Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The press of the mid day sun feels wonderful as it warms my back. A crisp Autumn breeze swirls in from the north gathering the last of the dying leaves and spreads them gently over the ground below. . The once plush green of the Garden now a mix of depleted rows, Dried stems mottled vines. The tree’s lay bare of fruit and leaf. Her branches stretching skyward as if to capture those last rays while a red squirrel chatters a season’s close.
But the mornings bring a winter sky a cold color of gray hiding the sun with a chill that reaches to the bone. A blanket of White frost lays heavy, smothering the dying green and one can almost hear the cries as each piece of summers green succumbs to the killing cold to a seasons end.
Folks who claim there is no God amaze me so. For to watch the progression of seasons change gives very little doubt to His presence or His power.
Small animals gather food and begin to store. Birds gather and soon leave for a warmer climate. Even the fish in my pond feed aggressively, then begin to transition into a mode requiring no food and very little movement even before the first ice skims the water surface. Plants finish their cycle and go dormant hiding from the frigid winter Weather. Even the huge Oak and Maple shed their leaves and conform to an awesome plan set
Forth by the King of Kings.
The “frosty Mornings of late Autumn are conditioning, and soon will be replaced with the real deal as Arctic cold move down from the north. Fall wardrobes will not be enough and caps will become a necessity to capture body heat in order to stay warm. A leisure summer stroll out to the car will soon become a mad dash to a running auto with a heater blasting to avoid the cutting cold. Vehicles, needing maintenance, or just tired from use will refuse to function as the bone chilling cold takes its toll. And layers of much heavier materials will now replace the thin summer clothing.
The Ice on the lakes will reach 4 foot thick, and cars will drive out to a spot and drill a hole to fish. I have fond memories of fishing with my dad. Building huge fires on the ice and roasting cheese sandwiches on a forked willow sticks over the open flames. One time a Beaver stuck his head up through my fishin hole and scared the daylights out of me. We’ve learned survival up here and we teach our kids. If you’re caught outside you only have a few minutes to live if you don’t stay warm. So you need to know how to build a fire or burrow down into the snow. An Armistice day storm a few years ago left many dead as the weather changed midday stranding folks outdoors. Some were found standing dead next to small tree’s that were the only obvious cover found.
You travel prepared with blankets, fuel for heat, and a full fuel tank. If you stall you stay with the car and wait for rescue. Starting out on your own can be your death. I remember a Stormy Christmas Eve when our son was stranded at a friend’s house on a farm. My wife was so upset and worried that I set out to get him. The main roads were open but the side roads plugged with snowdrifts. So I walked in the last half mile. The snow was blowing hard and the winds were howling. I could see a dim glow from the house lights so I just kept trudging towards it. Suddenly I fell through the snow ending up some 10 feet below where I was. Snow had drifted up the side of a stalled road Grader and I had walked up and off the other side. Snow had completely covered the huge machine. I got my Son and Christmas was continued with him there with us. There could have been a tragic end. But I am a seasoned hunter and fishermen, spending many hours in the snow or I would not have even considered that journey.
A year ago I spent October in California. It was a 60 degree morning, sun was shining as a set on my daughters patio in a T shirt drinking coffee. Folks were beginning their day and I saw many wearing coats n gloves, one young man blowing leaves in coat and stocking cap and gloves. I remember thinking; these guys need to visit Minnesota once to really experience the cold.
For 60 years I’ve watched the seasons, as one gives way to the next. I’ve thought about goin south ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, But,,,well maybe next year


Stacy Beach said...

How about west instead? ;)

Jeni said...

Hey Butch,
I enjoyed your writing. Good stuff! I'm pretty new to this blog/computer communication stuff. Anyway, I don't like when winter arrives! I hate being cold Burrr...and I have to admit that I hibernate which leads to isolation, and slowly but surely I slip into a depression filled with loneliness, but at the same time not wanting to be around people.(vicious cycle) Even after saying that, I did get some inspiration/comfort from your writing. When I am complaining about the seasons, I should be focusing more on how I can prepare for the season, and why the season is here and what I can do in/with the season. I know that Spring will come in the physical sense of seasons, but the spiritual sense is another story. It's harder to believe. Seeing is believing type deal. I have to go on faith and be patient. I have to pray and walk at the same time. I still have to live here on earth and the flesh clouds my mind. So frustrating!!! A change goes through seasons and through the season there is change. The place where I am right now is a pretty difficult season and I know that God is here with me just waiting for me to look up and if I don't the season will be in vain. God wants me to be happy, but he knows me and what I need to go through to get through my winter season and hopefully be stronger for next year when the cold breeze blows my way. I struggle with my own will. Why me God??!?!? there in my mind too often. There are some pretty cold seasons. I yearn for a breath of fresh air and the warm sunshine to brighten my life! I also hope and pray that the same will come for you(:

ssnuffy said...

yu lil bugger

ssnuffy said...

Hi Jeni, and thanks so much for your comments. I Identify so very much with what yu say.
God created you a very unique gal. NOone in the whole world is exactly like you. And he has put within you Gifts, or skills. things that you like and are good at. If you'll look at those things and work with them. you'll find that God will bless you more by making you more skilled in your "gift" areas. God has a specific plan for you Jeni, and it involves those skills. Your life will be the most happy and fullfilled if you seek out those gifts.
God is very real Jeni, And when Jesus went up to be with the father He said we would not be left alone. That the holy Spirit would be here for us. And He has herlped me many many times. I always tell folks. If you question Gods existance , just ask him to reveal Himself. He WILL answer your prayer. It may not be a "FLASH " from Heavan, but in a very short time you will begin to see him working in your life. Prepare your heart Jeni. And ask a Holy God to come to you. and I can promise you He will do just that. Share with him your lonelyness and everything thats important to you, Because He delights in hearing from you.
I too struggle with my own will,, we all do thats why a short morning prayer will change the coarse of your day because He is there to help.
I'm hoping you'll write again Jeni, and Im lifting you in Prayer before the King of Kings, For He is that breath of fresh air that you need. Gods very best, and thank you for becoming my new found friend.

ssnuffy said...

west,,,,,,,,,,,,WEST!!~! well? Maybe,, yu got a spare room?