Sunday, December 14, 2008

the real story about rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Rudolph sat cross legged , sucking on a smoothie while he whined about the coming road trip. Some of the Elves were already busy. Sloppy, Drippy N Snoop were packin box's while Sneezy, Dumpy N Stinky stay'd busy loading the old Sleigh. More Elves were just punchin in and grabbing their tools. Two were chatting as they headed for the break room already, it was your typical factory environment. "Its gonna be just like last year" Rudolph complained, "we'll be down to the last day N the old geezer's gonna be on us like stink on crap ta get it all done, n I'm tired of it"" You'd think He'd get us some help in here," Rudy said as He pulled out a smoke, "" He knows its always a rush the last few days" Don't be lighten that "" Drippy said pointing at the cigar, you know He hates it , and it stinks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rudolph pulled out a big farmers match, drawing it across the the table top. It lite with a snap, and as the flame fluttered to life and he touched it to the end of the cigar drawing deeply the other end. Smoke billowed from his lips as the end began to glow and a soft gray cloud formed above his head. "" AWWW just let him say something, "Rudolph Barked ignoring the comment. This year I'm gonna tell him where to go."" Outside Dasher and Dancer stood, backs to the swirling wind, a drift of snow higher than the Corral all but covering the little red n white candy cane post. Above the wind the little Toy factory Hummed with busy activity, motors and chains whirred and clattered, hammers tapped and Music played. ""look at that '' Dasher said, "Rudolph's playin top dog agin", Through the window Rudy could be seen flappin his jaws , givin orders, the stogie hangin from his lips. "except for that stupid red knob that deer is as useless as two pair of of antlers". One of these days Nick is gonna catch on to his antics and fire his haunches " Dancer nodded in agreement as she pawed the snow covered hay. "We'd be better off if we would have taken that union guys advice" Dasher said. "maybe we'd have some say around here" " SHHH"!!~Dasher ", Dancer said , " Here comes the old man,,
""Morning fellas, hows things goin? have enough hay there? Santa said as He passed by?. Dasher moves closer , and whispers to Dancer , "ask the bald headed old twit how he'd like eatin dry old grass outta the snow", in the middle of a blizzard. he'd last about a day." Then he'd be whinin to the boss lady to git him something decent" Nick moved on apparently not in range, trudging thru the snow towards the little Toy Factory. He opened the door quietly, just in time to hear Rudolph's next comment. ""It's time we made some changes around here he yelled" “I got a mind to tell that old Geezer off good". Santa stepped inside just as Rudolph was tipping the smoothie up. "Tell me what Rudy " Santa said? At the sound of Santa's voice Rudolph lost his grip on both the chair and the smoothie . the chair slide back, Rudy went down and the remaining smoothie landed square on his head cup n all. 'Good morning Sir". , Rudy said as he wiped the cold sticky stuff from his fur. Didn't see you over there". "Yes Rudy, that’s most apparent "the old man said as he walked to the center of the room, " Now what's all the fuss about"? Rudolph looked busier than ever, trying to avoid the question. But Santa knew the game and addressed it head on.
"Rudolph! with yur nose so bright,
I think you came in here to fight .
then all the Elves came running,
I even heard them shout with glee
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
was goin down in historeeee

Santa grabbed a big tall stick
and wrapped it over Rudolph's nose
Rudy you are such a dip
git in there n change them clothes

when your done get back out here
you n I have much to do
leave your clothes by the wash machine
and you can lose the attitude too.

But Rudy came up swingin
and caught the little man off guard
A right cross to the whiskers
put poor Santa out in the yard

Dasher and dancer had to duck
as the door flew off its bracket
and the little man came flying by
in the midst of a terrible racket

a little dazed he shook it off
and clamored to his feet
steamin now he went back in
a challenge to defeat

Rudy stood in the corner now
eyes wide and full of fear
He could see the fire in Santa's eyes
and he didn't want him near

a determined look and a grip like steel
held Rudy by his rack
Santa grabbed his nose n twisted hard
and set the reindeer back.

for near an hour he held him there
by the nose n both his ears
He never let poor Rudolph
wipe away his bloody tears

when Santa finally let him go
]Rudy just lay still
He wanted to get up n run
But he didn’t have the will

The little man in a suit of red
Had taken Rudy’s pride
And that famous nose now black n blue
Laid limply to the side

But by Christmas Eve all things have healed
a team of reindeer hitched to Run
and the little man in the bright red suit
with toys for every one

in the dark of night out across the sky
sleigh bells jingling as they go
a little man and a sleigh of toys
and an all familiar glow

but look real close as they prance on by
I think that you can see it too
The glows that comes from Rudy’s nose
Holds a hint of black n blue A. L. R.


looney2n said...

LOL.....That has GOT to be the best way I've heard it yet. And you thot this all up on your own??? Why does this not surprise

This is good!!! I think you should send it around to the family.

Elsa Pieterse said...

That is so funny!! I really enjoy all your posts!
Great one!