Monday, November 10, 2008

IF, Your Gonna GIT SHOT?? yu may wanna "DUCK"

Everybodies doin it, doin it, doin it, pickin their nose n chewin it, chewin it,, NO NO!!~! You need to excuse me,, I git goin on a lil "diddy" and cant stop my self. Some say its the kid in me. Others, well they say things that have never really bothered me much.
But to get back to my original Mindset we need to address the Flu Shot. Tis the season, and everybody is "doin it" You hear it all over the place , Did yu get your shot yet? I hear plenty and am preached at constantly as I've never taken one. Until we began to really learn about Medicine and synthetic drugs Our cancer battle was all one sided with cancer and disease winning. . And as we began to understand, and look at issues from outside the little box we were in our life issues began to change. The Flu Shot contains Thymerisol, a mercury based drug . If you remember your chemistry its poison. A while back, it got a lot of Press as more and more information was exposed. And I'm told that in some areas you are offered a Thymerisol free shot. But I personally don't trust these fella's. They were trying to dump poison in me before, n my bet izz whatever preservative they decided to use now ain't much better. Formaldehyde is widely used as a preservative because its cheap. And its found in everything from jel's and handcreams to baby shampoo. folks who would intentionally do that, and not tell us don't give a rats butt about my life or my health.
It's now been 7 or 8 years since I started taking real supplements. Before that time, I could count on at least a couple nasty colds and for sure one good week of "da Flu". Now get this line for sure. SINCE that time, I get NOTHING!!~! Yes you heard me correctly , Nothing. Oh I may get to feeling a little draggy or achy, and if I do I literally run for my supplements. I hate being sick. Its not fun. So why not avoid it if its possible. And I'm here to tell you it's possible.
A Vitamin is NOT the answer. most Vitamins enter the stomach and stop there only to idle until you pee out most of the goodness, yeah, I couldda said pass it or Urinate but I'm inta fun and shock, Hey!~! Maybe I'm an old Shock jock!!~Well, at Any rate I like to have fun. It's Gods Medicine. But a vitamin, or supplement needs to have an Enzyme attached to move the goodies through our cell Walls and structure it so it can be absorbed by the Immune System. ( I've been doin my homework ) In fact Many of the States Carry a Provision that requires Septic System pumpers to screen their "dumpings" to catch all the lil plastic capsules that have not absorbed. I personally Have decided that Melaleuca provides my best choice in supplements, and order them monthly because I like their system. I'm sure there are other good ones but these I can understand and I witness great results.
So to finish this up I'm urging You to to think through your decisions concerning the drugs your introducing into your body. There may be a better solution that will do the same as well as compliment an already awesome system that God has provided
Thiomersal (C 9 H 9 HgNaO 2 S), commonly known in the United States as thimerosal, is an organomercury compound (approximately 49% mercury by weight) used as an antiseptic and antifungal agent. It was developed and registered under the trade name Merthiolate in 1928 by the pharmaceutical corporation Eli Lilly and Company and has been used as a preservative in vaccines, immunoglobulin preparations, skin test antigens, antivenins, ophthalmic and nasal products, and tattoo inks

Gods very best your way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SSNUFFY


JeniM said...

I've never taken the flu shot. Have'nt felt the need, even when people have said to me to get it. All I needed to know is that there are others that don't get it and they don't get sick. I usually get sick 1 time in the year and it is usually a cold at the beginning of winter. I've heard of people who got the flu shot and started to get sick more often. It's upseting to me that the workplace pushes the flu shot! Everyone's doing it and it's free through the company. Why not?!? Thanks for the info. It makes me more confident in my decision to not have my Logan6yr and Cody5yr get the flu shot. I will also look into the alternative organic way to be healthy. I also think you are a funny guy. I laughed.(: Keep the faith. God bless you and Jenny!

ssnuffy said...

Thnx Jeni, love your comments. Get those babies on a good supliment and you wont be sorry. Gods blessings to yu n the Rick

looney2n said...

hey bro, how r u? I have an idea! Will you post something on the benefits of celtic sea salt? I was 'googling' tonight and I can't believe more people don't know about it. I only know what you've told me and just an article or 2. How about it? Ok, Go.......luv ya, Linda