Thursday, January 8, 2009


Every tyranny requires its very own state religion so the rulers can feel justified in their oppression. In our case, the religion is Health.
Today in North America, Healthism enjoys almost total acceptance. Who doesn't want to be healthy? Who doesn't think that sick people should be cured? Conservatives and liberals alike vie to get the other side declared "sick" instead of slugging it out fairly on the grounds of right and wrong. Literally anything can be justified as "healthy," literally any crime can be forgiven as "sick."
We are heading towards exactly the same social structure as (the former) Soviet Russia: A piggish elite ruling over the servile masses. All this can be accomplished without ever invoking the names of Marx or Lenin. All we need is a good enough reason to believe in the omniscience of the elite, and a willingness to let them make the decisions--"for our own good," of course. And, just to ensure our compliance, we will be suffocated with tax-supported bureaucracies, and be surrounded by anonymous accusers.
Under the law of Health, all of life becomes politicized. The most powerful person simply declares his/her personal prejudices to be society's new norms, and that is that. We all must conform. We are even denied the dignity of resisting our oppressors, because they are supposedly tyrannizing us out of love, for our own good . . . .
Whoever can ascend the pedestal of Health controls everything, and there is no way to predict what he or she will demand. Nor is there any theoretical limit on what can be demanded in the name of Health. In the former Soviet Union, dissenters were tortured in psychiatric hospitals in the name of Health. In Nazi Germany dissenters were castrated so as not to bear "unfit" children, and Jews and gypsies were massacred to "purify the race." Nobody can justify Stalin's or Hitler's behavior by any traditional standard of justice, but they both found it easy to persuade a majority of the population that these measures were necessary for "social health" .
LIFE BEFORE "HEALTH" In North America, we have no cultural tradition of oppression as existed for centuries in Czarist Russia. Nor have we suffered the economic devastation that flattened the Weimar Republic and paved the way for Hitler. From its very beginning North America was founded, not perfectly but substantially, on absolute standards of Justice. To consider a return to these absolute standards is not some fanatical theory, but an option that can be weighed against the historical facts.
SOME QUESTIONS:1. Was there more juvenile delinquency and child abuse or less before the "child abuse industry" (Child Protective Services, etc.) was established?
2. Was there more sexual abuse, or less, before the new campaign of sex education and "helping professionals" ?
3. Were we overrun with murderers, rapists, and child molesters before the courts started trying to "rehabilitate" these kinds of criminals?
4. Did half of all marriages end in divorce before we decided that marriage vows were an empty joke instead of a binding contract with penalties for those who broke them?
5. Did children grow up illiterate before God was banned from the classroom and the schools began undermining children's values?
6. Was a large percentage of the population chronically unemployable, with no real prospect for their children but poverty, before we formed an army of bureaucrats (wrongly called the Great Society) and declared a War on Poverty?
The answers: No, no, no, no, no, NO! Juvenile delinquency is up 11,000 percent since 1950 (1). Incest was estimated at one in a million or less in 1940 (2). Murder, rape and other violent crimes were a tiny fraction of today's numbers before the religion of Health replaced the Justice of Law. Child molesting was almost unheard of. Few couples divorced, and few children had to suffer through this major childhood trauma. Literacy was at the 99% rate in 1910 (3). Immigrants at that time, uneducated and totally poverty-stricken (far below our current standard of "poverty level" ) saw their children become educated, wealthy and successful.
WHAT CHANGED?The difference is that we used to be governed by law based on unchanging absolutes. Today we are governed by the dictates of special interests and the fads of the elite. No security or progress is possible while our laws oscillate madly this way and that. All that the child abuse industry and our related social change agencies have accomplished with their faddish programs is to make us a contender for crime capital of the world. Our old standard of "justice for all" instead of "Health for all" is simple and time-tested. It requires no elaborate, self-interested bureaucracy.
Most of all, it is fair and just.
_________________References:(1). The Stealing of America, John Whitehead, Crossway Books, Wheaton, IL, 1983, p. 68.(2). Incest is Most Common Form of Child Sexual Abuse, Becky R. Gilmore, Nevada (MO) Daily Mail, June 27, 1985.(3). Statistical Abstract of the United States, U.S. Bureau of the Census, Washington, D.C., 1983, p. 60.
This brochure is compiled from pages 128-130 of Child Abuse Industry, by Mary Pride, published by Crossway Books. (Crossway Books is a division of Good News Publishers, Wheaton, IL 60187.)
To learn more about our growing loss of freedom, and creeping socialism in America today, order The Child Abuse Industry from Good News Publishers at 1-800-323-3890.


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Thanks for sharing this---It's really true what's happening now---that laws are a result of personal interests not absolutes of truth based on the word of God . America is blessed by God because historically it was actually ruled under the law of Christian America is disintegrating because it lost its roots.
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