Sunday, October 19, 2008


We really are not much better than the proverbial Ostrich when it comes to Life . I'm more convinced of that now than ever before. Each Generation moves a little bite farther away from things that are not fun until now if it even sounds like something not fun we just turn away.
Common sense comes in many flavors now. If one doesn't suit well , just find one that does. 40 Years ago if "shep'" quit goin down to git the cows he lost his job,,, permanently. Today we'd be more apt to find him a good "dog shrink." I'm an old guy, and at 60 that correlation is a hard swing. Much of today's "stuff" just doesn't gel with my "growin up" Butchering was a way of life for us. When it was time for meat, one of the herd needed to be slaughtered. Dad took the gun ,and shot the steer. While Mom stood ready to cut the throat and stir the blood as the animal bled out. If you were an old enough Son it was your job to help carry meat to the summer kitchen.
Recently, I took an adult Son along as we butchered some pigs. To me, it was just another butchering day. But the shock on my Son's face shocked me more than I can say. While he stuck with his dad I had been given a very clear picture of how awful this was for him.
I share that word picture to show comparison from then to now. and it covers my point of avoiding discomfort.
The journey through this cancer battle has had many many uncomfortable moments, many scary times . And we went from having a life full of hopes and dreams to having absolutely nothing but tests, appointments and procedures. And as we learned and grew in our knowledge about Cancer and disease in general. I though, we need to share this. We now have many of the key points and reasons why this happens. And we need to be responsible and provide it so others don't have to go through this.
So I designed a website and pay to keep it out there. With years of absolute personal current data to support my words and give hope to those in struggle.
This, and many of today's Epidemic diseases can absolutely be avoided by changing the diet, flat out!! no question!!~!.
yet I'm finding that folks would rather not face it. Many write to ask questions but it's the ones who have been told that its their cancer and now THEIR disease.
Once it grabs you, its a new game. And the race to the end is all consuming. A subject that held no interest and turned them away last week has now become devastating burden to consume every waking moment.
I've had cancer. And I gotta tell ya, being set in those stirrups, and having a Nurse your daughters age "messin" with parts best left covered. Then shoving a garden hose up into your body thru an opening NOT made for that purpose, is not an experience most would enjoy.
God has provided you with a very resilient body. But constant abuse will bring it down. I urge you to look at what your eating. and find out how to avoid disease by taking care of your health.
The purpose of this blog is to inform you. The website is , one word.
My e-mail is we can help, and what a privilege it would be to help you avoid Sickness and disease. Gods very Best SSNUFFY

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