Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh MY GOD!!~!

I listened today to Focus on the Family Today. They were talking With a Nurse who USED to be pro Choice,
“A young women lay in the stirrups, the Doctor on a Stool between her legs” I was there to assist. A small leg was already out side the women’s body. The doctor reached in and pulled the other leg out. Then grabbed the Torso and pulled the baby’s body out leaving just the head inside the mother. The little arms and legs were moving, streaching then pulling back and forth. The torso squirming, the little chest moving up and down, . The Doctor took a large scissors, reached inside the women and shoved it in the back of the neck of the child, making a hole in the back of the Brain .. The little body stiffened at the blow. Then He took a huge syringe and sucked the childs brain out. As he did this the little child went limp. ,,,,,,,,NOW it was LEGAL to pull the baby out of the mother. The “Fetus” was then tossed to the side to be disposed of like a piece of Garbage. And another successful Partial Birth Abortion was added to the list of Millions. God have Mercy on Us.
This is a short post. No more words are necessary, except to say,,,, we’ve gone to far,,,,,,,,,!!!!


looney2n said...

Great Post! It's time people know what REALLY takes place in those buildings where they claim to be there to save lives. What hypocracy and how very pathetic! And this is going on all over the world right under our noses! Human beings have turned into such a shameful race. How much longer will God put up with those that spit in His face by snuffing out innocent lives that He has created? I just don't understand.

AngelBaby said...

I think I am going to be sick. This is horrible. How can a doctor do this? I thought they had a oath to save lives. What happened? Thanks for the information.

Love and Blessings,

katy said...

My God, this is really so horrible, i want to believe that doctors are there to provide second lives but then its the other way around.