Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MR. President

Good morning!, To all of you who have Awakened this day, you have been Blessed. I'm reminded of an old Hymn and the words,,, "the air that you breath is just given to you, and He can take it away." As much as we take life for Granted God has an option on this day. if He decides that life is over for you, then it is over, just like that. Scripture tells us there is a number to our days. And no matter where you stand within that number, today is but one of your number. And I think it wise to consider the purpose of your time. God says, life is but a season. And at its end you will be judged.
Yesterday was Election Day, N my guy didn't win. But again today I am still an American and my responsibilities have not changed. I am bound by Christian Principles that require that I get behind our leader. Lift him in Prayer and join the non-partisan effort to move us forward.
History was made as Our First African American person made the leap to the highest office in our Nation. I watched the faces of my black Brothers and Sisters, as the joy of achievement Broke through. And I saw in their tears the Joy of the moment as well as the anguish of many years of suffering. Suffering caused by many who thought themselves better.
The American Dream, as well as Her Success's were achieved through the Prayers and commitment of a people rooted and grounded in Faith in God. That's Indisputable for any who'd care to check it out. America today struggles on many fronts. Burdened by Greed and corruption. And We the people need to get back to basic principles.
President Elect Obama was not my choice. But we the people have spoken. HE needs our Prayers, and support, And We need to be an active part in this Transition.
Never before in our history have so many joined together in a cause. Records set in donations,
participation and poll counts. This is history, and You are a part of it. A.L.R.


Jeni said...

I like how you said "And I think it wise to consider the purpose of your time." We talked about serving at my small group "Purpose Driven Life" Bible study this week. And really got me thinking about what I am doing with what God has given me to help others. That's telling them about Jesus and their basic needs.
Obama was'nt my choice for President either. Still I can pray for him. God is still able to do His work in this country and protect "we the people." It takes faith and trust in God first, then our President.

Jeni said...

I just wanted to say one more thing. The world changes around us, but God stays the same. The promises and judgements stay the same. The Bible stays the same. The more I surrender and trust God the more He opens doors for me to do His purpose. I can only find my purpose through God. It's what I put into God's work here on earth. I'm starting to see small miracles that have definitely increased my faith. The miracles only came for me after praying, getting into the Word, and seeking God's help and direction. And when I say miracles, I also mean answers to my prayers and doors are opening up for me, but my fears get in the way still. I need to fear the Lord, not the world. I need to get my act together and use what I have to offer to others.
I know I said one more thing and here it has turned into a acouple things. Once I get going it's hard to stop. Thanks for your blog. God bless you and your family.

ssnuffy said...

Thnx jeni. life is incredibly Short. It may not seem so to you guys right now but yesterday I was young, and now I'm old. You will turn around one day and those babies will be all grown up. it happens just that fast.
The world is full of "junk" all placed there to draw us away.Most is just stuff we dont need and can't afford anyway.
What's important is what God has givin us. much of my life was purposed towards getting ahead, making Money and gaining status. I missed the mark, And much of what God gave me suffered for my lack of wisdom.
There is no greater service than to serve others. I'm a dreamer, If jenny would not have gotten sick I'd be off on yet another 'venture', I know that. And I struggle greatly with the task He's givin me. And I cant help but question His love as she suffers. But I no longer shake my fist at Him as I did as a young man. There is both purpose and reason somewhere. And He will reveal that to me at the proper time.
Love is an awesome, magic gift. And it would not be yours unless God gave it to you. hold it close, Protect and embrace it's presence. for it can leave as quickly as it came. And in its place a lonelyness thats stone cold.
I think we are headed for rough times. and its criticle that we stay in prayer.
I think the scripture goes,, "dont look to man for help, his greatest leaders fail, but instead keep your eyes on jesus.
No matter how the economy , or government goes. We have His promise that all is well. thats a win, WIN for use.. Gods best

Louise, Carmine Superiore, Italy said...

'We ave his proise that all will be well...' Puts me in mind of Julian of Norwich, whose most famous quote is "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well." I wish you good luck and, despite all you're going through, happiness and wisdom.