Saturday, January 10, 2009

FOOD Nuker's BEWARE!!~!

Old timers are quick to say curiosity killed the cat. I think the opposite is true. It's only when we chose to personally check things out that the true answers surface.
The microwave has become the busiest little appliance in our kitchens. And the ease at which we are now able to prepare a quick meal has grown leaps n bounds since its discovery. New foods, And new containers are being created every day to accommodate the demands. But each new day also provides more information and new discovery into the potential harm that is caused with its use.
Perhaps the most concrete evidence of these dangers comes from Dr. Hans Hertel, a Swiss Food Scientist Who carried out a very high quality study on the effects of microwaved foods on humans. His conclusions, Clear and Alarming. Microwave Cooking Significantly altered the nutrients in the foods enough to cause huge changes in the blood work of participants. Changes that suggest deterioration of the blood.
1. Increased Cholesterol levels
2. More leukocytes, or white blood cells.
3. Decreased numbers of red blood cells.
4. Production of radiolytic compounds (compounds unknown to nature)
5. Decreased hemoglobin levels, which could indicate Anemic Tendencies. Dr Hertel and his Team published these results in 1992, A Gag order was placed on his study by the Swiss Trade Organization but was later lifted by the Swiss Courts.
Consider also a lawsuit involving a women requiring hip surgery. The blood used in her transfusion was just Warmed in a microwave. The Microwave Altered the warmed blood causing her death.
For those who would still defend their microwaves be advised of the following concerns:
1. The Chemical structure of foods heated in microwaves changes, offering unknown consequences.
2. Vegetables and other foods lose valuable cancer fighting nutrients when heated in Microwaves.
3. paper plates, covers, and plastics leach cancer causing toxins when heated in a microwave.
4. Microwaves significantly breakdown the disease fighting abilities in breast milk.
This writers suggestion, Throw the dang thing out the door!!~! COME ON, !! YU Kin DO IT!!~!


Kiefers Corner said...

You are correct we removed ours years ago, the radiation makes the food toxic.

But unfortunately this advice falls on deaf ears for most; my son still uses his even though we informed him of the possible consequences. It seems that people will ignore common sense for convenience at every opportunity.

Plastic bottles are a prime example read this yet people are still using them without any thought of the long-term consequences.

ssnuffy said...

The Same is happening here Kiefer, But I remember well my friend, I knew it all at 25. Just keep him in Prayer and soon the light will come on. LOL. Thanks for the support. Al

Lana Gramlich said...

Interesting. I've known some of this for a long time. Next you need to rant on cell phones. They're evil, dangerous, nasty things, too.
My best to you & yours in 2009.

ssnuffy said...

Thats interesting lana, Im gathering info as we speak on cell phones. thank you n Gods very best AL

Scott McQueen said...

Thanks SSNUFFY! but I have some bad news, "Tag" you are it! Check out my latest post and you will see what I mean.