Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama? or Mc Cain? ""you'll know them by their fruits""

Election 2008,, Sigh'" I'm really kind of embarrassed to bring it forward. Two men, supposedly the top of the heap throwin dirty darts at each other in an effort to lead this country back to a platform of credibility. we've come so far.
I'm reminded of our for fathers, men of integrity. Rooted and grounded in their faith. With a sincere heartcry to make America a strong. men willing to put it all on the line for the sake of the good of mankind. no perks, no huge salaries. not pushed and shoved by lobbyists or special interest groups. just there to do business.
despite all the garbage we hear it was very bible oriented with prayer and God at the forfront. For those that would differ simply go read almost any of the transcripts. If your able to honestly come away with a different take I'd be very very surprised. That's the reason America was great, and its also the reason she's in trouble now.
Greed and corruption run rampant through government. The moral fabric so decayed that I doubt any one man has an ability to change the tide lest God intervene.
I spent time watching the debates to get a feel for my choice but came away fairly disappointed. all I saw was game playing and finger pointing.
It's my responsibility to vote. And I'll do so as a commitment. But my heart is heavy. The Christian Community knows the truth and is committed to prayer . Because they realize we are going down the tube without Gods help..
God says you judge a man by the fruits he has produced. And each of these men have a record of what they have accomplished. So its my job to dig thru the "stuff" and come up with a decision based on the good "stuff" mixed in with all the rest of the "stuff".
In order to do that. I need to petition the lord for wisdom. In order to do that I need to shut down the Media n do a check up, from the neck up, to eliminate all the "stinkin thinkin"
I urge you to do the same. There's much more riding on this Election than either you or I realize. Its time to bow your head, and ask a Holy God to once again bless or Nation


ssnuffy said...
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looney2n said...

Hi Butch, I know what you're saying. It's coming down to the last days and although I know who I'm voting for, it would be nice to have more options. I found a site that may help those that need a little help to catch up on the views of those that are running. It is FULL of info and the site IS a Christian based site. Go to
Click on 'Voter's Guide 2008 off to the left. Then once you get to the next page, just find your state, click on it and there is bunches of information to assist anyone in finding out where the candidates stand on key issues that will ultimately affect us, our families and our state.

You are so right though. Because of the condition of our falling economy, WE ALL need to get serious and fall to our knees to petition our Father for His direction and insight for this election. Great post. God Bless you.

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looney2n said...
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