Monday, November 3, 2008


I spent or wasted a lot of time this morning trying to think of something with substance to write about. Finally , I gave it up figuring the day for a loss. As I sat on my deck, drinking in some of the last of our Autumn Sun the phone rang. And I was introduced to a man with a heavy heart. He’s seen my website and was reaching for hope for his Mom who had cancer. We chatted a while and I shared what we have learned, and hopefully he went away a little more encouraged than discouraged. We spoke of Mom’s Immune system. And how he needed to get her started on fresh, live foods n water. And how he needed to get her some good Supplements to begin to build her health. Using good organic tea’s to begin to de- toxify her ailing body. And as he hung up I flashed back to Our first days and those awful gut wrenching knots that were instantly there when we first heard the words,,, “YOU HAVE CANCER”
WE play with life, were always going here or there. This needs doing, and that’s coming up, and We need to go here and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It all stops at those three little words. I had this man’s full attention because all that “stuff” just took a back seat to,,,LIFE!!!
IT’s appointed unto man once to die,,, and then,, “The judgment” A Scripture most everyone knows but we’d rather not bring it up for discussion.. And we certainly don’t wanna be on the next load headed for Heavan,,,,,or the “Other Load.” Goin due South!!
The fear of God is a healthy respect for his system. And I found out a long time ago that facing your fears brings them forward and allows us to examine and understand. Once a fear is fully understood, most of what was feared is gone.
Bladder cancer grabbed me 7 years ago, and life changed for me. Up to that point , Death was a long ways off. And i'd have plenty of time to deal with it when it came forward. But try as I might I couldn’t leave my thoughts there, and life as I had known it, now took on a new dimension. But I think it’s a good change. I’ve been reminded of my mortality. I’m not going to be here forever. And each new day carries a new value, which I try to weigh with a different scale. We tend to get caught up in things n stuff that really have no tangible purpose except to coddle the mind and create anther bill.
God gave Adam n Eve a place to live, some food and each other. There’s a key there.
I was givin the chance to drive a local “drunk Bus. ” Seems the city saw a need to get these college kids acclimated to night life in the city. Of coarse the generated revenue’s easily covers the bus to get the lil buggers back home to sleep off their ‘good times. So I drove them in and back at Bar close. The “fun” would start about 10:30 every night and I carried a scanner. Kids passed out in cars, at intersections, attempted rapes, Paramedics to alcohol poisoning, kids fighting, kids peeing on the streets, broken storefronts, accidents, knifings, and this,,,, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night ,,for months on end. There were nights that I had girls fighting in the back of the bus and guys fighting in front and blood from the drivers seat all the way back. There were nights when I’d have to call the police to grab a kid so drunk that he was wandering blindly in the snow, naked to the waist in 20 below zero weather. This is Minnesota, we pick up people froze solid outside in winter if they disobey natures rules. Yet the greed for gain causes us to “educate the young in areas they need little help with. And It’s justified by providing a class on alcohol at school. Who’s kidding who here?
Life begins fairly simple. But we seem to see a need to pile on more "Stuff". And suddenly we are blinded to the simple things that offer peace.
The man I spoke with today is busy. All those important things that filled his day planner yesterday seen pretty trivial compared to saying goodbye to his Mom. And He reaches today for answers. I sincerely hope he finds them.
All things are relative, and everything has a bottom line. The bottom line here is , This is Gods world, scream n wiggle,, shake your fist if you want. I can tell you first hand it wont help. He made the rules that govern this planet. I ran across them my first 40 years. But I’m finding the ship floats much easier if I listen to the Builder.
And I find peace in knowing that even Cancer has to bow to Him unless He allows it’s presence.
The more I research the more clear its becoming that stress is yet another cause allowing our systems to take on disease .
There are revolving Doors at the Cancer Centers, and for good reason. The treatments are not working. Our 12 years going to treatment saw many many new faces, but very few folks leaving healed. Everybody knows a cancer victim or two, that should scare the hell out of you. Do something today to promote healing for your body. If you can't do it alone , just ask here for help. we'll help you put together a plan that you can start at home,, for free . Gods Very best Al Rothering 507-689-2401 or,, or A.L. R.


Agapelife said...

Read your post and agree with you, the research is overwhelming about Stress being the cause of many diseases. In my postings, there are are many ways shown how to handle stress. As a Christian, you realize, it is only the physical body that dies, not the Spiritual which is made of God's Energy which never dies! Do leave a comment on as many of my postings as you wish and be a follower of my blog. Thanks

ssnuffy said...

agapelife, thnx for your comment ,i've visited your site today, What a great set up