Monday, November 17, 2008

Be Blessed this day

Life has taken a couple extra turns on me. And that yellow legal pad that used to remind me of where i was headed is somewhere in a drawer, pages by now both wrinkled and faded. My purpose now is caregiver to a very tough Lady. Some days long and tedious, others none Eventful and mundane. At any rate I have a lotta "thinkin" hours.
My prayer closet doubles as a bathroom, my seat a throne in its own rite. And In the early hours me n God talk. He does a lot of Listening, While I try to give Him good advice on how this stuff should go. Sometimes, if I can remember to stay quiet , He'll try to give me His View. And I've learned over the years that He's pretty wise. A while back, on one of those "pity Party days. our conversation got pretty heated. And I remember shaking my fist at the ceiling, telling Him I didn't see Blessings goin on here n if He thought I was then He should show me. He answered with Silence as usual, but very soon revealed to me how wrong I was.
He's an awesome friend. and I'm always amazed at His timing. I've been feeling down the past few days, wondering on this thing n that with concern that I'm doing His will. And today I'm blessed, flooded once again by the many many blessings that are mine. Blessing that I know I don't deserve.
At this very moment there are those in turmoil, The Homeless, the sick, folks struggling for just one more day. A lady next door, who struggles just to take a full breath. Or an old Gent up the road who fights for enough strength to lift himself from his chair.
Every week for years I watched hundreds of folks move through the cancer clinic, each burdened with a cancer. Each returning for yet another treatment, knowing full well it would mean more sickness, vomiting and weakness just for the chance at a few more days here.
We don't have to look far to see that life could be worse than the place we stand. But often we forget and get wrapped up in our little space, our little issues.
We need to remind ourselves that things could change in a heartbeat and its only Gods grace that has put you were you are. And that our status can change at anytime.
Today, my Son and Daughters are healthy and Productive, my Grand Babies well, obviously they are the cutest, the best and smarter than all the rest. The house warm, the cupboards full. And my father owns the cattle on a thousand hills.
Much of the world stands in fear of, the Economy, World peace, and the Job that pays the bills. But God remain in control, with a plan that Biblically has been correct since time began. And until he begins to worry I'm gonna leave it be. I have his promise that He will carry us through.
Be blessed this day. Reflect on what you have and where you are, and consider where you could be. Gods very best SSNUFFY


Me-Me King said...

Very touching. It's obvious you are strong and have a positive attitude. I'm sure the Lady appreciates your care and your love.

ssnuffy said...

Thank you Me-Me King for the uplift. Gods very best to you this day.

Mrs. Stevenson said...

Thank you for this very touching post. Sometimes we take for granted what we have and we keep on asking for more. All we need is God in our life and everything will be alright. I admire you for your strength and courage. I wish you and your wife a good life. Stay strong for her.

Jeni said...

I just heard a song that says "Lay down your burdons, I will carry you." That song gives me hope and peace at the same time. God will carry us! GOD WILL CARRY YOU! We need to believe it!!! We have nothing without God. I easily forget how mysterious and awesome God really is. Not by my strength, but His. Not by my understanding, but His. You're right it could and can be worse. Life's tough, but we are on our journey to Heaven and remember this life is a blink of an eye. That comforts me. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate what I have! God bless you guys.(: