Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting Started

This is not rocket science. There izz ooodlez of info out there now to easily convince almost anyone that our lifestyle izz whats killing us. And moving away from Cancer And many other plaguing diseases is as easy as backpedaling. My cancer site,, is an in-depth look at what’s happening. As well as reasons to back up my comments. But many now have e-mailed to ask how to get started on the road to recovery. And that parts easy. To begin with, God has appointed you a number of days. If he’s decided your stay is over, you need to seek his face. If you don’t know Him, I’m very sorry. And suggest you take some time to do so. I know Him as an awesome King who has blessed my life, none of which I deserve. And He has provided everything you need to sustain a healthy life . HE has placedThe tools you need to fight ALL disease at your fingertips and often even free. So begin by drinking fresh, clean water, Gods medicine. * Replace the sweet drinks, soda , and coffee . Sugars stall the immune system, diet drinks contain Aspartame or other poisons, and coffee is a Diuretic. * Drinking good organic tea’s is a way to help clean toxins from your body.. *Exercise allows more oxygen into the body to boost immunal powers, Exercise outdoors, as the sun provides free vitamin D to strengthen your body. * Begin to move away from processed foods. Many preservative’s, dryers and additives are toxic to the body. *Buy meats, dairy, and produce locally, selecting certified organic or products free of toxins. *Include fresh or raw foods into every meal.. lettuce , cabbage, fruits veggies etc. *Pay attention to what your doing, soaps, Laundry powders, shampoo’s, creams, toothpaste all have preservatives, and most are toxic. Formaldehyde is widely used because its cheap, but it’s a highly suspected toxin. Fluoride IZZ poison!!~! some toothpastes carry an overdose warning, Hmm why izz that?? Remember, your skin is a porous organ, absorbing what ever you put on it. I can suggest some that are better if you write me. And finally find good supplements. Understand that most “vitamins” stall out in the stomach, because they aren’t able to be absorbed. And much of their content is lost. Good supplements will have a host system to carry the nutrients through the cell structure. For 12 years I watched scores of very unhappy folks move through the revolving doors at our local cancer clinic. New faces at each of our weekly visits. Its big business, and it’s Not working. You need to address your own health. And the way to stop cancers attack is to back away from the stuff that got yu here. And Gods Medicine works!!. Because of our own struggle we stand ready to help you in yours . Feel free to e-mail if we can help,,, SSNUFFY

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