Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A while back I got word that an old friend was in financial trouble. He owned a farm not to far away so we took a day to go visit. We had a great time, we shared a meal and the girls talked. And Fritz and I took a wonder around the barnyard. Times were tough He said and the money just wasn't streachin , and soon it would be time once again for winter feed and the cookie jar was almost Empty. It was one of those rare Moments When I didn't have an extra sack of cash or I would have slipped ole fritz a few thow. So we just sorta let the conversation drift off in another Direction. After a hug n a blessing we left Fritz n Gloria and headed home. And Of coarse on the way home I had all the answers. And more than likely given the chance i could have turned that lil farm around in no time flat. I'm a good finger pointer. For some uncanny reason I kin see lots of peoples problems. I don't know why that izz I'm just good.
On the day that jesus Went up to be with the father He said somethin like, " Be cool ya all "
I'm not gonna leave you by yur lonesome, I'm gonna send a comforter, The Holy Spirit. He will help you while I'm gone. And Sure enough, When I gave my life to Christ very soon after, I learned that I had company! If my squirrly little mind gets off in areas I shouldn't be a little fella sits right on my left shoulder, n whispers in my good ear. Now I gotta tell ya I don't always listen to him, cuz he whispers. And I feel like maybe I kin git away with stuff by sayin things like I didn't hear im. But I'm finding that doesn't work to well.
So back to my story. I'm tellin my wife as we drove along that ole Fritz was messin up bad. and I could see clear how he was wastin his money. He Had three Tractors, one for this and another for that n one just for a spare. Just look at the money he's wastin right there. And as I'm talkin, this little guy on my shoulder just wont shut up. He's jabberin so much I kin hardly keep my story straight. somthin about a speck n a board or something along them lines. Well I cut my story short , mostly because of the confusion and we were getting close to home.
Once home, and in the quiet of my room I realized what had been going on so I prayed and asked forgiveness cuz that's how yu get back on the good side of the little guy. and in his quiet gentle way he revealed to me that I needed to not worry about the speck in my friend Fritz's eye and take care of the board in mine. God has a way of puttin things right on the table so there's no point to question. Yeah, my brother Fritz had some issues, but God wanted me to know that there was plenty right here on my plate to deal with before I found fault in my friend. And Fritz's three Tractors were indeed unnecessary stuff that needed gas n maintenence and were taxing his cash flow . But then my three cars, three TV's two VCR's and Other fancy toys made me no better off and maybe worse.
Its all fine if we can "afford" them. But we go to great Extremes in making excuses in that department.
Recently My Daughter decided that having a daycare was not her thing and decided to get out of it. When she told the young Moms that this was her last month I'm told the tears flowed like water. The Mom's, already stressed by having to leave two yr old Babies with someone else , now would have to find another sitter and get the kids re-adjusted ,,, again.
And As I thought about that I had to wonder how many of those Mom's really needed to be out working. Who had demeaned the job of Motherhood and reduced the responsibility of teaching and raising our young to a part-time position. And how many are out there just so we can have more toys.
Mothers have been stretched so thin. They are now asked to bare the children , watch them in the off hours and put in an 8 or 10 hour day besides.
That wasn't Gods plan. Women hold an honored place. And mothering a most important roll. TO place a baby in the care of others during his formative years makes little sense unless its absolutely necessary. And I'm afraid new homes n new cars or new toys do not qualify.
We've become a people grabbing for more "Stuff" that's costing us much more than we realize.
I have sincerely tried throughout my life to reach for my million. but it never happened. We've seen both good and bad times. A while back our kids were asked to tell what the most fun time in their life was. When they shared it I almost choked. In the 80's the Economy dumped. And I was forced to close our Bakery. With very little money and winter approaching I found an old Abandoned farmhouse for 50 bucks a month rent. So bad I had to work for days to get it cleaned up, water running and holes patched up. I dragged an old potbelly stove up to the house from the pig barn, and hooked it up for heat. For Christmas we threaded popcorn and trimmed a tree I cut up on the hill. we made ornaments and made each other gifts. And After living in Nice places , eating very well and owning our own Bakery The kids picked this dilapidated old farm house as the best time in their lives!!~!
When asked how that could be , the answer was becaause both Mom n Dad were home. At another time and place some years back I was whining to my pastor that God was not providing and my poor kids were having to eat Macaroni 5 days a week and it was sooooooooo aweful. And A wise young preacher set me in my place by saying "come on now, admit it. Your the one missin the steak. The kids are just fine with the Macaroni as long as you are here with them. He was right on, it took me a few days to get by that, but the little guy up there on my shoulder just kept whisperin,,, come on now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Getting back to basics is not that tough, and it solves a whole lotta problems. It allows time to remember how much in love you once were, even free's up time to smell the flowers, make some popcorn, or share a movie.
I was the fool, My value system never came together until my kids were gone. Hopefully you have time and the wisdom to take another look at where your heading.
What are you reaching for? And what is the real cost to those you love? There is ahead of you a time when your options will be gone.
Stress and Worry are huge factors in getting sick. Our Diets another factor. The figures say one in two will get cancer. That puts this in your backyard. The New Cancer Clinics are popin up all over. Complete with revolving doors. You don't have to be in that number. If you'll address the issues now. Fear Grips us today as we watch the Economy and wonder which way it will go. Will I have a job? keep my house? There is much peace in knowing that He Who hung the stars has his hand on everything. And nothing will happen without His knowledge.
The most Valuble item we can own is free, and it works. Bow your head and ask a Holy God to help you sort it all out. He Promises to answer...........

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