Thursday, February 19, 2009

""White flour"" ,,,, itza "" LIE!!

Your being sold a bill of goods and the sooner you own up to it, the sooner you can begin to move into a better lifestyle.
"White flour is Wheat flour after the good parts are pulled out for pet food. And competition in the food markets , and the deception that white means clean, has fooled us into believin that if our " Food folks" soak our goodies in bleach its better for us.
Flour's not white!!!! Sugar's not white. Salt is not white. It's bleached to make you happy!! Make you choose one brand over another cuz it's "whiter, Cleaner! Funny isn't it?
Regular Wheat bread is not real dark. But If I dump in "caramel color" I get a much deeper richer wheat bread, It's not one wit better, or one bit more nutritious. But our "conditioning" causes us to believe its a better wheat product.
I was a professional Baker for 41 years. I've done all this.
As a young baker I used an "ingredient" called Mycoban , 4 ounces in a 120 loaf batch of white bread. It sat in a bin left of the salt and right of the baking powder. after a couple years of baking I discovered that its poison. I discovered it !! it was never described, explained, or the dangers revealed. but Had I made a mistake ,many could have gotten sick,,,,or worse.
but once in the bread even God couldn't make that white bread mold.
We are drivin by what we've been taught. red meat sells, but before you buy take your selection out away from the pretty lights in the meat case, you might be surprised. Remember the "Marlboro man", many of us still live that struggle.
Fruits n Veggies are dyed to appeal to your expectations, Juices are packed full of sugars because we want a sweet product. bu the truth is most fruit juices are not very sweet, without that bleached sugar.
Many who decide to go healthy are disappointed because "healthy" things don't taste as good as those we used to buy. But instead of buckling under the disappointment, begin to realize what a 'sugar junkie" you have become. Your dependence runs deep, and its not going to be a one step dance back to basics. You get there the same way you got here. One thing at a time. But the first thing is to unlock the mindset that's been your lifestyle for a long time.
Breakfast needs to be Whats here thats good for my body,, not what do we have here that will satisfy my urges. Because those urges are more than likely targeting sugars.
I still remember my first day of city life after growin up on a Minnesota farm. The milk for breakfast cereal was like white water. It was thin and tasteless. Yet after a few weeks the thick, delicious flavored real milk from the barn seperator was forgotten, and "white water became the norm for "milk".
A while back the TV folks made a big deal out of the discovery that many Grocers were displaying huge stacks of eggs out on the floor of their stores. And I was very grateful for that airing. But you need to discover that the local grocer is not your buddy and DOES NOT have your best interest at heart. Good ole common sense needs to be revived, and you need to think about what and where your buying the foods that directly effect how you feel.
I share with folks all the time to buy local and use organic. yet many use the excuse that organics cost more, And its always a chuckle for me because I've experienced the medical side of not stayin healthy. If your not willing to invest a bit more into keeping yourself health, then you need to be educated. And the best education is experience. The trouble is, we are talkin your health, and I'm hopin you get a second chance. We all know those who've not been so lucky.

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Chez said...

Morning from Australia. I have arrived here after reading your comment on Daria's blog.
I had a melanoma removed in 1996 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 although I knew the lump was there for some time previously.
It is a long story and not one I will go into now however I chose alternate and complimentary treatment originally.
I believe and understand what you are saying. I have learned so much and yet some of the answers still evade me. I have always relied on prayer and the gift of discernment.
I will include you and your wife in my prayer. God Bless