Friday, October 17, 2008


At the age of 60, I’m thinking maybe I’m starting to wise up a bit. A twelve year battle with Cancer has revealed lots of “stuff”that’s really not adding up. There is no better way to learn stuff than a flat out crash coarse in stayin alive. The Marlboro Man started it all but it goes lots deeper than that. I’ve learned that Floride is a poison. And Municipal water supplies are held at a “tolerable” level of bacteria. And all those shampoo’s, crèmes, n mousses, Deodorants, sprays n meds , are stuffed full of things like Formaldehyde, Ammonia, bleach and many other “toxins, snuck in there for “my benefit. So each day all that “stuff” iz oozing into my body as my Immune system tries desperately to stay in balance. I used to wonder how folks got things like Cancer. But now, 12 years later I wonder how anyone avoids it. Thirty years ago the chances were something like one in forty would contact some form of the disease, Today it’s very close to one in two.
It’s taken me some time but I’ve found a place to find alternates to all that stuff, and I’d be happy to share that info if you e-mail or call. But I think we all need a heads up on things as we move forward with life.
My wife’s cancer has been a challenge; it’s progression a real struggle as the disease spreads limiting her mobility. Luckily we had Insurance so I was able to get her a wheelchair. My own disability caused issues with loading and unloading her chair for her weekly Chemo appointments so a friend suggested contacting the American Cancer Society, You know, those folks who boldly ask for your MILLIONS EVERY YEAR. The gal on the phone told me to give her my Insurance and Medicare numbers and she’d “Help Me “ find help. I politely told her I still had most of my faculties and had already gone that rout. And just needed a hand to get my wife to and from her appointments as lifting her as well as her chair into the van was a tax on my disability. She shared her sorrow and concerns but informed me she could not help any further as they just didn’t have the funding. At least two more times during these past years I’ve called them to see if we could get some help. But Alas, Alas they too are struggling. Jenny’s disease has progressed to no weight bearing and loading and unloading her has been a real challenge. At one point my brother stepped in to help weld me a carrier for her chair. As we progressed I was able to buy a used van to get Her inside for the winter trips. I want everyone to know we are doing ok. I’m not whining for help and God has been blessing our steps.
But I think we need to re-think and examine the credibility of those who claim to be working on our behalf. Jen’s Medical bills keep us pretty strapped, but still I can usually find a few bucks if we see a need somewhere. I was able to take a used cargo rack and weld on a ramp that does the job for less than 50 bucks. So our needs have been met. But it should be made known that this Great “Society”, rooted and grounded in the donations of millions could do NOTHING??? By the way ,at the time of this writing an Ad was placed in the Winona Daily Newspaper. It seems the ACS, those same folks who were sooooo strapped for cash were advertising an Assistant District Managers position, open in his area. Salary, 80 grand,, with “perks”
These 12 years have been a struggle, and we did it on our own and the donations from real people of the area. And to those folks we are eternally grateful . But The American Cancer Society could do nothing! something is very wrong. And the next time I’m approached for a donation I will ask why. I think we need to ask, Where are all those dollars going “? Allen l. Rothering 507-689-2401
Since the above writing and as a post script fair is fair. In our 12th year of this battle The American Cancer Society gave us a 50 dollar gas card to help with a long series of daily radiation treatments. And we remain grateful for that help A. L. R.

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