Saturday, December 20, 2008

Help Me Help them, Please

It's Christmas outside, Minnesota style. From my desk in three different directions I can see the snow, comin down in buckets full. About 12-14 inches on the ground and the promise of 6 to 12 inches more before a break, At least I hope so. The hills around my little farm picturesque. Any view could be a beautiful Christmas card. Folks are out n about, slipping and sliding, trying to finish the list of presents that will be one big pile of pretty paper in just short of 6 days. Families will gather to enjoy a huge meal, and spend the rest of the day playing with new toys n games or just relaxing.
I should be excited with the Season of Christs birth but my heart Is heavy. Yesterday I heard again of Soldiers, War Hero's , sick and hurting. Thousands lost in the paperwork of Government Bureaucracy . Men and Gals close to suicide because they, we cant process the papers to help them git rid of the "stuff" war tosses at them. Lives literally destroyed because they chose to protect You and I from harm. This is more than embarrassing, It's criminal!!
Together we can start a fund to help. We may not raise enough to get them all but we'd be doing something. Someone tell me how to set this up. I'm disabled, and caregiver to a sick wife. But I will find the time to get this going, I don't have much, but I can come up with a hundred bucks to start the kitty. I'll do it all for free. Everyone can afford a buck can't they? Everyone knows someone who's been hurt by the war. We can form a committee to decide who we can help. Use all Volunteers so that all the money goes to the guys n gals that need it. We could channel the funds into a paypal account so everyone would have easier access for giving their dollars, that will work to start. The very least we owe these kids is to not forget them when their tour is over. It doesn't matter if you were for or against the war. they were covering your back. , and you owe them. If you can't find a buck, which I very seriously doubt. you can at least copy this to your address list and send it around. Help me help them. All I have is you to help. Anyone doubting that I'm doing this in Ernest can e-mail me for a copy of the funds and where they are going. Come on! get involved ! If you have ideas write me. I'm determined to do what I can. don't turn your head to these kids . its the season of giving. Save a buck for those who went to bat for you. If you all just give a buck and pass this on. We will be able to make a difference. Thnx SSNUFFY

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