Friday, November 28, 2008

Serious azza Heart Attack

I've never been big on forgiveness. to be honest, it's always been a pretty petty issue. If you got a problem , deal with it. Just keep it in your own yard n leave me out of it. But often, bitter people are a pain in the butt and i didn't want to come off as a crab so i played it middle of the road. I tucked the bitter parts way down deep. deep enough so as not to show, but still in reach so i could chew on em from time to time. Stuck a big ole grin up front n nobody was the wiser,,,or were they.
life, is a rating game. weather your willing to admit it or not is a separate issue. we compare ourselves with everyone. look at what she does, or at least I don't act like him. or , I could never do that. Forever searching to raise myself a little higher than "those folks".
We are really a peculiar people if you take a little time to think on it. Stress is literally killing us off by the numbers now. New studies are coming forth every few days pointing to stress as the underlying key linking itself to Heart trouble, Cancer and the list keeps building. Come to think of it even God mentioned it in that dusty old book settin over there on the unused end of the bookshelf. But we all know no one reelee believes any of that stuff anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
Forgiveness plays a huge role in our stress level. and it's free. Forgiveness causes much more harm to those who wont forgive than it ever could to the offender, God said it, not me. Go blame him if your not happy.
It's all very simple if you care to check it out. You are Gods Child, created in His image. designed by your Creator to function in a world he created. pee n Moan, kick n holler, scream if you like, it all comes out in the wash. Man,,,(and woman), have lived and died according to the laws that govern this world since Time began, and it will remain so until He calls the game ended. If this was your game, we'd be playin by your rules, Hence,,,,,,,,,
Your days are numbered, governed by the way you decide to run your life. I'm excited , now that I've gotten to know the Lord. But I still don't wanna be on the next load goin north. So I'm learning to follow directions.
It tickles me when "fellow Believers" point at one of my Sins and thumb their noses , cuz God already told me that we all have a basketful of our own, enough to keep us busy right here at home. and I have little trouble "reminding " folks when the question comes up. My Sins go a long ways in reminding me that we all screw up. And it takes the fire away from any notion to not forgive a brother or sister for, being human.
Don't tell me your particular incident is different. They are all covered in scripture. Its Either Gods way, or your way, and quit frankly any other game is not played here.
Gods not coming back to judge the world. Hes coming to judge YOU. And unless you have an Ace your not showin, this is on You!!~!
Judgement will be Final. And the answer,,, just a prayer away. A. L. R.


Me-Me King said...

Nice, very nice post.

Jeni M said...

I know for most of my life I have felt ashamed and I think a big reason is because I don't forgive myself and accept God's forgiveness. I'm never good enough. And I'm realizing now more than ever that this has hindered my life so much. It's also not a good witness to others because if I'm not good enough how can anyone be good enough and forgiven by me. And their impression of God is distorted. God is Love. We are forgiven with the Blood of Jesus. It's done. We are all sinners. That means that noone will ever be acceptable in the world's eyes, but God accepts us just the way we are. I need to not only ask for forgiveness, but ACCEPT the forgiveness!!!
Thanks for your post Butch(: