Thursday, November 13, 2008

OH !!!,,,,,,,,,,,""MY GOD!!~!~""

Goin Organic was a an awful experience. And very early on I was totally convinced that this would be one of the toughest transitions I've ever attempted. We have a "local Co-op" and that was the place to go for Organic foods. But my first trip inside was like a scene from StarWars in Mayberry. A blast of strange smellin air nearly took me off my feet as I swung the ancient 3 paneled door open. The floors were unpainted wood and hundred years old, the Counters Were hand made saw horses with sheets of trimmed plywood set on top. wood crates held the special items and most items were serve yourself with little brown bags to carry your purchases. A tank of bulk honey sat in the corner, the spigot oozing honey drippings into a plastic pail cover on the floor. A bulk peanut butter tank sat next to it, a two foot spoon sticking from the cover and empty Mayonnaise jars in a cardboard box beside, provided for your convenience. Two check out stands were available. A young fella with green hair , s&m black diamond studded leather wrist cuffs n full body Tattoo's stood at one and a young gal stood at the next, her nose held 3 diamond piercings, her ears many more . A bandanna and wrist cuff set off her red flannel shirt partly covering her scuffed n worn blue jeans with checkered patches and 8 inch lower cuffs.
It was a "colorful" place both in sight and smell. the mix of foods coupled with the sharp scents of a couple dozen Herbs bombarded me as my eyes began to water and burn . I was here to learn so I stuffed it all and began to "shop." There were many strange and new products so I bought a few I figured I could use. Then towards the back was a couple kettles of steaming soup and crackers. i wasn't real turned on by the smell so I took a little on a cracker,,,,,,, and that's when the reality of the whole thing hit me, right in the taste buds ,, OH MY GOD!!~! where do I Spit!!?? Well truthfully , what do I do?? I have a mouthful of the most awful "Stuff" i have EVER tasted in my mouth, in the store. ,,, and its not getting any better. What do I do??
Finally , I swallowed the "juice"then found a napkin, or two and put the whole mess in my pocket. I quickly checked the sign thinking maybe it was left over pig swill but no, it was called black bean Medley. It was then and there that I said I'm going to die of cancer and feel I've picked the lesser of two Evils. As I hit the parking lot I carefully pulled the nasty napkins from my pocket and tossed it in the trash before it ate through my jeans.
Well, I moved beyond that experience learning after that those folks just liked different Stuff than I did and they surely could have it. and I began to use formula's, or recipes from my own stock to transition the foods I like into their Organic counterparts. Organics will cost you a bit more but you take home a pretty solid promise that its good clean foods lacking the poisons that are causing most of your doctor visits.
today we enjoy many of our favorite recipes only in a more pristine form. And I'll share one here today. My life's work has been as a professional Baker /Chef. While baking has been second nature to me in a commercial setting , I have a very hard time cooking at home. I'm used to 180 quart bowls as big as a washing machine. So a one quart or two quart just seems so small.
So Ill finish this with both a formula, and a recipe just for giggles.. Enjoy A. L. R.

White bread 120 loaves

2 pounds of Salt
4 pounds of Sugar
6 pounds of Shortening
4 Pounds of yeast
8 gallons of water
6 pounds of milk powder
1 pound of Malt
124 pounds of white flour Bake at 420 degrees for 35 minutes

Organic chili Sunday batch,, 4 quarts

brown 1 pound grass fed chemical free lean hamburger
add to it one lg onion, 2lg or 3 sm sections of garlic, minced
add also one heaping tablespoon of Organic chili Powder.
one heaping teaspoon of Celtic salt
and one level teaspoon of coarse black pepper
Simmer all to brown.

In a 4 qt pan
put two 28 oz cans of ground n peeled Organic tomato's
two cans Organic Aduki beans
and one jar , 24 oz. Strained Tomato's and heat to just below boil 200 degree's
When Berger is browned do not drain, but add to the 4 qt mix.
mix well and simmer 30 minutes.

Batch is large enough so I freeze half Enjoy

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Agapelife said...

Your description was so vivid, I felt I was there and could even see your expressions! LOL
I learned to cook for many people, so I understand the challenge to cook for a couple. Do visit and Digg my 2 latest posts. I am not using the other blog anymore as my affiliate business did not take off. I have brought some of the audio books to the Empower-you Blog and that is where the posts are. Hint- about food!