Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Prize Awaits yu, please COME!!~!

I don't know if I've really taken the time to let you guys know how much I appreciate you. Sometimes the "things" that push us , clouds the mind and takes the focus off of those who really matter. Vote for me. I think of how faithful you all have been in coming here every time I post a broadcast , and I am humbled, really!! Friends, such a simple word, but when all is said n done, they are what really counts, vote for me,
Wellsphere has a contest going, and I could win a prize, vote for me, it may be a Corvette, maybe even a Vacation, and of coarse I would surely NOT forget you guys. They are providing very nice prizes for you if you vote. Not really,,,,, I value your friendship very much , vote fer me, and I would surely share my winnings, vote fer me VOTE FER ME!!~!
I have been there for you!, I always View your posts, I may not always comment but I am there baby, willing to read it all, even if its not really that good, and some of them well, But I read um,, anyway. vote, vote vote!!~!
Did I mention Unkle Veto? He's my cousin, lives in Chicago, very close, friend of the President, but NOT a nice guy. He'd be upset if he found out you decided not to VOTE!! He kin Be nasty, People just Disappear,,,,But you need not worry, just push the little button there on the left.
There's really no reason for you Not to VOTE, yur here, whats the biggee? "push the dang button!!~!"
What does it take to get thru to you people? Do I need to hold yur hand to get this done?? PUSH THE DANG BUTTON!@!~!~ GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY !! I just wrote a post on stress, an I'm feelin it . I kin feel the veins in my neck just a poppin, and for what??? just reach over, and push the lil thingy. It wont hurt!! It wont cost yu anything, Nobody will bill yu, or knock on yur door, its a simple little request , DO IT!!!! It's nothing really, just a friend helping a friend. and Each lil PUSH will mean so much. I will be grateful always, and you can count on my commitments in visiting as you request. bloggings so much fun.. And the comrodery, well , I think it's unmatched. I place great value on those I've met here. And look forward to many many fun filled exchanges. To each of you, whom I hold so dear to my heart, please, !! , PLEEZE PUSH THE @%$#^ BUTTON!!~!~!~! Oh!! I was lyin about the prizes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


looney2n said...

ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! I'LL VOTE FOR YOU! JEEZ, now git off my back!!!

AngelBaby said...

I voted for you! I hope you win

AngelBaby said...

I just stopped by to say hello and see how you are doing. I hope everything is ok.

Love and Blessings,