Sunday, January 4, 2009

Guarding against CANCER

With everything from baby foods to cosmetics packed full of poisons. And our water systems being loaded with bacteria. And our homes belching poison gasses from carpets, new furniture and wallboard. It's no longer a question of why cancer shows up as a killer. Once you look into all these things its very easy to just throw up your hands and give up,thinking this is way too complicated. But the fact is it's very treatable using the uniqueness built into our own bodies.
Nutritional supplements and vitamins are very effective when researched and used properly. Even inexpensive when weighed for their value against conventional medical treatment costs.
They've gotten a bad rap from those who choose to listen to the chatter instead of learn for themselves. There are many to choose from but few that meet their purpose. That small capsule not only needs to get inside you, but needs to break down and become absorbed into your system so it can be used. Some states require septic system pumpers to screen out all the little "capsules" before they can dump their truck contents, a direct indicator that you tossed your money right down the toilet.
Vitamins, or nutrients need to be created in such a way as to be bonded,or attached to a natural substance that can be readily absorbed through the stomach into the cell structure of your body as the capsule is absorbed. There to be used by your immune system to rebuild your health. So, two things need to happen for you to benefit from your investment. The capsule needs to be made of a material that will breakdown in the stomach, and have within it the capability to travel into your cell structure. anything less and you may as well spend yur buck on a burrito.
The evidence of a good supplement is fairly easy. You'll feel better, and possess more energy. Body function will change as well as appetite and even attitude.
Melaleuca provides an impressive supplement system that has a patented absorption system and I've found it to be very effective. I'm sure there are more out there but I've researched this one and am completely satisfied.
But the purpose of this post is to share good information to help you feel better and live healthy. if your feeding your immune System well, it will be at work for you keeping you disease free.


Radica said...

Very interesting! Thank you!
pozdrav od radice

Kiefer said...

If you eat a proper diet consisting of fruits and vegetables you can get all the vitamins you need for good health.

Always buy organic if there is no skin or shell to remove since they spray chemicals on the exterior.

Add weight bearing exercise at least three days a week and you will keep your immune system strong.

You only need vitamins to fill any voids in your diet, or if you don’t go out in the sun for vitamin d.

Or if you have a specific medical problem.

ssnuffy said...

Good Advice Keifer, if your Healthy. Those either facing death or deathly sick need suppliments to reach health. while I agree that food soarces of nutrients are better, they work slow. A person disabled does not have the abilities you have, And may need to sippliment.