ON PEOPLE!!~!
I'm a Baker by trade, Always say i've been "makin loaf" for over 40 yrs now. and its true. Usta tell my youngest that she better hope Betty Crocker never dies or she's in real trouble. Thankfully she's taken the initiative to learn and is now a dang good little Cook. But it was nip n tuck there for awhile.
My point is, maybe we need to re-evaluate how we are spending our money. I't maybe takes me all of a minute to whip up pancakes for four. why give that money away for a minutes work? as the economy faulters this is a good way keep the balance A. L. R.


Scott McQueen said...

Great point. Besides saving money by doing it right (home made), it is a great opportunity to spend time with the family. Cooking and kitchen time is almost like a Christmas gathering, and everybody loves the food! And with the exercise I get by laughing and mixing, I won't need to pay for a gym membership.

Secondary Liver Cancer said...

Congrats with the Wellsphere competition.

But now I read you are a baker... do you have a simple recipe to make homemade ravioli?

I can make pancakes, but have no clue to make ravioli with some meat inside.

All help most welcome ;-)

Kiefers Corner said...

First you should throw your microwave away, only thing they do is turn your food toxic.

Any food that is made for a microwave is full of preservatives and has very little nutritional value.

And yes you are correct; you can make your own food for far less cost and be much healthier long term.

AngelBaby said...

So true, when I lived on the ranch I made everything from scratch and everyone was much healthier. It is so much cheaper to cook your own than to buy it ready made. I think people buy it ready made because they don't feel like they have the time to make it themselves. So sad.

I have something for you on my site.

Love and Blessings,

ssnuffy said...

Now, to the person who visited my blog, and asked for help in making ravioli. Im sorry, i couldn’t find a way back to you, except to leave an answer here,
Store boughten Ravioli is processed but the organic version is much simpler.
6 eggs, Organic of coarse
a pinch of salt,,, half teaspoon
half teaspoon baking powder
place in a mixer and slowly add all purpose, (unbleached) flour until it forms a soft dough
Refridgerate to firm it up 1 hr
use a rolling pin on a floured surface and pin or flatten to a thin sheet, maybe thin as your teaspoon handle.
whip up one egg with 4 tablespoons of water and paint or wash the dough. cut dough into squares with a pizza roller, but make bigger squares than those in the ravioli cans because they are to small to work with.
place a teaspoon of meat sauce in the center of one and cover it with another square. The egg wash needs to be wet to make the two squares stick together.
Place your squares in a pan full of hot tomato sauce or similar sauce mix.
understand that as a baker, my formulas are in huge quantities so to make a smmall batch is tough for me. but the procedure is similar
this “dough is also great in making the most awesome homemade noodles

Secondary Liver Cancer said...

Hi Al,

That ravioli person is me, See Kim, thanks !!!

My husband has a similar story as AngelBaby: he once ran an organic farm project for 3 years and he keeps on saying he felt the most healthy then, not to mention in a better mood :-)

For Al: reading your comment on my site, I suggest if "one day you have extra time and good mood", write a complete list of 'every one can be replaced by somthing more tolerable'.

Would be great to have your experience ready available in stead of having to try things out for the next 12 years. So great you could even commercialize it, as I know that money is an issue when taking care of a loved one.

Lots of hugs to you and Jenny and all your loved ones!

Now all I have to do is finding time and mood and organic eggs to make ravioli :-)