Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Someone told the Birds

It's October 14th, and Fall is really "falling". The hummingbirds packed their little suitcases two weeks ago. And I dare to say that by now they are feelin the warm winds in a distant Southern hidaway. Amazing lil buggers, Cant imagine those lil wings whippin all the way to better weather. But they go a milion miles an hour so it's probably just a short flight.
Black birds flock and chatter high in the trees by the hundreds , Their gathering a sound reminder that much is about to change. If you listen close you can almost hear the banter as they plan their route and work out the details of this years departure.
Warm mornings give way to a familiar chill that turns the leaves and shocks the fruit tree's. Very soon the cold will come to finish off the gardens. And The old maple struggles as leaves fall like tears to cover the frosty grass.
Many are the signs to signal a strong season change. Old Man winter stands a distance away, his staff poised, ice forming on his gray beard, While a rye smile plays on his weather beaten face.
Our chance is gone, and its time to pay the piper. We should have booked a flight with the birds. but it's to late. I see him standing there, waiting, watching as I gather this and cover that and look to chores that need to be done yesterday. always keeping an eye to the North constantly listening for the roar of the wind and the cutting cold. Memories of bone chilling days and gray winter sky's push at me to hurry. All must be in place before that first snow covers up the green of summer. For it will be a long several months before the grass returns. Snow is beautiful . What an awesome site to look out on a heavy snowfall with your back to a crackling fire. To feel that warmth and know what lies just beyond that window pane is a conquering moment. This is Minnesota, and its the norm. But im never ready. I'll be outside hurrying still with frozen hands as the snow falls around my wet tenny's. Or under the hood in a last ditch attempt to winterize the car.
Winter here in the Northland needs to be respected. For the cold is a killer too. Death can come in as little as 8 minutes if the body's not covered. And folks have been found 6 ft outside their door frozen in the snow. Ice fishing is popular here. And the ice will reach 4 ft thick. At 40 below zero a cup of hot coffee tossed up into the air will dissappear as vapor. And snomobiling in a valley with 6 ft deep snow is a sight and experience hard to imagine.
Today we wait, enjoying the last warm fall afternoons, knowing that very soon all will change. hoping for another couple weeks. The color in the hills weakens as more and more bare limbs show through and a cold gray sky confirms the seasons end. all thats left is to conceed that Winter has arrived

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