Friday, October 31, 2008


Q"" It's difficult to believe but it's true. A single blood test can tell WITH GREAT ACCURACY weather there is Cancer in your body" DR Samual Bogoch

Excerpts from "Nutrition and Healing, May 1996

DR Samual Bogoch, MD. PHD who led the discovery of the Products which form the basis for "anti-Maligin antibodies currently offered by Oncolab.

Dr. Bogoch answer,, Yes, It's difficult to believe but it's true. The blood test is for Anti-malignin anti -body. It measures a general anti-body against Cancer, Something we were all taught in Medical school Didn't happen.. So it makes it a bit hard to except. This Anti-body reacts to a general Cancer antigen- an Antigen not related to a particular type of Cancer, But to weather normal cells have undergone Malignant Transformation. When Malignant Transformation of any cells occurs, This antigen is produced.

This test, sometimes referred to as an AMAS TEST can detect cancer "activity" in your body LONG BEFORE it reaches the "LUMP" stage.
This Test has been proven to be 95 percent effective in detection or sensitivity.
This test is done on a single Blood sample frozen, and sent to a Lab, results take about a week.
This has been around since 1996, while thousands die every year from cancer.

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