Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ageing Sucks!!~!

Just Woke up , again. Drooll running past my chin. Whiskers sticky with the stuff. And my neck stiff and stuck against my left shoulder. Ageing sucks soooo Bad!!~! I woke at 5 Am right on schedule,,,,,,FOR WHAT?? I'm not going anywhere ! We have no Appointment to get to. There was no alarm set, except for the one inside my noggin. There must be a special place in sleep mode that operates in slow motion as I'm on half a battery for the first 30 minutes. A slow shuffle takes me through the darkened house. And I've been known to catch a few more 'winks" as I stand over the Toilet to,,,well, you know. Sometimes I cheat, n sit because it requires less energy. But the downside is you kin hurt yourself if you drift off n fall forward. Very Embarrassing if you make a lot of noise on the way down. The upside, you do wake up faster.
Still en mode, I shuffle to the kitchen counter to feel for the Folgers Canister. I have no Idea why the coffee needs to be made so early. But its important that its en brew as I lean there resting through it's cycle. A kitchen stool is close by, but memories of past events keep me from its comforts, or the pains there off that accompany a nasty fall.
The shuffle back more careful now as the hot liquid warms my fingers yet threatens my knees n toes. Not to mention repercussion created by drips on floors n carpets. Why is that such a big deal??
My desk, a natural mess but the spot on the left, the one with the coffee stain designates the parking spot for the warm cup. and I can ease back against the warm fabric and not think so much. There are things to do, but for now the smell of the warm brew massages my coddled mind and allows me the options. But I must not drift far, lest they find me slumped over here completely at rest,, in my boxers,,,,,,,,,,


bingkee said...

I only think of age as a number, so I don't need to fret over what it does to my body. However I try to maintain healthy. But sure it sucks when you feel pain. The best thing to do---exercise.

Kiefers Corner said...

I keep telling people you don’t have to get old.

People spend more time taking care of their cars then their body, go figure.

Want to turn back the hands of time stop by for a visit.

AngelBaby said...

Getting old is not for sissies - you have to be tuff to get old you know! I am going to stay young, it is easier! LOL!

Love and Blessings,