Friday, November 14, 2008

Just A typikal, normal weekday, Nuthin spechul,,,,,,

One of my most speshul fantisies is to sneak a loaded 357 into my bedroom and hide it carefully under my pillow. Then crawl in ,get comfy n drift off to sleep. in the Morning, when that agggrivating alarm keeps ringin n ringin I drag that baby out n blow that sucker right through the bedroom wall. Mmmmmmmmmmmm,,, just once. I think it would feel just awesome.
Now thats probably a bit extreme but it was honestly one of my dreams as a young fella, and even today I still feel it would feel perdy darn good.
Lets go back to that Pillow and that contented, warm cuddly feeling just before the alarm. Your bodies rested, rejuvenating as you sleep , and your Immune system has done it's best . It could have done better if your pillow had not been cleaned with detergents laced with formaldehyde. but as you breathed in slumber It struggled , filtering toxins from your lungs. A quick shower in the nice soft water leaves your skin covered in a light film of salt, the soap and shampoo more bleaches and formaldehyde. A little deodorant, some hair gel and off to the kitchen for a quick breakfast while all those mouses n creams n jels ooze in thru your open pores.
no time for a real meal so it'll hafta be bleached white bread, or a Bagel loaded with MSG. or maybe a bowl of processed cereal with Bleached white sugar. Msg is a concoction created by scientists to give lab rats huge appetites. And its found in many many foods under several different names and is not regulated. and on top of that its all DOCUMENTED!!!
So as you trot off to work, or the gym your body is on full alert as your Immune system kicks into overdrive to stop the toxins oozing in from your head arms, underarms, face n hair. sending more little fighters to lungs to continue that battle while yet some more little guys try to head off the junk you've just introduced to your stomach.
This fight goes on, trying desperately to gain on things before lunchtime because It knows from experience that there's more to come.
And sure enough a hurried lunch of a couple hot dogs n a diet pop. hotdogs are made of whats left in butchering. scrap , fat, grizzle n trim n a lotta "stuff" that yu don't wanna know about. Itz all ground together with couple nasty binders an placed quaintly in a cute lil weenee skin. The bun is white bread. lab rats will die in a week under a total diet of white bread. And diet soda's contain Aspartame which is a great ant poison. If yu got ant problems get yu a bottle of aspartame. And Aspartame, yeah, it too comes by many different names.
We are not gonna go into Dinner , as by now you should be getting my drift. By now your Immune system is overwhelmed and begins to lose ground. and this?? , just one day in most of your lives. And these days, one stacked on another, break down the system God provided you with to sustain you and fight disease.
IS it really any wonder that one in two now are getting cancer??
We need to become aware of the things we are using. And we need good effective supplements to help boost out Immune systems. I have no purpose in this except to share what we've learned in this 12 yr struggle. you can reverse this by yourself before you have to do it to survive. If I can help please ask. Thnx SSNUFFY


looney2n said...

Yea, and then the general public somehow feels that it's necessary to jump on smokers for spreading the 'toxins'. While they are complaining, they continue to put insecticides on their lawns where the toddlers play, or put dishwashing soap in the dishwasher where the kids can breath in the poisonous vapors! Apparently society choses the toxins to complain about while they ignore the others. People apparently need to do their own research to know what we're being fed. If smoking was the only toxin we had to worry about, we'd be doing good. Great read bro! (Oh, and thanks for that celtic sea salt post!)

Anonymous said...

hi. first, i'd like to thank you for vising my site. i really appreciate it. the comment you left encouraged me a lot. what great faith you have. but before anything else, i'm praying that God heals my marriage and yes, i will prepare a crib.

second, i'm a firm believer that God's will is to heal us, His children. i'm standing in agreement with you for the healing of your wife. God knows the desires of our hearts and He is faithful.

God bless you and your family now and always.

ssnuffy said...

Thank you Pia. In Genesis Abram who walked in faith needed to "put away his fears" and begin to trust God. even though we know Gods will we need to put the fear behinds us. I think this is your battle. Sarah's womb was barren for many years, but it ment absolutely nothing When God Answered her with a blessing. God loves you my sister. And He wishes to give you your desire. Claim your promise and we will agree to see the Manifestation Soon!!! And I want to hear about this when it happens. Be blessed this day Al

Deepika said...

Well said, Allen! People think the newer foods make their life easier but they never realize how much harm comes from all these chemicals that their bodies are unable to identify, and they become alarmed at rising cancer/diabetes/obesity/hypertension statistics! The corporates do nothing to rid them of their illusions either; they'd lose business if they did.

Even the so-called food-grade harmless chemicals such as preservatives and coloring have weird names like something out of an alphabet soup -- acidifying agent 260, preservative 211, thickening agents 401 & 440 (I'm reading this off of a ketchup bottle).

I feel so terrible about what you and your wife are going through. God bless you both! You are an inspiration to many like us.