Tuesday, October 21, 2008

IT's A Miricle!!~!


Well God could see that I was hurtin bad
That my life down here wuz reelee sad
Every thing I tried would just go sour
And the things I fixed wouldn’t last an hour.

So He sent me a miracle thru a friend
Gonna help me out n put an end
To all the stuff that drives me nuts
And made me such a horrible clutz

It’s a miracle, It comes on a roll
Yu kin tear some off n fix yur sole
Or mends ole socks n broken toys
I tell ya it’s one of heaven’s joys

It can fix yur bike or cover a dent
Even plug up holes in the neighbor’s fence
Makes a dandee sole for tired ole shoe
Aint hardly a thing that it wont do

Itza quick bandaid for a nasty sore
Even got a spare if yu need one more
Itza quick repair for a tire gone flat
And a million other things like that

I tell ya true its the greatest thing
Since cheese popcorn n ding a lings
If yu buy a roll one things for shore
It wont b long you’ll be back for more

So lend an ear , n ill tell yu true
I have the cure for the stuff yu do
Lifes goin good n I have no care
As long as my duct tape iz hangin there


Stacy said...

Love it! I still have the poem that you wrote about Crystal and I around here some where. :)

Jeni said...

I like your style of poetry!(: