Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have soft spot for patients with heart issues because they are Dealt a doublewacker. Most are told to alter their life style And stop using salt for the rest of their lives. As Far as I'm concerned eating foods that taste like the good part got left in the pan sucks hose water. So, before we throw that baby out with the saltwa, er,, welll,, bathwater lets look at the issue of salt thru sombody elsez Eyeballz.
Processed salt is washed, then heated, then washed again with BLEACH so it looks perdy. Then Iodine is added just in case yu fergot yours. Then its tempered, and an anti-caking agent is added, then a drying agent. heat destroys minerals, bleach is a poison, and the drying/caking agents are also chemicals. I have to wonder if the salt is really the culprit. by the time that salt gets to you, its tired at best.
CELTIC SEA salt is my choice.
This traditional style of sea salt is harvested in true Celtic fashion. Taking the salt from clay ponds ensures the high mineral content. Naturally moist, these crystals dance on the palette leaving earthy notes. Paired with fresh ground pepper, this salt is perfect for seasoning meat and fish. Certified organic in France by Nature and Progress, this salt is perfect for everyday use.
It's harvested by hand and dried in the sun, and its not cheap. but toss some on your tongue and actually taste the minerals that come along free. Free of chemicals a low in sodium content but packed with the natural powers to embrace the immune system and promote healing.
SO many times I've heard the comment "well yeah but, it's expensive""and my standard answer is,,,, YEAH it is ,, and So is Treatment'' INVEST in your health,, because your worth it,


coolingstar9 said...

Hi, health is ready important even eating salt also.
After reading this post, I know how the good salt is.
Like you information, thanks a lot.
Have a nice day, smile.

ssnuffy said...

thanks coolingstar9, glad it helps. Each step we take toward health is a step away from disease .

Jeni said...

I think it's about each person's PRIORITIES on what they buy. If I enjoy something that is bad for my health and don't want to give it up, I should definitely look for an alternative, pay more money, or not get it at all for the benefit of good health. What things are important in my life for my health? May it be food, drinks, club membership, drugs/vitamins, soaps, and even tennis shoes. I'm realizing more now than ever that how I take care of my body now WILL affect my health in the future. Thanks for your info on salt.(: