Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I thought a long time on how to address this issue using a more delicate Language or word that didn't offend anyone. But I'm a fella, and worse yet, I've heard all the locker room "stuff'" many times over. And the guys are gonna be guys any way I print this. But its a very important post if I can convince you to check it out, As I think there is help out there if I'm able to get you to think a little.
So, lets get it out. breasts, I for one reelee like um!!, fact izz, I have for a long long time. I think God knew that when He formed women , and made her desirous to men.
The breast cancer fear in women is global, and strikes fear in the hearts and minds of many many gals. And I don't believe it has to be. My wife struggled each time she would have to go for a mammogram because it caused much pain, and I remember going along and seeing the tears in a women who never cried. And after the tests, cancer took her in 1996.
Many cancers seem to park the tumors in the limpf nodes under the arm and develop lumps in the breast itself. My wife went through both physical pain as well as psychological issues at the removal of her breasts followed by the pain and disappointment of re-construction.
Ladies Listen. There is a test called the AMAS Test that monitors your Immune System and it's activity. The tests was created in the early 90's and is 95 percent effective in Preventing cancer. It is documented in the American Medical Associations journal of that year and is supported by facts. You don't hear of it from Conventional Medical folks for obvious reasons. but it measures immunal activity that can detect cancer YEARS before it can get to the lump stage.
It will require that you get involved in monitoring your own health issues through a Natural Medicine Professional but you would then be in control. I have taken this test when I had Bladder Cancer now 5 years ago. its a simple pee test that's painless. how much easier can it get?
be good to yourselves and check it out. you can be free of the fear. if I can help just e-mail and I'll get you more info. in fact, I addressed it in an earlier blog under AMAS test. Jenny and I have struggled long in this cancer fight, and you can reap the benefits , if you'll just begin to think on your own.. Gods Very best SSNUFFY


Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

How about giving us a reference or link to info about this AMAS test. It sounds too good to be true!

ssnuffy said...

Q"" It's difficult to believe but it's true. A single blood test can tell WITH GREAT ACCURACY weather there is Cancer in your body" DR Samual Bogoch

Excerpts from "Nutrition and Healing, May 1996

DR Samual Bogoch, MD. PHD who led the discovery of the Products which form the basis for "anti-Maligin antibodies currently offered by Oncolab.

Dr. Bogoch answer,, Yes, It's difficult to believe but it's true. The blood test is for Anti-malignin anti -body. It measures a general anti-body against Cancer, Something we were all taught in Medical school Didn't happen.. So it makes it a bit hard to except. This Anti-body reacts to a general Cancer antigen- an Antigen not related to a particular type of Cancer, But to weather normal cells have undergone Malignant Transformation. When Malignant Transformation of any cells occurs, This antigen is produced.

This test, sometimes referred to as an AMAS TEST can detect cancer "activity" in your body LONG BEFORE it reaches the "LUMP" stage.
This Test has been proven to be 95 percent effective in detection or sensitivity.
This test is done on a single Blood sample frozen, and sent to a Lab, results take about a week.
This has been around since 1996, while thousands die every year from cancer.

to confirm my comments contact Dr. Greg Peterson DC.,DABCI, FIAMA,CCST , Natural Medicine Specialist, Center for Natural Medicine, www.tcfnm.com
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Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Thanks for the reference. This sounds like one of the many types of tests available to detect specific types of cancer. I've had a few following surgery. They are expensive.

Even if you could afford to have it done, (and labs had the time) and the result was positive, what then? Have your breasts removed just as a precaution? Undergo chemotherapy without further evidence?

And then there are always false positives. Still, I'll be calling my oncologist tomorrow. Thanks!

ssnuffy said...

Georganna, the whole purpose of my Blog is to try and convince you that all that Stuff is not necessary. My Wife is in her 12th year of treatments, and is Terminal. There are no promises. but God has provided you with a body that will sustain itself IF you take care of it. Cancer cannot survive on "healthy " body cells. thats been proven! So it stands to reason that getting your body to a healthier place enforces your position. The Amas test costs about $500 here in Minnesota. What it tells you is weather your immune system is in a battle. if it is, you need to begin to get healthy. But many fear cancer so much that they begin to "cut off" body parts. 12 years of dumping poison in jenny's body has gained us very little. Investing in her health makes much more sense. The Conventional Medical Folks gave us nothing but cost and pain , and we stand today with Cancer, just what she had in the beginning. The years have been filled with sickness, nausea, a barrage of treatments, a ton of costs not to mention many lost years. and for what? to watch her die anyway? The only promise here is to use the wisdom we've been givin and build the health into our systems to fight disease. Your Oncologist was trained by the Ama. The Ama is "fully funded" by the major drug Company's. save your money, I can already tell you his or Her answer. if your not willing to think on your own, save your dollars. Gods best Al

bingkee said...

I had a post in my blog about breasts and I have a hard time entitling it. I wanted to title it with "boobies" but I chose "breasts" in the end.

pinaykeypoint said...

Thank you for the wonderful poem... you'll never know how it gladdens my heart...

Your poem:

Be still my friend have you not forgot
that an awesome God Controls the lot
His word is law and very true
and you know the depth of His love for you

So Stand in faith and and trust His Word
to doubt His power is quit absurd
For He is God and on His Throne
and your promise is your not alone

In His good time this storm will pass
and you will stand at peace alas
and the threat so bold that held you there
will disappear in the morning air,,,,,,
Gods very best SSNUFFY

My reply to your poem:

Thank you very much SSNUFFY
For this sincere poem you created for me
The thoughts made its way to my heart
Which adds to my strength and made me glad

Never will I forget I have a Big God
Who always leads my path
In him I draw my strength
To face all my struggles and pains

I always thank him for all the friends
That He sent my way as an instrument
Who cheers me up when I’m in vain
Which cushion the blows and ease the pains

I stand still and keep my faith
To trust His word is my shield
This storm will go and never win
Cause I have a God who never fail