Monday, December 8, 2008

"" R U WhYnin about Smokers too???

Well, lets get at it, I'm ready. I'm soooo tired of this smokin crap that I could just,,, well I could just Crap!!~!
My kids cover their face when I light up. And they keep my grand kids shielded from that awful smell and the threat of second hand smoke. And we are cast away as if a plague has descended and made us unfit to be around. Used to be a road well traveled was a safe bet. And I grew up and survived that awful smoke. And I raised three kids through all that smoke, and none of us got sick any more than thousands in a real life test. Second hand smoke my Butt!!~!
But campfires are wonderful and fireplaces are so awesome, its just the magic in that lil tube full of terbaccy that sneaks up to grab us, jumps in our lungs n kills us. Geeez!!~! COME ON!!
But Mom n Dad will feed babies prepared baby foods full of alcohol and formaldehyde. and its OK because the TV didn't tell us its bad. We will wash babies in "toxic" soap and put "toxic"shampoo on their heads , place a toxic" diaper on them and pop leeching plastic bottle in their mouths full of chemically treated milk or formula and wheel them happily down the detergent isle in a nice clean grocery store isle, you know, that isle that smells so strong and fresh. well that "fresh" is coming from SEALED bottles and it is mostly formaldehyde, a good cheap preservative, Widely used , and a suspected carcinogen. but that's ok becuz ????
I'll tell you why. Its because THE TV DIDN'T TELL YA!!~!
We've become so busy and so trained that if it don't tell us on CNN, well it ain't true.
There are somewhere between 14 and 30 additives to smoking tobacco depending on your choice of smoke, some to preserve, some to moisten, some for preserving, etc. I smoke additive free. I'd rather not smoke but don't have the guts needed to walk away,,,yet. But we live and die by our choices , and that puts you in the mix as well. Common sense tells you it takes 3 ingredients to make potato chips. chips n oil and salt. If your buying processed chips your eating much more poison than I am. And if your feeding chips to your baby I gotta ask ya, Now who's the dummy. Yet big trucks cant keep the stuff on the shelves.
Your chewin 11 teaspoons of sugar every time you drink a can of soda or pop and sugar shuts the immune system down for 3 to 4 hrs, and these new Power drinks... Have you any idea at all whats being dumped into your body?? But stay clear of Grandpa cuz,, he smokes!!~!
Brush them teeth good in the morning, pay no mind to the fluoride we grew up with , its just poison, ahh but that lil bit wont hurt ya. but you be careful round them "smokers"
Plastics are used on everything nowadays and we know that they leech toxins as they age. But everything from play toys to baby bottles are made for our kids, are you buying them? If you are, dont worry on that old second hand smoke. your doin a great job all by yourself.
Floor composites and carpet glues reek of formaldehyde for months. Did you check your last purchase to see how its made? Ill bet most don't,, unless you happen to catch CNN, even then I question that it registers. But Gramps, n that ciggy, better stay clear.
At this point you should be able to tell that this sticks in my craw. But only as a point of reference. I 'two finger', type this blog to peak awareness', to get you to think on your own. We are suppose to learn from each other. That puts the road ahead less bumpy. Jenny and I are finishing 12 years in a cancer battle, none of which has been fun. But its been very very educational. Much of what was learned was not on CNN. And we needed to get outside the box to get a clear picture.
Cancer is not so scary when you understand why its getting the upper hand.
If your constantly blasting your immune system with toxins its just common sense to know there is a point where your body says "That's Enough!!" That is Cancer!! your body is saying that's enough.
God has provided that young one a great immune system, IF you feed him/her properly. I"d be more concerned that you take care of you . You're the one that's going to want to hang around to see that baby grow up. And unless I miss my guess your immune systems workin overtime all ready. A.L. R.


Candy said...

"Immune system working over time" - Ain't that the truth! My siblings and I were healthy growing up, to this day we don't have any major health issues and our parents fed us well, avoided fast foods and other crap. We were exposed to second hand smoke, however....

Jeni M said...

My dad smoked around us kids through our whole childhood and out of six kids, not one of us has breathing problems. Yeah, smoking is a dirty unhealthy habit, but to pinpoint smoking only is foolish. There are other elements and factors that affect our body that should'nt be disregarded. I believe there are worse things that we expose our kids to. I've witnessed a few situations where people have said something about second hand smoke and then go ahead and be exposed to other unhealthy things that may even be worse than smoking. It seems like people are picking and choosing what they think is ok and not ok. There's facts and opinions. I think the opinions take over more than they should too often.

looney2n said...

Hey stumpy, (sorry, couldnt help, you hit the nail on the head! Just recently I was at the famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester,MN. You couldnt walk 30 feet outside any of the buildings without finding a 'Smoking is NOT ALLOWED' sign. I was standing outside of the main Mayo building, which is in the center of all the others. There above me were at least 3 HUGE smoke stacks. Greyish black smoke was billowing out and permeating the air surrounding ALL of the Mayo health buildings.

Needless to sayi I didnt hesitate to light up a smoke right outside the front doors. As I did I caught the stares from almost every person that happened to walk by. I just wish they would have said something because I was primed to offer them a bit of education.

You are so right about the media. Laziness on societies part has given all forms of media the power to sway public opinion. They only report what big business wants them to report. The real news and issues get buried. Does anyone research their own information anymore?

I'll bet that if some of those judgemental non-smokers would dare do the research about all the toxins that they're daily packing into their bodies or breathing in while jogging through those parks filled with pesticides and fertilizers, it would probably shake them up enough to start smoking!

A very good and much needed post Butch. Thanks!

ssnuffy said...

I know this is a touchy area for my kids at least. But my view from here is a bit different. God blessed me with a great family. And I wouldn't change any of them. But I owe them honesty above any ill feeling I might create. I trusted those in authority. but the truth is, Almost every Government run office is corrupt. FDA, FDC, CDC, Sergeon General, AMA all of them have now been exposed to have agenda'a pointed at deception. If I can convince my kids to question the things they are hearing before I die Then I think Its the best I can offer them.

Lob Eng said...

It's ironic, I see long term smokers healthy than me, and healthy people just left the world.

You say about fairness, I doubt so. But I always believe live happy.