Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jenny's story.

Many have asked about Jenny's Cancer battle and her struggle to maintain. So I thought it timely to share that as the purpose and reason behind this blog.
Jenny and I are in our 41st year of marriage. both retired, both disabled. Living on a small hobby farm In southeastern Minnesota.
In Late 1996 Jen developed breast cancer. As you might expect that changed things for us quit drastically. Any hopes or dreams were dashed, as life took on a full schedule of tests appointments and treatments in a full out effort to kill the poison that was threatening our lives. After nearly two full years of surgeries, treatments, and reconstruction we were given the all clear and began the task of rebuilding our lives. In early 2000 The cancer had returned and had changed or Metastasized to the bone requiring more Chemo, more Radiation, to once again arrest the progression of the disease. For us, that period, from 2000 to 2005 was a regular weekly regimen of chemo, and radiation with very little progress.
In July of 2006 jenny suffered heart failure in the infusion center while undergoing chemo infusion and was rushed to emergency. Vein blockage required Heart surgery and valve replacement.
6 months later she was placed back on Chemo, with radiation following.
In early 2008 it was determined that the attempts were not working and she was sent home to die.
Jenny is a remarkable gal, with more guts and determination than anyone I've met. Tumors have destroyed her hip sockets requiring that I lift her each day to her chair, then back again to her bed at night. As an avid seamstress her determination is still to be productive . So I fabricated a portable table that sits on her recliner and hold her Various machines . and every day she quilts from her chair. I'm trying to figure out how to put pictures of her quilts up but so far no luck.
12 years of struggle here taught us that all these poisons do very little towards gaining on health. So we started searching for alternative meds and procedures. Its really amazing Whats out there if you care to check on your own. if you get past the drug companies, and the hype dumped on you by the Conventional Med Docs. your gonna find that All cancer is 95 percent DETECTABLE long before the lump stage by a test Known since 1996 called an AMAS test. That was the primary reason why I started my Website
We are being sold a bill of goods in my opinion. I watched thousands go through those revolving doors at the Cancer Center in the 12 yrs we were there. And I cannot think of one happy story to tell you.
I can tell you that as a disabled person myself I struggled greatly lifting jen in and out of the van every week for treatments. I can also tell you that several people contacted the American Cancer Society for help for me and they were unable to do nothing. But at the same time they were advertising for an area Manager at a salary of 80 grand, with perks.
And its interesting to note that All major Medical Colleges are fully funded by the Major Drug Companies.
I do this Blog to help others avoid what we went through. And it gives purpose to our struggle. And if it gets you to think on your own a bit it will be well worth the money or the effort to maintain the site
Jenny sews everyday despite some very pain filled times. She's somtimes frustrated by a mistake or two but forgets that her memory might be hampered by the Morphinr pump thats runs a steady drip for pain control. Yet she is steeled in purpose giving nothing to the disease that grips her body. I'm not sure I could handle her burden , as I struggle greatly with the small part I play in being her caregiver. We know God will provide if we remain Strong and rest in the knowledge that He is in control.
You will be a joy for us if you'll check out your options before succumbing to Conventional Treatment Methods . You'll find that much of the disease we struggle with is rooted and grounded in the bad diets and processed foods weve excepted into or homes. And if you have a moment please leave an encouraging comment to a Corageous Lady, Thnx A.L.R.


Spiritual Blogger said...

Very courageous... That's all I'm going to say, because I don't want to mar the work you have done here.

ssnuffy said...

Spiritual Blogger. Thnx for your comment. And Im alway interested in new info. Being able to think on our own was the key to diggin up the info we have Gods best SSNUFFY

Jeni M. said...

You guys have been through a lot and continue to trust God. That's very incouraging to me. Believe the promise that Peace will come!(: And also good job on getting a blog to help people with information and honest words of struggle and victories. Keep the faith!

Stacy (the other daughter) said...

Jenny is definitely one of, if not the strongest woman I have ever known. Give her a hug from me! And while you're at it...give on to yourself as well. *hugs*