Sunday, November 30, 2008


I thought that would get your attention, welcome. While this is not "that" glove, it is bloody, it is my own and it hurts like hell .
I'm in recovery now. 6 days have past since the incident, and I'm just now able to use the hand gently to touch these keys.
I'm caregiver to a lady struggling with Cancer. And at best, my time away is limited. Knowing my plight a good friend showed up last Sunday to help split wood for my new stove. Excited for the help I eagerly strapped on my walkie talkie and followed him to the woodpile. Bob and I kept at the pile, buffing the cold and moving steadily towards the end of the stack of logs. By mid afternoon The shifting winds had done their job . A band of sweat filled my stocking cap but Winters chill had numbed my hands making it difficult to grip and hold the huge pieces. One man operated the controls while the other placed the logs for splitting. Two or three times I had pinched a glove between the wood and steel, each time able to be quick enough to get it free before full pressure. but chance is not a winning game and I was about to pay the price. The pain was instant leaving no time to react. And as soon as Bobby heard my yell He pulled the pressure release. I pulled the hand free and lifted the glove to stare at a bloody stump. The shock sets you back as your mind tries to wrap around what your seeing. The end was gone, blood spurting out of several areas .The finger bone exposed , the skin, muscle and fingernail gone. The pain was great, overpowering my attempt to think. I know I've only got 5 or 6 pints of this stuff so I gotta stop the bleeding. So I head for the house being careful to shield it from my wife's eyes and got it in a pan of cold water. As the blooding slowed I called to my wife that i needed to go in for some stitches . but she needed to see why and I couldn't talk her out of it. So yeah , She kinda freaked when she saw it. but I made it a quick pass by telling her I needed to get going. The Emergency Room folks were not much help because it needed to go to a specialist for amputation. the bone needed to be cut off so skin could be sewed around the stump to close the wound. They did however provide me with some wonderful pain killers . So the next morning the surgery was performed.
Crystal, my youngest was called over to watch her Mom while i was off Gallivanting from hospital to hospital. it was Her job to clean up the bloody mess I made in the house. by the kitchen sink she found my bloody glove. And was discussing the issue with her Mom when they noticed the end of my finger sticking through the torn hole in the glove.
It's been a,,,,,,,,,,,,,well it's been both an interesting and a pain filled week. The pain meds take the edge down but the pain finds it's way through. Every few minutes a shooting, stabbing pain shoots clear to the shoulder as misplaced and shredded nerves try desperately to reach parts that are no longer there. but each day also, there is a gain as my body begins the miraculous job of healing.
The kids have stepped in, helping me meet my responsibilities. But we live alone, and I'm still a caregiver. So, I wash dishes with a bread bag taped over the bad hand. and chopping wood, doing laundry. cooking and cleaning are coming in line as well. and one handed Enema's well, we're workin on it.
I'm learning the lesson, I'm appreciating more n more Gods gifts. . We are never to old to learn, . This week we work on how to put on my socks with one hand. last week was a challenge, last week we had to learn to wipe our butt,, so we're gainin,,,,,,,,,,,,Gods Best Al


stacy said...

Good grief Butch. Your digits are in important. Don't go chopping them off! lol I hope you're feeling better soon.

Linda said...

I must say, you aren't skipping any gruesome details. Accept the way Bobby tells it, he's the one who did it TO YOU, no matter what you say. I think he's feeling a wee bit of guilt, probably just because he operated the lever.

I've witnessed how you normally type. With one finger from each hand, pecking so fast that you can almost see smoke rolling up from the keyboard. I bet it's challenging now, huh? But I've always admired how resourceful you can be when facing challenges.

As I read your post I pictured the incident as the story unfolds. Just one tip though (no pun intended!)...I can do without that last little bit of info about wiping your butt! lol...