Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Road Back

In my Blog I talk a lot about Cancer and the need to get healthy. And many have asked what to do to get there. Hearing the words "YOU HAVE CANCER" shocks the system. As a result, fear and confusion attach themselves hindering your ability to even think rationally.
The road back is very simple offering lots of tools so that you can take an active roll in your recovery. While the 12 years we have spent in battling jenny's cancer has been a long and pain filled journey, it has also provided much education .
If I can get you to think a bit outside the box this blog will have achieved its purpose. If I can convince you to look closely, and examine the facts BEFORE you move ahead with your health issues I feel you will do much better and have more success than we have.
while I'm not a Doctor I have lived this journey and know what I'm talking about. Some of this will be strange to you, and will require that you think on your own. Listen to your Doctor, but examine everything that's said and make your decisions after you've considered everything. I'm convinced that the hospitals , doctors And the drug companies are all in bed together. If you'll check, you'll find that the medical colleges are fully funded by the drug companies. if you recover, these fella's lose lotsa bucks, Jenny has been in treatment for 12 yrs to the tune if hundreds of thousands in medical costs. The American Cancer Society has been collecting millions for years now yet when my family members tried to get simple help from them for their Mom they couldn't offer ANY help. Yet they were advertising for an area Manager for 80 grand a year,,plus perks. If they found a cure The bucks would stop. So there's absolutely no incentive to get you cured. 40 years ago the incident of Cancer was one in every 40 people, Today its closer to One in TWO. ITS NOT Working,,,,,,
In 1996 a test was established called the AMAS Test. Posted in the American Medical Magazine which is the Medical bible. This test detects disease activity within the body Years before it can get to the "Lump Stage" its 95 percent effective, and I've taken it. You gals need to know this. yet In a world plagued with cancer we hear nothing about it. This is documented. Check it out.
We are attacking our own bodies everyday without being aware of it. Your Skin is an Organ and we begin our day with a shower, most with a mild salt brine in our water softener, 95 percent of the shampoo's, mouses, hair creams contain formaldehyde a suspected carcinogen. formaldehyde is widely used as it is a very cheap preservative, bleaches and alcohol are also widely used. And all these chemicals are being absorbed into your skin. Miniciple Water Systems are held at a "tolerable" amount of bacteria. our foods are now processed with many many chemicals some poison. MSG is found in everything, and it originally was created in a lab to fatten up lab rats. All this is documented Soaps n shampoos contain Formaldehyde as well and whats not entering through our skin is being breathed in as vapors. Ever walk down the soap Isle in a grocery store?? Is the smell not overpowering?? Those are sealed bottles!!~!
Is it any wonder after all this that your Immune system struggles to keep you well?? I used to wonder how we got Cancer, Now I wonder how it can be avoided.
The steps to , or The Road back from sickness is not difficult. And you can begin now. each step you take. each change you make is a step forward and away from Disease.
Begin today to Manage the great system that God has provided. and if we can help please ask.

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